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Total Hack issues 4+

total hack robot expert override synth assaultron voice personality subroutine

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Being into engineering and technology like I am, some of my favourite magazines are the Total Hack ones, I've wanted more of them but wasn't sure how that might be implemented.
The addition of being able to insert the relevant holotape while you are hacking with the Pip-Boy via Robotics expert would open up so many possibilities, and it would be great if you could hack turrets with Robotics Expert too, as many aren't hooked up to a local terminal network.

I have a few ideas of varying degrees of feasibility;
-Control Assaultrons (Electrical Hobbyists Club etc)

-Control Handy's (Prof. Goodfeels, Nurse Handy, Mr. Frothy, Slocum's Joe, Waiter, Gardener Drone, Gunner)

-Control N.I.R.A (Raider Modification, Factory Parameters)

-[Edit]Control Protectron (Default Protectron, Medic, Fire Brigadier, Police, Subway Steward, Utility, Nukatron, Galactron, Gunner/Gunner Chef, Sheriff, Takahashi)

-Control Synths, Gen 1 & 2 (Default, Food Vendor, Requisitions Officer)

-Control Gutsy's (US Army, Gunners, Brotherhood)

-Control Prime, Vanilla Total Hack Options, Faction alignment, dismiss to Airport/CIT/Castle/RR Safehouse.

-Control Nanny's/Eyebots I can expand if anyone cares, just getting it out there for now.
A much-needed feature to be added to every issue would be manual faction affiliation, a list of factions mostly playable, that you can toggle between three states.
-Allied, Ignores friendly fire, Helps allies.
-Neutral, Ignores unless hit more than once in short succession making it hostile to that individual not the factions they represent.
-Hostile, Shoot on sight, Spotlight targets them.

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