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Morrowind May Modathon Month 2021 - Celebrating 19 Years of Morrowind!

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Morrowind May Modathon Month 2021 - A Modding Competition for the Community!

May 1st - June 1st!


Looking to participate? Use the Modathon Logo in your mod description! Also, use the Achievement Banner!




Participating Mods:

  1. I Lava Good Mesh Replacer By Melchior Dahrk
  2. Griefers By Stripes
  3. HUD Encumbrance Bar By OperatorJack
  4. Thrown Projectiles Revamped By Discontinuous Qualia
  5. Dynamic Book Size Adjuster By Merlord
  6. Jay's Fletching for Go Fletch By bigJayB
  7. Olafs Best Cloaks in Town By MorrowGoblins
  8. Secret Master apparatus restored By Zaria
  9. Stealth By Mort
  10. Mass Cure By Danae
  11. Weapon Sheathing Additions By Remiros
  12. CCM Lead the Way By CCM
  13. Quieter Doors By LeahTheUnknown
  14. More Exclusive Factions By Lucevar and Gavrilo93
  15. Jobasha's Spell Tomes By Trancemaster_1988
  16. Daedric Estoc By insicht
  17. Legion Field Gear By Endoran
  18. Eltonbrand Replacer By Johanrosen aka Trancemaster_1988
  19. Dirty Muriel's Expansion By Endify
  20. Immersive Drulene Falen's Hut By RandomPal
  21. Thongar Tradehouse Expanded By RandomPal
  22. Unnecessary Censorship By Safebox
  23. Prerelease Prisonmoon By Leyawynn
  24. Grip of Death By Archimag
  25. Stats By JaceyS
  26. Altar of the High Fane By FyreAlchemage
  27. mtrTribunalEraser By MTR
  28. Mostly-Mini Claymore By Tizzo
  29. Imperial Round Shield By Trancemaster_1988
  30. Frenzy n'wahs By Archimag
  31. Dash By Archimag
  32. King's Oath Replacer By Trancemaster_1988
  33. Netch Adamantium Armour Integrated By RandomPal and Cythus
  34. KickMaster By Archimag
  35. The Arcane Philosophies By Glittergear and Aravar
  36. Enchanted Item Cost Rebalance By JackBNimble
  37. Akulakhan's Best Chamber By Duo Dinamico
  38. Picks Are Pretty Awesome By HMCascade
  39. Time Shift By Archimag
  40. Try Before You Buy By Virnetch
  41. Daedric Telvanni Robe By Ruffinvangarr
  42. Dirtier Cozier Muriel's Cornerclub By MachoHamRandySandwich
  43. Daedricwind By Hrnchamd and Hardek and Necrolesian
  44. N'wah Shooter - Marksman Overhaul By Archimag
  45. Guar Ranch By Danteson
  46. Guarno Coffee By Merlord
  47. Control By Archimag
  48. The Cottage By Melchior Dahrk
  49. Big Icons By JaceyS
  50. Relevant Rumors By Elanhant
  51. Ash Holes By Stripes
  52. Bomberman By Archimag
  53. Killing Spree Helluva ways to kill By Sandman Danae Cognatogen Denina
  54. Dallara Balmora By Dallara1000
  55. Moon-and-Star OST By Morrodict
  56. Ultra AI By Archimag
  57. Same Low Price Fix By ClockworkAngels
  58. Sload Floater - Giant Bull Netch Replacer By Melchior Dahrk
  59. Properly Fitted Female Pants By Discontinuous Qualia
  60. Remiros' Uniques By Remiros
  61. Coffee Tables (Modder's Resource) By Istreddify
  62. Even More Mysterious Killings in Vivec By Endoran
  63. mtrBalancedBirthsigns By MTR
  64. Know Thy Ancestors By Xero Foxx
  65. Health Perfectionist By Skyline777123123123
  66. No Thank You By Necrolesian
  67. Distraction By Mort
  68. BattleMage By Archimag
  69. Indoril Armor By CemKey and Zobator
  70. Oblivion-Style Enchanted Items By Matrix Prime
  71. Adjustable Landscape Texture Scale By Greatness7
  72. Properly balanced Creeper and Mudcrab By RandomPal
  73. Escort Caius By Zaria
  74. Dunmer's Strongholds By Dallara1000
  75. Vaernis' New Armour and Shields By Vaernis DonnerGott Danae
  76. Runes and Totems By Archimag
  77. mtrDaedricOfferings By MTR
  78. Fast Cast By Archimag
  79. Dungeons Rest By Stripes
  80. The Flash By Tel Shadow
  81. Almalexia's Glow By Tel Shadow
  82. The Balmora Manor By Tel Shadow
  83. Basic Island Of Seyda Neen By Tel Shadow
  84. Cluttered Chargen Ship By Tel Shadow
  85. Auramancer By Archimag
  86. ManaShield By Archimag
  87. Wares for Mods By Danae
  88. Best Spell Readied Animation Replacer By Dagoth Ur (Stripes)
  89. Dzragvin Ruins By Tel Shadow
  90. Mimuard Ruins By Tel Shadow
  91. Rebuilding RavenRock By Tel Shadow
  92. VampChair By Tel Shadow and BigBoss
  93. Armor Rating By Archimag
  94. Bonecave By Tel Shadow



"The Road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can, pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say." - J.R.R. Tolkien


In the early days of May 2002, a little game was released called The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the third entry in a relatively obscure series, filled with ambitious concepts and ideas that would ultimately pay off, saving Bethesda from bankruptcy, selling millions of copies, and becoming one of the most popular games for modding at the turn of the century. Now for most games, that would be where the story ends, but the greatest games never die, and Morrowind continues to live on, not just surviving, but thriving, and 19 years later is home to a growing modding community that has more than doubled in size in the last few years, building new worlds, crafting new adventures, and creating new experiences for this amazing game, with over a thousand new mods released each year, including over 1300 new mods released last year alone!


Now today, in order to celebrate the 19th Anniversary of this truly remarkable and one-of-a-kind game that we all know and love, we're once again hosting a May Modathon Month, the 7th Annual Modding Competition for the community, which has become the largest annual modding competition in the entire TES modding scene! Throughout the entire month of May, participating modders on the Nexus and Morrowind Modding Hall who submit Morrowind mods could get a chance to win indie or AAA games each week. Likewise, all participating mods will be entered to win one of the Masteries, by becoming the most popular mod in a particular category!


Not only that, but all winners will get trailers, special showcases, and numerous video features on Morrowind Modding Showcases. And the winners of the category Masteries will naturally get featured in our Mod of the Month series, celebrating the best mods released for Morrowind each month. Not only that, but this year we're once again handing out achievements, little badges that you can unlock and plug into your mod download pages!


The 2020 Modathon was one of the biggest modding competitions held for an Elder Scrolls game, with about 230 new mods getting submitted by dozens of different modders, and with your help, we can make this year an even bigger success! The best games never die, so let's make Morrowind better than ever before with tons of new mods!





Once again this year, we're including achievements that you can earn and unlock by releasing mods! These are little badges that you can plug into your mod download pages, and we have over 70 achievements that you can unlock! Release a quest mod? Achievement Unlocked! Get over 100 downloads? Achievement Unlocked! See the full list of achievements down below. Some of these achievements are rare or unique, others are common, and still more are hidden and can only be unlocked by accident or chance. Try and collect as many as you can and become a Modding Master of Madness!


Full Achievement List:


Gold Achievements:


  1. Champion of Legends - Release the most popular Quest or Guilds & Factions Mod
  2. Champion of the World - Release the most popular Landscape or Landmass Mod
  3. Champion of Life - Release the most popular Companion, Creature, or NPC Mod
  4. Champion of Artistry - Release the most popular Graphics, Animations, or Audio Mod
  5. Champion of Comfort - Release the most popular Player Home Mod
  6. Champion of Clutter - Release the most popular Items Mod
  7. Champion of Enhancement - Release the most popular Gameplay, Bug Fix, Patch, or UI Mod
  8. Champion of Culture - Release the most popular Towns and Cities Mod
  9. Champion of Dungeoneering - Release the most popular Dungeon Mod
  10. Champion of Immersion - Release the most popular Immersion Mod
  11. Champion of the Community - Release the most popular Modder's Resource or Utility
  12. The People's Choice - Most Endorsed Mod
  13. Numbers Matter - Most Downloaded Mod
  14. Army of One - Most Prolific Modder
  15. Emperor, King, and Justice, Citizen - Achieve the highest cumulative number of endorsements for all mods released for the Modathon
  16. A Warrior's Legacy - Unlock all Silver and Copper Achievements
  17. Master of Madness - Earn the highest number of unique achievements

Rare (Silver) Achievements:

  1. A Show Of Power - Achieve at least 25 endorsements and 1000 downloads with a Modathon Mod
  2. You Are A Credit To Your House - Achieve at least 25 endorsements on a Modathon Mod
  3. Cliff Racer Fly So High - Release at least 5 mods for the Modathon
  4. The Nine Divines - Release at least 9 mods for the Modathon
  5. Lesh Make A Deal - Achieve over 1000 downloads on a Modathon Mod
  6. Destined for Great Things - Achieve 1000 combined downloads for all mods released for the Modathon
  7. Cult of Personality - Achieve 50 combined endorsements for all mods released for the Modathon

Uncommon (Bronze) Achievements:

  1. Let Me Tell You A Story -  Achieve at least 10 endorsements on a Modathon Mod
  2. Triple Threat - Release at least 3 mods for the Modathon
  3. I'm Creeping! - Achieve over 100 downloads on a Modathon Mod
  4. Jack-Of-All-Trades - Release a separate mod in at least 4 categories

Common Achievements:

  1. Double Trouble - Release at least 2 mods for the Modathon
  2. Back for Another Round - Release Two Mods in the Same Category
  3. No N'Wah Allowed - Release a mod using only vanilla assets
  4. Adventures Await - Release a Quest or Guild/Faction Mod for the Modathon
  5. New Horizons - Release a Landscape or Landmass Mod for the Modathon
  6. Im-Leet and Rolf the Uber - Release a Companion, Creature or NPC Mod for the Modathon
  7. I Like the Way You Look - Release a Graphics, Animation or Audio Mod for the Modathon
  8. Morrowind is Home - Release a House Mod for the Modathon
  9. Cluttermonkey - Release an Items Mod for the Modathon
  10. Let Me Tweak That - Release a Gameplay, Bug Fix, Patch or UI Mod for the Modathon
  11. The Only Game In Town - Release a Town Mod for the Modathon
  12. Better Take A Torch - Release a Dungeon Mod for the Modathon
  13. Let Me Immerse You - Release an Immersion Mod for the Modathon
  14. You and I Are About to Become Very Close - Cooperate with at least one other modder to release a Modathon Mod
  15. Seen Any Elves? - Release a mod on Solstheim
  16. City of Light, City of Magic - Release a mod in Mournhold
  17. Novice of Madness - Release a mod in your first Modathon
  18. Veteran of Madness - Release a mod in two or more Modathons
  19. CHIMming It - Release a mod in three or more Modathons
  20. The Lusty Argonian Maid - Release a Resource for the Community
  21. Ahh Yes, We've Been Expecting You - Release a Mod on May 1st
  22. May The Fourth Be With You - Release a Mod on May 4th
  23. May The Ides Be Ever In Your Favor - Release a Mod on May 15th
  24. Cutting It Close - Release a Mod on June 1st

Hidden Achievements:

  1. The Hope of the Redoran - ??? 
  2. Ice And Chitin - ??? 
  3. Odd Rumor - ??? 
  4. Breathing Water - ??? 
  5. We're Watching You, Scum! - Release a mod affecting the Vaults of Vivec and/or the Ministry of Truth
  6. What's Mine is Mine - ???
  7. Exterminator - ???
  8. Literacy Campaign - ???
  9. Gotta Join Them All - ???
  10. Disappearance of the Dwarves - ???
  11. Cloudcleaver - ???
  12. Dreams and Visions - ???
  13. Fundamental Attributes - ???
  14. The Good Daedra - ???
  15. Lifeless Ones - ???
  16. Material Gains - ???
  17. Meow - ???
  18. Moving Corpses - ???
  19. Oneness - ???
  20. Practice Your Skills - ???
  21. Who's There? - Release a mod which utilizes or modifies the stealth system
  22. Frontier, Conquest - ???
  23. Dunmer Cooking Secrets - ???
  24. The Stranger - ???
  25. Alms For The Poor - ???
  26. Argonian Mission - ???
  27. Available for Hire - ???
  28. Backup Plan - Release two or more mods within 48 hours
  29. Barbarian's Sad Tale - ???
  30. Dark Business - ???
  31. Excavation Report - ???
  32. Nothing Left - ???
  33. Protector of Morrowind - ???
  34. Provide Comfort - ???
  35. Strange Devices - ???


Participation and How it Works:

You can participate by leaving a short note in the mod description page of your mod at Morrowind Nexus or Morrowind Modding Hall that includes "Part of the May Modathon Month" somewhere near the top of the description or use the "Modathon 2021" tag to mark your mod as a competition entry.


Every week five different modders will be selected at random to win a single AAA or Indie game, and the way this works is that we'll compose a list of all participating mods released that week, plug them into a random number generator, and the first five results we get back will be the winners for that week.


If you win in one of these weekly drawings, I'll send you a message on the Nexus or Discord notifying you that you've won and providing a list of games you can choose from as your prize. We have about 300 games to give away, so hopefully you'll find something you want on there!


Now, we're doing something a little differently this year for the grand prizes, instead of having a judged competition where there's one grand winner at the end of the month, this year we're having multiple winners and we're letting the people decide! The mods with the most endorsements (or reviews, in the case of mods uploaded to Morrowind Modding Hall) in each category (Gameplay, Immersion, Dungeons, Quests, Landscapes/Landmasses, Player Homes, Graphics and Audio, Towns and Cities, Items, etc....) by June 30th will be declared the masters of those categories, and win additional prizes as a result, including achievements and 2-3 game prizes for each grand winner in each category!


We'll be going by whichever categories you upload your mods on the Nexus to, and obviously, some categories (like Weapons and Armor) will be counted under broader categories like "Items". If you have any questions regarding how this will all work, exactly, feel free to post them below!


In total, there's 11 categories with Masteries (and other categories of mods will be included under one of the existing categories, if you're posting a mod to Miscellaneous for example, we'll include it under the category that makes sense, depending on the mod, or you can include what category you want it to be included under in the mod description):


  • Companions/Creatures/NPCs
  • Dungeons
  • Gameplay Mods/Bug Fixes/Patches/UI (Depends on UI mod, some may  be categorized as Graphics)
  • Graphics Mods/Animations/Audio/Shaders
  • Immersion Mods
  • Items/Weapons/Armor/Books/Etc...
  • Landscapes/Landmasses
  • Modder's Resources/Utilities
  • Player Homes
  • Quests/Guilds&Factions
  • Towns and Cities



Overall this competition and giveaway is pretty easy to understand, and there aren't a whole lot of rules involved, but there are a few things we should clear up just in case.


First, all types of mods are perfectly acceptable. From texture replacers to gameplay tweaks to content mods like house mods, quest mods, or dungeon mods. All of those are fine and will be accepted for the competition! The only kind of mod that will NOT be accepted is cheat mods, i.e. placing a barrel full of loot in the middle of Seyda Neen or placing a Daedric longsword in the Census and Excise Office. Cheat mods like that will not be considered for the competition.


Also, we accept both tes3mp and OpenMW mods, as well as MWSE Lua mods! Regardless of which platform your mod is designed to work with, all will be accepted!


Second, all submitted mods must be, at least for the most part, safe for work. Questionable content is acceptable so long as it isn't the entire mod, remember we have to showcase these and we can't showcase adult-themed mods on the channel!


Also, it should be pointed out that for larger mod projects, you can submit a demo or playable beta of your mod as part of the competition and it'll be perfectly acceptable. I do need to stress that it must absolutely be playable though. Any mod that crashes to desktop upon loading the game will not be considered.


In addition, we ask that all participating modders please only release a maximum of 5 mods per day, there were some issues last year with mods getting buried, and we want everyone to have a chance to have their mods get seen! Also, we won't be counting very quick CS edit mods as counting towards achievements, in order to encourage less spam.


Remember, this only applies to mods released in May, so let's all get to modding and make this the 19th Anniversary that Morrowind deserves!


If you don't know how to mod, check out our Let's Mod Morrowind series for a visual guide to modding - including interiors, basic scripting, and quest design.

If you have any questions about this event, please leave a comment or send me a message!


Want to check out our past Modathons? You can find playlists of the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Modathon competitions down below!

  1. Modathon 2015 - The First Annual Modathon - 15 Mods Released
  2. Modathon 2016 - The Second Annual Modathon - 29 Mods Released
  3. Modathon 2017 - The Third Annual Modathon - 29 Mods Released
  4. Modathon 2018 - The Fourth Annual Modathon - 89 Mods Released
  5. Modathon 2019 - The Fifth Annual Modathon - 240 Mods Released
  6. Modathon 2020 - The Sixth Annual Modathon - 231 Mods Released

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