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Skyrim Beowulf Carnal Fury and Heroic storm powers

skyrim beowulf carnal fury heroic storm powers creation kit

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Hello everyone I've been inspired to make what I think would be a fairly cool mod but I need some help making it as I'm basically new to Creation kit use.


The mod idea is as thus. I was watching a playthrough of the Beowulf 2007 videogame and thought it'd be real neat if players could use powers similar to Carnal fury and Heroic storm.


Carnal fury is actually dead easy it's just the Orc racial Berserk rage so you could make a potion to give it to the player putting it in the inventory of the Orc strongholds to make it somewhat lore friendly or at least make sense. (Granted I've never done something like this in CK just yet but shouldn't be too hard.)


Heroic storm however is going to be a bit harder as it affects you and all your allies acting similar to the spell Call to arms and trying to find a tutorial video detailed enough to make new magic effects for someone like me (I have ADD and Autism) can be challenging to say the least.


So any help would be much appreciated. I know I could make a mod request but I'd rather make it myself so I can learn to use Creation kit and eventually make some really nice mods.

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