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Preparing for Skyrim Special Edition

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[img width=600,height=200]https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/images/1059/7018713-1476893637.png[/img]

Over the last few weeks, we've been discussing how to best approach the upcoming release of Skyrim Special Edition (SSE), specifically in regards to how Nexus will host SSE files. Due to changes in some file formats, not everything will be compatible right away. For example, anything packaged with a .bsa extension will need to either be extracted to “loose” files or extracted and repackaged using the new SSE Creation Kit. Another example would be mods that rely on SKSE. Until SKSE has been updated for SSE, any mods that rely on it will not work (SkyUI being the obvious example here).

(If you are a mod author and missed the original thread, you can find more details on these changes here).

We came up with a couple of options, through internal discussion, which we then presented to the mod authors (as they are the ones primarily affected by the decision). The two choices were as follows:

  • Make a new SSE site
    The pro here is that it would be a lot easier for users to look at SSE compatible mods and have them all in one place. The con is that the mod authors would have to manage separate pages for regular Skyrim mods and SSE updated mods. The workload for mod authors could be alleviated with a system for duplicating certain aspects of their mod pages from one site to the other.
  • Authors host the SSE version on the same page as the non-SSE version.
    The pro here is that mod authors won’t have two separate pages to monitor. The con would be that, in lieu of a separate site, users won’t be able to immediately see what mods are available for SSE.
The choice was overwhelmingly in favor of giving SSE mods their own Nexus site, so that is what we will be doing! We will make a new site for SSE, with a clean slate in regards to stats like endorsements and downloads. It will have a slightly different design from the standard Skyrim site, but similar enough that it is still clear that it is tied to Skyrim.

Mod authors will be able to "duplicate" certain mod page content, from Skyrim to the Skyrim SSE site, to ease the burden of carrying mods over.

Duplication will include:

  • All the details on the "Edit attributes" page
  • Videos
  • All images
  • Tags
Things that won't be duplicated:

  • Files
  • Mirrors
  • Required files
  • Articles
  • Change logs
  • Comments/bugs/forum threads
  • Stats
We plan to accomplish this by adding a "duplicate" link to each file in the "Manage your files" page, as well as providing a "Duplicate All" button on the page. This way an author can choose whether they want to duplicate all their mod pages or just specific ones. The mod pages will be duplicated over to the Skyrim SSE site unpublished (and therefore, hidden). Mod authors will, at a minimum, have to re-upload their file and press the publish button.

That’s it! To all of you who were able to provide feedback, thank you for helping us with this decision. If all goes well, the new site and functionality will be prepared before the launch of SSE, on October 28th. We'll be sure to keep you informed regarding any developments on the site and SSE compatibility in general.


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Does this mean that NMM will also have SSE listed as a separate game from the original Skyrim?




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In response to post #43358035.


Well if they are making whole new subpage for it then I would yes, they are making it as seperated game.




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I second this decision, it makes much more sense to me to have these things separated, as it will take some time for all active mods to be ported (bound to happen eventually).

This is especially good news as it gives smaller mods, who are actively being worked out the possibilty to gain some attention aswell. VioLens for example struggled to be recognized for a long time, as Dance of Death was in the top 25 files for an eternity (or still is) albeit being outdated and broken. Same with AFT / EFF vs UFO.

I entirely support the decision the mod authors made, as it will breathe some fresh air into the modding scene and finally bury all these broken or outdated mods noone should be using today.

The downside is obviously that famous mods have to become famous a second time, but I doubt that is even a problem, if they are ported quickly and work as intended and remain being quality content.

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Sounds great. Thanks!



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In response to post #43358695.


Yes I agree, from a user standpoint too... :) " I'm from Canada and they think I'm slow, eh? " lol

I even went so far as to uninstall Skyrim and all mods and will go cold turkey waiting and slowly rocking back and forth in a vain attempt at comfort as I press the refresh pages... lol ... is it up yet? :)

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Great idea ! Browsing the nexus and having to check every single mod page to see if it was updated for SSE would have been a real pain. Thank you !



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Different game, different site.



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Personally I will be moving to SSE (which is what we are abbreviating it to from now on I guess) and not returning to the x32bit version. On paper at least, this is what Skyrim should have been from the get go in terms of specs. We shall see if that is the case in the long run though. Most of my mods will not be ported over to SSE but one or two might depending on if I have the time.





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Glad it was decided to have a new subnexus for SSE. It would have been a giant pain having old and new Skyrim mixed together. Furthermore, with PC users who own the game+all DLC, you get SSE for free. Unless your deep in a playthrough, I don't see an objective reason for hanging onto old Skyrim. A clean slate is a good thing, and the renewed attention on Skyrim will lead to new exciting mods that may make older ones obsolete/redundant.

On an unrelated note, about to upgrade my system with a SSD and a RX 480. Combined with 64-bit SSE, this is going to be good.

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