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No communication about notifications anymore.

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The new notification system has arrived on the 22nd of March 2021, it has arrived with LOTS of issues and removed a lot of features useful for everyone, which have yet to be replaced.


Overall, the new system is, by any objective margin, is worse by the previous one. The lack of communication around this change has been astonishing, and has been pointed by numerous users in the comment section of the relevant news, so I won't come back at it.


However, as of the 1st of May 2021, meaning more than 1 month after the notification update, there has been little improvement to the system; true, some of the issues have been fixed, however, others have still yet to be resolved, and worse, the notification system for image share has been turned into an abomination who is barely usable anymore.


Numerous comments have been made, extremely valid points have been made, and by valid, I mean impervious to any attempt at disproval, because you can't disprove something that is true.


Yet, the last answer we got from the ONLY community manager who bothered to come and adress the issue dates back from the 19th of April, more than 10 days ago.


Today, the issue remains and persist, it's been more than a month since the notification update has been released, so far, almost nothing has changed, the system is still painful and horribly inefficient to use, every comment made since two weeks at least are still as valid today, and there is no communication anymore by anyone, and seeing as the staff keeps posting and being present on others threads, it seems pretty clear that they are deliberately ignoring the issue.


I'm asking for the exact same thing I asked a week ago, and two weeks ago: for the community manager who came on this thread to come back and adress every single point that has been made, and explain to us why and how the new system is better than the previous one, because it is very obvious that it is not.

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honestly, i think that the notification system is as done as it's going to get.

i posted in the thread on 18 april;


this statement:

We will soon be doing a cleanup of all leftover data and code related to the old system, so I wanted to provide you with another little update.

At this point, we're pretty happy that all the major bugs are have been fixed so we've started looking at the highly requested improvements. I can't offer any sort of timeline for these changes as we're currently working on several internal projects that are very important and will take precedence over QoL changes to the notifications system.


reads, to me at least as basically saying this is it for this "update". like it or lump it.

I don't think anyone has asked for "QoL" improvements, other than to get back what they had previously. That isn't QoL, it's MVP (I love the mis-use of acronyms throughout this thread).

What was available before was taken away. What was delivered was not as was advertised - by any stretch. People's feedback has been roundly ignored and what we have "sort of" works, but mostly doesn't.

If this is as good as it's going to get then do the decent thing and close this thread so that people can move on and create alternative arrangements to support their work on systems that do work.


I don't think this is going to  get any further attention, to be honest.


The point about "QoL" enhancements still stands. As far as I could tell, most people simply wanted what they had before, what was initially promised and wasn't delivered.

As "enhancements" to Nexusmods goes, this was not a good implementation.



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We still have a Phase 2 of the notifications system in the works with a number of improvements planned, but I can't give an accurate timescale as to when that will be worked on yet. There are a few things we need to research/plan/allocate developer time for before you'll see further changes. We also have some more pressing issues to address first relating to other areas of the website - you may have noticed some annoying performance issues with the forum over the last few days, or some issues regarding how we record, display and store stats around the site, or even that mod pages on the mobile site have had a few very annoying issues for quite a while now. The website is very big, with a lot of complex moving parts and we only have a small team who can do a finite amount of things in a single working day. 


You've made your opinions about the system clear Claggedin, I understand you don't like some parts of it but for the vast majority of users it's currently in a usable state. The remaining changes haven't been forgotten, we're just putting them to one side while we work on some high priority tasks. It's definitely not considered "done" yet, as I've said may times we plan to improve it further over time. 


I'm going to close this topic, but if you have any further constructive thoughts you haven't already shared, you're welcome to PM me. 

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