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[WIPz] Vvardenfell Glass

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This mod is a re-imagined armor and weapon set for Oblivion that is based on the glass armor in Morrowind.

Expected Release Date: When it's done.
Expected Level of Difficulty: Hard, Level 20+

Screenshot Gallery

Attached File  HeavyArmorandSpear.jpg   82.73KB   109 downloads

PhotoBucket Gallery

Light / Heavy Shield models completed on 5/26/2008 (Modified 3/21/2009) Alternate View
Spear model completed on 5/25/2008
Battlestaff model completed on 5/25/2008
BattleAxe model completed on 4/10/2008
Custom Glass Dagger model completed on 3/31/2008
Mace (collage) model completed on 3/26/2008
Dagger (collage) model completed on 3/18/2008
Claymore model completed on 3/16/2008
Shortsword model completed on 3/9/2008
Spear model completed on 2/11/2008
Staff model completed on 2/11/2008 (updated on 5/25/2008)
Longsword model completed on 12/23/2007
Warhammer model completed on 12/23/2007


Vvardenfell Glass Armor Test #1 - Youtube (low-res) or TESNexus (high-res).
Vvardenfell Glass Armor Test #2 - Youtube (low-res) or TESNexus (high-res).

- 8 New Enemies ranging from tough to very challenging and presented in a serial progression
- 9 New (Re-Modeled / Re-Textured) Glass Atronachs that are made of transparent material.
- 13 uniquely modified glass weapon meshes in 9 different colors = 117 weapons.
- 13 pieces of unique glass light armor (Male/Female) meshes in 9 different colors = 117 armor pieces
- 13 pieces of unique glass heavy armor (Male/Female) meshes in 9 different colors = 117 armor pieces
- 2 shield meshes in 9 different colors = 18 shields

That's 42 new meshes with 378 pieces in-game. whew!!!

I think jcarl only had one armor set in mind when he started this. muhahahaha!!!

Current Plan

Mod Varient #1 - Vvardenfell Glass Armor
- Adds unique enchanted armor that must be taken from enemy PCs. Each enemy will have a different colored set with different enchantments and different weapons.
- There will be light and heavy armor that is visually different (heavier-looking).
- Each enemy NPC carries a unique enchanted armor set and one unique enchanted weapon that they specialize in.
- When enemy NPCs are conquered, vendor shops will sell non-enchanted versions of their armor and the ENTIRE set of matching (colored) weapons.
- One set of unique non-enchanted armor that will be very close in appearance to Morrowind Glass armor.
- Various sets of unique enchanted armor will be available. Currently in Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.
- Various sets of non-enchanted armor will be made available for purchase at vendor shops (more will be appear over time in the vendor's inventory)
- Special Spell: Vvardenfell Glass Fire - This spell is available when all pieces of an armor set are worn together. It will set the armor on fire (color based on armor color), 60 second duration, Novice in Illusion requirement, 15 foot radius of light, 100% resistant to fire, 100% resistant to frost, 50% weakness to magic.
- Special Spell: Vvardenfell Glass Vision - This spell is available when all pieces of an armor set are worn together. It will set enable night vision for 60 seconds and have a Novice in Illusion requirement.
- Estimated Size: Uncompressed: 300 MB, Compressed: 60 MB

Mod Varient #2 - Oblivion Glass Replacer
- Meshes and Green textures placed and named exactly like Oblivion glass armor which will replace Oblivion Glass with Vvardenfell Glass.
- No .esp required...thus no stat changes or anything...just a visual change.
- Estimated Size: Uncompressed: 30 MB, Compressed: 3 MB

Historical Section

While sending PMs back and forth to each other, jcarl sent me a particular PM on July 30th, 2007 at 12:37 PM

I decided to give a new glass armor a go

This marks the very beginning of this project and moves it from the "wouldn't it be cool" talking phase to actual development.

To-Do List

- Create menu icons for all weapons.
- REDO (PC CRASH): Re-enter all armor variants, NPC battles, creatures and FX spells.
- REDO (PC CRASH): Re-match fire shader effects to finalized glass colors.
- MODELING: Create helmet egm files (maybe).
- CS KIT: Add fire sound FX whenever the fire spell is used.
- CS KIT: Adjust NPC enemy levels of difficulty.
- CS KIT: Apply and adjust enchantments.
- PACKAGING: Figure out how to allow people to play with the armor if they don't want glowmaps (requires edited mesh and deleted _g.dds file).
- PACKAGING: Create final build with OMOD Conversion Data.
- PACKAGING: Upload to TESNexus and Planet Elder Scrolls (file mirrors to MediaFire, FileFront, 4Shared)
- OPTIONAL (After Release): UFF/Robert version of the armor.
- OPTIONAL (After Release): Create some re-invisioned Morrowind weapons.
- COMPLETE: Create menu icons for all armors. 8/8/2010
- REDO (PC CRASH): Fix all glowmaps. 6/30/2010
- REDO (PC CRASH): Fix all normal maps. 6/25/2010
- REDO (PC CRASH): Re-create folder structure. 6/1/2010
- OPTIONAL: Light version of armor for females (vanilla body). 3/13/2010
- OPTIONAL: Heavy version of armor for females (vanilla body). 3/12/2010
- MODELING: Fix/Optimize ground meshes for light armor. 3/12/2010
- MODELING: Create ground meshes for heavy armor. 3/12/2010
- REDO (PC CRASH): Re-build original Blender models from NIF files, optimize and improve from there. 3/10/2010
- REDO (PC CRASH): Re-create glass atronachs. 3/9/2010
- REDO (PC CRASH): Create color variants. 3/8/2010
- MODELING: Heavy towershield. 3/7/2010
- OPTIONAL (After Release): Retexture new glass weapons to match armor. (thanks to themythofstrider)
- WEBSITE: Create private developer forum and upload WIP.
- COMPLETE: RESTORE: Put all recovered files into a single archive and distribute to various other authors for backup.
- COMPLETE: Create special re-textured versions of Oblivion Glass weapons for each NPC enemy to match their armor color.
- COMPLETE: Modify the original Oblivion glass weapons to make the glass transparent.
- COMPLETE: Choose enchantments for unique armors.
- COMPLETE: Create ground meshes for light armor.
- COMPLETE: Hand a copy of the 1st pre-alpha plugin and files to jcarl.
- COMPLETE: Integrate separated NIF meshes and texture updates.
- DROPPED: Create a spell that contains the script for green-tinted view. (this would cause shader and compatibility issues)



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In the interest of saving time, I am looking to find a modeler that can create female versions of the light and heavy armors to fit the vanilla female body. Nothing in terms of "showing skin" but more in terms of fitting the shape of the female body and making certain conservative adjustments...similar to how some vanilla armor is done.

Once the female versions are complete, it would be nice to have alternate versions that fit the HGEC female body and the Robert muscular body but not necessary.

Please send resume to me via PM if interested.


EDIT 3/1/2010: Rescinding request since there were no bites.



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My new PC was built in early January 2010 but family matters came up and I probably did not even startup the PC but maybe 4 or 5 times during that month and part of February.

Things settled down fairly well last week and I have prepped my rig to be an Oblivion developer platform once again and my 1st project was to get Vvardenfell Glass going again, evaluate the extent to which I had lost key source files and rebuild what has been lost.

As of today, I have most of the models back to where they were and even making improvements.

All source textures were lost except the very original TIFF files (diffuse only) for the armor set from Grimdeath way back when this project first started. I finally have the source textures re-created (Diffuse, Normal map and Glow map) and ready to begin the color offshoots. Since so much was lost, I am actually playing around with the folder structure and optimizing how it will be distributed (and saved a quite a bit of space by utilizing shared files)

While re-working the armor models, I have improved them slightly and optimized them which saves a bit more on the final mod size as well as performance gains.

Here are some comparison shots of the heavy armor with and without the additional glass shards.

Heavy Armor - Front
Heavy Armor - Side
Heavy Armor - Back




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Looks awesome! I've always thought the morrowind glass had a more distinct and interesting look. Can't wait to see this in action.





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I've been looking for this armour for Oblivion. Can't wait to DL

David Brasher

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Looks like a cool mod, but it might be large and hard to download. I liked the look and scarcity of Morrowind glass armor better than what is found in Oblivion. Green armor is sort of funny-looking and fantastic. If it is rare, it is amazing and cool. But if every bandit you meet is wearing it, then it looks kind of stupid. If someone who didn't know about Oblivion watched you play the game for his first time, he might say something like, "Why are all those people wearing green armor? That looks so fake!"



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Finaly some news about this WIP. It sure is a long wait, but is well worth it. Keep up the good work!




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Heavy armor improvements (still work-in-progress)

Attached File  HeavyGlass.jpg   675.34KB   66 downloads



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That looks fantastic, the helmet especially. Good to see that people are working on modest and non-anime influenced items. Nothing wrong with those, it just gets a bit tiresome. if I have any critcisms for it, it's that the green is quite neon-y. Personally I'd lower the saturation and add a glow map to it to make it really stand out without being so conspicuous in the light.



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I'm currently working at the model level. Once done, then it will be normal map refinements, glowmaps / emmissive settings, transparency settings, diffuse texture tweaks, diffuse color changes (multi-color). The only thing to really note at this point is the model work since all the rest is likely to change. ;)


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