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Updating XMLs or Adding new mods

Which require new variants to be made can cause PaMa to push other items back in the patch order, which can change their FormID. This will remove the existing items from the save, if the item is equipped to you in the save it will cause the save to fail to load. To avoid this make sure to have unequipped items that were created by PaMa before re-patching. PerMa 1.1 and newer is much more forging about repatching.

Load Order

"The load order is only compared to PerMa and its modules, it's not intended to reflect the mods proper load order, check the individual mods page for more info on its specific load order. Mods in gold are from PerMa. Mods in green are from PCaPP."

USKP (Required master of a lot here)
All other ESMs
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
WAFR patches (Masks, True Weapons, Arrows. If you use the 'all patches' option installing WAFR they will be merged into the main file)
Cutting Room Floor
Anything that changes existing Weapons/Armor.
Immersive Armors
Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack (LLs will conflict with IW if loaded after)
Immersive Weapons
WeaponsArmorFixes_ImmersiveWeapons_Patch.esp (Don't use this file with IW replacement esp, it has been merged in.)
Unique Uniques (UU & IW both make edits to Dragonbane, load the look you prefer after the other.)
PerMa Expansion 1 - Wintermyst.esp

Apocalypse Magic
All other ESPs
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
AS - LAL Patches
Pre PaMa WAFR Patch or Merged Pre PaMa Patch
Pre PaMa Bound Armory Patch
Pre PaMa CCF Patch (Bash Mergable)
Pre PaMa CCOR Patch or Merged Pre PaMa CCOR Patch
TES5 Edit Merge patch (watch  Sharlikrans video and make sure to clean masters after deleting LLs)
Bashed Patch (Guide)
Automatic Variants
ASIS - Dependency
EveryBody's Different Redone
Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp (here or lower)
For more help with your load order visit Organizing your mods to get started in the right direction.
You can check out my current load order on Modwat.ch (List by Modwat.ch) Just updated it, didn't spend much time with it so it may have some issues, if so the FAQs is right :)

Building Merged Patch and Bashed Patch

QSDQQ5aYkaQ Basic instal and setup video.
jCH_tiZDTUY Advanced instal and setup. Will superseed parts of what's shown in the above video.

Patch 'X' is full of errors in TES5Edit

This is from not having WAFR loaded also, the errors are WAFR/SPIKE keywords added to the items.

What is the Modders Pack

The Modders Pack is a collection of supplementary data and files, foremost of which is the Balance and Alchemy spreadsheets which can be used to view any changes without having to re-patch for each test. All variables (Perks, Skill, Tempering, Enchantment Bonuses) can be taken into account and edited to instantly see the effects on any Weapon, Armor or Potion. It's not intended solely for modders despite the name (Modders Pack is a bit cooler than 'Supplementary Spreadsheets and Stuff and Things"). It also includes the raw formulas from UESP, edited for PerMa where needed or possible, which were used as the math backbone of the spreadsheets. The default listings in the Modders pack are the values used in the current XMLs, if the XMLs get rebalanced the spreadsheets will be updated accordingly.

How is the PerMa patcher (PaMa) different from the SkyRe patcher (ReProccer)

PerMa allows much greater control over item scaling than was possible in SkyRe. Documentation in the main PerMa download goes into great detail over what each part of the XMLs does. I've also included several comments in the XMLs themselves to help anyone that's wanting to customize them.

Patching options for Armors.

1. Mark a normally heavy material as light and vice versa.
2. Cursory support for Armored Clothing systems.
3. Use strings in the Armors name to apply a modifier.
4. Adjust Meltdown and Temper material.
5. Independent control of slot armor multipliers, meltdown output material quantity.
6. Adjust maximum Protection and protection Per Armor (Damage resistance multipliers).

Patching options for Weapons.

1. Adjust Critical Damage.
2. Adjust Damage for materials and weapon types.
3. Adjust Reach and Speed for materials and weapon types.
4. Adjust Bleed, Debuff, Stagger rating for weapon types.
5. Adjust weapon types between Blade, Blunt, Piercing or any combination.
6. Use strings in the weapons name to apply a modifier.
7. Adjust Meltdown and Temper material.

My light Iron shield has crap armor, what did you do?

currently I'm using this list to determine armor rating of 'false skill armor'. I just dubbed that, but it means an armor that uses a material in a non-standard way, Daedric Light, Fur Heavy, etc.

I am currently working on a change for this to increase some false light and reduce some false heavy.
Posted Image

Raulfins Rent Rescaling

A side xml that I plan to do, it will reduce the "it's a better material, so I must use it" of Skyrim and make tempering and enchantments much more important than the material. Armor and Weapons stats will be more "realistic", ratings will increase only a small amount from Hide to Dragonscale or Iron to Daedric. Primaraly intended for use with unleveled world mods and Loot and Degradation.

Helgen Reborn

If you use Helgen Reborn, HR, there are two things you can do to get it to work with PerMa.
1) Install Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor, LAL, when HR is instaled LAL will disable the vanilla start and you don't need to do all the crazy stuff in option 2.
2) Build all your dynamic patches with HR disabled and then play till you get to Riverwood. Then save and exit the game. Now rebuild all Dynamic patches again with HR active and continue playing.

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Hello! =) Great information! Only one last thing i would need to know; Lootification, good idea with perma? and if so...before or after PatchusMaximus.esp?
I have read what patchus do....and not sure if it cover all of lootification.





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Question about the skyprocs:
I am actually using ASIS,Patchus maximus, and Everbodys Different and bashed patch (Its not a not skyproc but its a dynamic patch i think) should each one be excluded each other?

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In response to post #19970564.

Lootification adds it's own enchantments, they shouldn't conflict. I'm not sure if LLI distributes it's items, if it doesn't then run LLI before PaMa so that PaMa can pass them out.



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In response to post #19971614.

No, they should have access to each other of they will overwrite each other.
The SkyProcs can be run in any order really, except DSR which should be after all weapon SkyProcs, Merge and Bash patch should always be made before SkyProcs. The SkyProc order I have listed is my personal preference;
New NPCs
Change NPCs (ASIS, EBD)
New Items (LLI)
Change Items (ReProccer, PaMa)
Distribution (PaMa)




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Now that you have released your merged patch where should i place it? It's currently sitting where the old singular Pre PaMa IW patch is located.

~ G




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Out of curiosity, and to clarify things, when making a bashed patch for PerMa, would you only enable LL or import names etc as well?



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In response to post #19994574.

Where ever the lowest file was, I had LOOT put the non-IW patches just above the Bash and Merge Patches. The lower the better, but below any conflicts is fine (the IW version needs to be below the WAFR_IW patch (from WAFR)



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In response to post #20002754.

Use all the things




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In response to post #19994574. #20005444 is also a reply to the same post.


Meh, just to be sure i uploaded my load order. I highlighted WAFR_IW.esp with @@@---- if you scrolldown. You don't have to look
im sure your busy, TLDR;

Pre PaMa WAFR CCOR IW Patch.esp * Last 4 esps in my load order*
Pre PaMa CCF Patch.esp
Bashed Patch.esp
Patchus Maximus.esp

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