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Creating Settlements as ESP's to rebuild precombines & previs data

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Well I did create an esp using the script to convert a json file to an esp and it didn't work correctly.  It only moved the vanilla items to the esp, and created unknown references for any mods.  When I load the installed the mod into a semi test game the result was as you might expect.  Vanilla items transferred correctly but nothing else.  They were some other oddities with the settlement (in this case Red Rocket) but that could be expected. Also loot noted a circular reference in the esp, which I could not visibly find. I am going to try a settlement where I have only 1 or 2 mods installed and see what happens.  It could also be that I messed up the Red Rocket Settlement altogether before using transfer settlements. 



The preliminary problem with converting the json file to esp appear to be esl files.  The Form ID's appear to change even though no new mods have been added/deleted/reinstalled.  It appears that this might happen at the script level.  It also appears that it does not affect esm files.  This could be because the .esm file I tested load order is before the .esl file.  More testing needs to be done to confirm. Note; all creation club files are mostly esl files (for me this is a huge issue).


Over a year ago I thought I tested with a .esl mod and it worked fine.  It was on the previous version of fo4edit so I will rollback to that version and try again.  


Otherwise esp and esm files works as they should.  I have tested with 19 mods installed and they all moved over.


My Red Rocket Settlement was a poor test because it was already messed up :sad:


Further investigation into recreating previs/precombines requires that the objects reference needs to be removed from the workshop.  It was suggested that this could be done by removing the workbench and then adding it back.  At what point you have to create previs and precombines is not clear.


If anyone is interested in step by step instructions on how to create an esp from a json file  I will be happy to supply them, but I caution you do not put this in a game that you are currently playing.  Use a test to check results first.  Should you follow the steps and destroy your current game that you are playing, the fault is yours, not mine.



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Yes -- The mod to convert BPs to esp's works.  I have some terrible fps losses in the settlement I'm working on. I'm hoping that fixing re-combines in the CK would help.


There is a script that you can use that was made by DieFm https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/39742  Check it out.  I used it only once and it worked fine for me.  I did not do enough testing to see if it fixed FPS or screen stuttering because the settlement wasn't big enough and my game was already messed up. 

The problem I've had is that when I try to open the esp in the CK, I run into the multiple masters problem. Not a new issue, but I haven't been able to fix it in FO4, There was no problem in FNV or Skyrim, you just had to modify the CK.ini to tell it allow multiple masters. I haven't been able to get that to work. (under General -- bAllowMutlipleMasterLoads=1 ) I've seen a couple of videos from a few years ago where that change worked. I wonder if something has changed since then or whether I'm missing something.


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