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Custom body textures not showing on player body

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The textures for my custome male/female body textures are showing just fine on all NPCs, but for some reason the player character is using vanilla textures, so their bodies look choppy and glitchy. I dont have any mods installed that make player bodies unique, so this makes zero sense to me. The player character draws from the same meshes and textures as NPC models, so why is my character showing vanilla textures?


Anyway, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mods, deactivating and reactivating archivinvalidation, and made sure older files are invalidated in fallout.ini and fallout_default.ini. I have also tried moving the mods down in the load order, but only the male one has an .esp. the female one doesn't.


Has anyone had this happen before or know why it's happening??


UPDATE: I launched the game through the vanilla launcher, and the player body had the modded textures on. However, loading through Script Extender makes the player body use the vanilla textures. This is so absurdly strange, like, what the actual f*ck?


UPDATE 2: Just wiped the entire game and all of my mods from the harddrive. reinstalled everything, and it works fine now.

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So you are launching from something (a shortcut or a mod manager) which presumably you mean is calling for the NVSE library to be loaded.  If you have the FNV 4GB Patcher installed, then it will take care of all of that for you simply by running the "FalloutNV.exe" as normal.


Perhaps you should post the command line you are using to launch from the "Script Extender" so we can see exactly what is being run.  It would be the "target" line in the "Properties" of a desktop shortcut link.  My current guess is that it is not actually getting NVSE to run.  Please see "Checklist Item#4" for how to confirm that.


Textures for bodies (either the Player or NPCs) are designed for particular body meshes.  They are not "mix-n-match" and there are different sets for the Player and for NPCs.  From your description you are using vanilla Player bodies so their clothing and armor mods should specifically be for the vanilla body type.  But if you have different bodies for NPCs then they may not be compatible with the Player.  Suggest you read the "Issue - Body Replacer - Custom Body Types" and related "Issue - Body Replacer ..." entries under the "Solutions to Graphics problems" section of the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" article.


Also, be sure you toggle "ArchiveInvalidation" off-and-back-on-again after you make any changes to your "load order" mix of mods.  Don't know what you mean by "made sure older files are invalidated in fallout.ini and fallout_default.ini" but they should have nothing to do with texture files.



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