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Mod to change 2h/1h guardian type females to paladins or similar classes

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I have been looking to find mod that would replace female 2h and 1h tank type females to more immerive classes. In vanilla Skyrim females use male animations and wield weapons that are ridiculous compared to their own sizes. I already found Gyno and gender specific animations and NPC diversity mods that modify sizes by race and gender. These little things already make Skyrim more sensible and better place.


I have looked into follower altering mods and only found one so far that modifies Lydia from tank to ranger. Which is perfect.


My biggest problems are 2h wielders like Mjoll and types such as Lydia. I actually love Lydia as follower but because she is melee she is most often the NPC that is always on your way or not reacting in time etc.. There are only few special npcs like imperial legion Legate Rikke that actually fit into immersive type. Orc female warriors seem also fit.


Class archetypes that could be used to replace these NPCs original class:

- Ranger

- Spellsword

- Mages (would love to see some illusionist/healer NPCs and followers)

- Rogue / dagger

- Short spike warrior

- On very very few cases: Shield maiden


Other things:

- What comes to soldiers and guard NPCs both female and male. Would love to have mod that adds scars and muscle to those factions. Are there any?

- Would also like to see housecarls improved. Having a housecarl with you should tell you about your stature in the world. Perhaps housecarl could provide bonus to speech craft checks? Surely you should be able to persuade and intimidate better with Housecarl with you.


If one mod of this type already exists please point me to it. As I have failed to find one on my own. Tried to do this in creation kit but seems way too complicated as you need to modify AI, inventory, spells etc... My knowledge of creation kit lacks and you do not seem to be able to multiedit npcs nor filter them with class and gender.



Gyno - Immersive Female Gender Rework -- I love this as it gives female gender bonuses but also strips some away


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