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Donation Drive to help Victims of War in Ukraine

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I’m sure you’re all aware of the horrible assault on Ukraine that started on 24 February. Along with the leadership and people of the vast majority of countries in the world, we strongly condemn this unprovoked attack on another sovereign nation at the orders of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

At this moment the people of Ukraine are suffering the consequences of Putin’s war of aggression which is bringing nothing but death, destruction, and displacement to countless families.

During these troubling times, we, and I’m certain many of you, have been in awe of the spirited resistance the Ukrainian people have been mounting against the invaders, as well as the sheer outpour of solidarity across the world in light of a horrible attack.

Plenty of Ukrainian users are part of our modding community. In February alone, we had over 270,000 visits from users in Ukraine and now they are in desperate need.

Like many of you, we feel the urge to help and we simply cannot stand idly by while people are suffering due to this war. That is why we are now launching a donation drive to raise funds and support the Red Cross in its mission to bring medical aid to the people of Ukraine. 

  • To start the fundraiser off, we are paying in £1,000 (roughly $1,330)
  • We are also going to double the total amount raised up to £10,000 (roughly $13,300)
We encourage everyone who can afford it and wants to support the Red Cross in Ukraine to donate in order to bring at least some relief to those hurt most by this war.

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In addition to that, we have added a new charity option to our mod rewards store with the same purpose. All donation points mod authors allocate to the “Ukraine Relief Effort” charity will be going towards the same fund.

We believe that we as a community can make a difference not just by donating, but by showing our solidarity with those hurt by an abhorrent attack and ongoing war.

“But I don’t want politics on a mod site”

I don’t blame you, however, we unfortunately now live in a world where the first full-scale military invasion in Europe since World War II has become a reality, and shutting our eyes to this evil is simply not an option. If you don’t want to, or can’t donate, that is perfectly fine, but we don’t believe it is a matter of politics to condemn this war, and to want to support the victims of war.

We won’t allow hatred on our site

Please note that we will in no way, shape, or form tolerate support for this atrocious act of aggression carried out by the Russian government under President Putin, nor will we allow users to make excuses and provide “justifications” for an unprovoked and unjust war. Please report any such actions to the moderation team for review, thank you.

At the same time, we do not want any of our Russian users who have joined the rest of the world in condemning Putin’s war, and who are now suffering the economic consequences of this aggression, to experience discrimination or harassment based solely on their nationality. 

We know that many, many Russian people are as appalled as the rest of us and we wish them the best during what will most likely be very trying times ahead.

We are hoping for a swift end to the armed conflict and for the people of Ukraine to be able to return to their homes. Thank you to everyone who is showing their support and/or donating to aid the victims of this war, and please note that you are of course free to choose a different charity or cause if you’d prefer.

If you’d like to support the people of Ukraine in other ways, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of alternative charities: 



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All my mods are set to direct donation points to Doctors without Borders, they have been for a long time and will continue so.




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I'm glad to see Nexus making an effort to help. Though I may be small, the DP report hasn't come out yet—so myself and others have the opportunity to switch the charities we're donating to.




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As a Russian user, i highly appreciate what you wrote. 
People who do their best trying to show the whole country as some kind of an angry dog should be punished.
Plus, you help victims, that's very kind of you.




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In response to post #106393828.


For clarity on your quote, "in Europe" was added to this news post before your comment was made. It was not present in the very first print but it was corrected within 5 minutes of publishing and was missed out due to a last-minute edit which unfortunately deleted that context with it.


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In response to post #106393893.


Can you be more specific, Aleksei Alatin? No offence ? I am curious to know what is realy going on.



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So now you decided to delete all comments which deliver any interpretation other than yours? Democracy in the action



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Some additional options:

Ukrainian Red Cross Society
International Committee of the Red Cross
United Help Ukraine
Voices of Children
Revived Soldiers Ukraine

This reddit post is also full of charity options sorted by objective so you can choose more specific goals, with cited reliable sources:


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thats great !

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