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Something isn't working right!

See the TROUBLESHOOTING section in the mod description.

I started out in the cart at Helgen in the normal opening sequence!

See the troubleshooting section in the mod description.

I started the game and I'm standing in the woods and I can't do anything.

You have SkyUI installed. You need to open the Mod Configuration Menu in order to begin.

How do I open the Mod Configuration Menu?

If you have SkyUI properly installed (read the SkyUI mod description), the MCM is in the Skyrim main menu.

There is no Mod Configuration Menu!

You possibly didn't install SkyUI (or possibly SKSE) properly or you're not launching the game from skse_loader.exe.

SKSE installation information is available from both the SkyUI mod description as well as the instructions laid out on the SKSE homepage. You need to use skse_launcher.exe to run Skyrim and not the link in your Steam games list. You also need to have Steam open before you run it, otherwise the standard Skyrim launcher will open up when you do.

1. Download SkyUI (which you probably already have)
2. Download and install SKSE
3. Run skse_launcher.exe once Steam is open to launch the game
4. When Skyrim Unbound tells you to open the Mod Configuration Menu, open the Skyrim main menu by pressing start or hitting escape. If you don't see the MCM option listed, you've done something wrong, which is in its own way actually kind of impressive, because this is really hard to mess up.

Skyrim Unbound isn't showing up in the MCM!

Try opening and closing the mod configuration menu once or twice. Give it time, especially if you have a slower machine.

All of the MCM Skyrim Unbound options are greyed out.

See the troubleshooting section in the mod description, especially if you are updating from a previous version.

The options for dragons, souls, and/or word walls aren't working properly.

See the troubleshooting section in the mod description. The scripts from some other mod (such as the Unofficial Patches) might be overriding the ones from Skyrim Unbound and you need to fix that. Keep in mind that some mods add dragons to the game which cannot be turned off by Skyrim Unbound (such as Bellyache's New Dragon Species). Some mods add things that look like dragons but don't have souls (Monster Mod). There is also a vanilla game bug where re-spawned dragons either sometimes or never yield souls.

I don't have the Non-SkyUI options power.

If you don't have the power in your magic menu, type the following into your console:

player.addspell 0058DB

My character's hands are tied and I'm sick of the tutorials.

Add the following lines to your Skyrim.ini:


Can you start out at the Thieve's Guild/College of Winterhold/Dark Brotherhood/as a Thalmor?

Unfortunately, new characters don't immediately have the requirements to get into some of those places. If you want to start near a guild, just pick the city in which they're located as your starting point and go from there. Advancing those questlines at the game start would require more tinkering than I'm interested in doing at this point.

Can I still do the Before the Storm/Bleak Falls Barrow/Dragon Rising quests?

Those quests have been bypassed so you can immediately jump into the civil war as a new player without having to kill a dragon first. You can still explore Bleak Falls Barrow and complete The Golden Claw, but you won't find the dragonstone and you won't need to.

Can I get all of the dragon priest masks/shouts without doing the main quest?

No. You can, however, use console commands to obtain them.

How do I start the main quest?

Kill a dragon and absorb its soul and you'll start The Way of the Voice. If this doesn't work, see the troubleshooting section in the mod description.

How do I learn the word 'Fus'?

Visit the word wall in Bleak Falls Barrow or kill a dragon and absorb its soul.

How can I obtain shouts if soul absorption is turned off?

Shouts will be automatically unlocked when you learn them from walls, provided you have non-Dragonborn shouts set as an option.

How do I become Thane of Whiterun?

Talk to Proventius and purchase Breezehome for 10,000 septims. This will unlock Lydia as a follower.

How does this affect the Dragonborn DLC and Solstheim?

The dragonborn questline can still be started even if you choose to play as a non-Dragonborn character. The effects of continuing to play as a non-Dragonborn during the quest are unknown; it is recommended that you either switch your character to Dragonborn once the quest begins or use a mod like Timing is Everything[www.nexusmods.com] to postpone it indefinitely.

Will this conflict with other alternate start mods?

Yes. All alternate start mods conflict with each other because they're all trying to accomplish the same thing.

Is this safe to use on existing saves?

While Skyrim Unbound is not designed for use on preexisting saves, it should work. Do so at your own risk and keep a backup save.

Can you include a vanilla start option?

Unfortunately, no. I would have to re-write large portions of the mod from scratch at this point in order to include this option, and I simply don't have the time.

Ulfric is gagged!

This problem *should* be fixed now, but if it isn't, follow the steps in the troubleshooting section to confirm it.

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Hi, thanks for the mod, I really loved it. Just had a question. Do you have any future plans of having an option which lets you choose whether to go with the normal start or go with an alternate start. This along with an option to choose not being a Dragonborn in the normal start?




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After fighting the dragon in soul crain, with dragons disabled, my game crashes... What should I do??

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Can you still complete the dawnguard quest-line with this mod? 




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I've uninstalled in favor of Cutting Room Floor, however Skyrim doesn't put me in the cart, just at a blank screen from which I have to COC out of with the console (therefore skipping the intro sequence). Same happened with ASLAL back when I uninstalled it, and I ended up having to completely reinstall Skyrim to fix it.. Any simple .ini-related fixes that I'm missing, or should I just get ASLAL again entirely for the Vanilla Start option?




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