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Mafias, Bootlegging, and Drug Dealing

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Las Vegas is also known as sin city, and what better way to show this not so pretty side of life than adding things like the mafia and drugs and other sins.  Any mobster would love to have their hand in Vegas, and there should be a mod that makes this present.  There should be a mafia set up who control some of the corruption throughout the strip.  The Omerta's are the closest thing New Vegas has, but they really don't cut it.  I just don't  get the feeling of a mafia family when I see the Omertas.  Also there should be things like drug dealers and addicts to show the grittier side of Vegas life.  Vegas is a huge hub of drug trade and this would add more variety to the game.  Of course this mod would take a lot of work but I think it would be a very good addition to the game, especially if you could join the mob or run the drug trade with quests companions and more.




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Well Freeside's kind of like that. The whole point of the strip is that the riffraff aren't allowed in, any addicts trying the get through those gates get a nice set of 9mm track marks from the Securitrons.


It would be good to have some more organised crime sort of quests though, even if it was just some more shady dealings with the Omertas

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