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Mod Compatibility

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Legends is huge, the total number of files is about half the size of the entire game. That limits mod compatibility, because its pretty likely we're editing the same files as another mod.  It also makes testing compatibility with every mod very difficult, a mod may look like it is working, and then fail under some obscure circumstances that are hard to predict, identify or replicate.  It is this exact problem that led to the creation of Legends, to avoid creating many compatibility patches we have instead combined mods into a single mod.

Integrated mods
Mod Hooks
Tryout talents
27 brothers
Battle Sisters
Veteran levels
Big World
Better Obituaries
Campaign map config 

Alternatives included
Sell loot for more -
You can hire peddlers and other backgrounds that increase buy and sell prices
Craft named weapons / Buff named weapons
- You can craft or find rune stones, that let you create your own unique weapons that suit your playstyle
9 in reserve, more reserve
- There is a toggle next to each portrait that lets you place all mercenaries in reserve, they will consume more resourced while in reserves.
Event Frequency mod
- the default rate is increased by 10%, and the events for specifice backgrounds like cultists are increased by 50%
Weighted talents
- The dynamic perk system also dynamically changes stat distributions so you are more likely to have skills that match your perks
Recruitable necromancer - the warlock start is the same kind of thing
Bigger cart/cart ambitions/inventory ambitions
- Your stash space is determined by the backgrounds you hire, you can also buy backpacks and donkeys
Max Resources increase
- Your resource limits are determined by the backgrounds you hire, donkey also help
Perks for Wotn/ More perks
- the dynamic perk system has all of these perks, and many more
Common paints / craftable paints  
- you can craft paints from dyes
Increased maximum level
- the max level is 99 in legends
Increased champion spawn rate
- these are increased by taking the enemy as a favoured enemy, the more of them you kill, the more champions spawn
More two-handed cleavers
- we already have  more, those some of those could be cool additions.
Buffed well supplied situation
 - these are buffed, though by a smaller amount .
No permanent injuries
- if you get an inventor, they can craft prosthetics that can help your permanent injuries

Wont be included
Scoutable locations
 - this is a feature of some starts, including it for others decreases the benefit of those scenarios
Level all the skills
- very imbalanced
More named weapons in shops
- Increased availability increases the average available stats
5 named items per champion
-  This massively breaks the balance. Adding 5 named items doesn’t make an enemy 5 times harder, but it does increase rewards by 5 times.
More recruits
- increased availability decreases incentive to use all backgrounds
Pause on sight / M&B pause  
- We have included the pause on changing context, but pausing when an enemy comes in range is one of the few real time skill checks in game. Some enemies are specifically designed to sneak up on you and ambush you, these mods break that.
Battle Preperation
- This undermines enemy ambushes
Gifted brothers
- Creates much more powerful characters, there may be an alternative way to make this work, but not like this.
Cut to the chase rumors
- Not into seperating gameplay from lore, that said, we have modified rumors so they always explicitely tell you a location to help if you havent uncovered the area yet.
Better battle standards
- The standard provides other benefits, it is a trade off. If you buff the standard there is no more trade off choice, its just a straight upgrade
No more asking for a raise
-  You are free to say no, we’re not getting involved in your industrial relations with your employees.
Get loot on last hit
-  He who kills it keeps it, that is the law of the land. Killstealing happens on all sides.  If we remove this, it just encourages some seriously cheesy strats.
- This is very cool, but it also seems to bring significant bugs
Company origins
- It is possible to get any origin from random starts, and we share these as seeds on discord. We already have dozens of starts, and would prefer to add depth to these rather than getting lost in hundreds of new ones. That said, if there was a super cool one that altered the whole playthrough, we’d be interested.
Paint mood boost
- If we did include something like that, it would need to be very minor.
Ally shared vision
- Just because the noble house likes you, doesn’t mean they’re calling out every enemy move to you
Hide behind allies
- this is basically the assassin start
Auto counter when hit
- significant balance implication

Being considered ?
Craft more potions
Detailed status effects / Better hit information / Number’s detailed  / Show enemy stats
- These are cool, but can break immersion and may be overwhelming, may end up as a start options
- will be in v13
Smarter sort
Additional keybinds
- more keybinds are planned.
Brigands mod
- there are changes coming for human enemy diversity. Have a look at the rabble on legendary combat difficulty to see where we’re heading.
Ice cave arena
- we’d like to do a more detailed repeatable arena
Feed potion
- being considered as a support perk
Orc mod
- we’d like to do a more fleshed out orc campaign
Auto-use recover
- with the recover rework this makes more sense.
Known compatible
?More music -
was designed for legends, split out for download size




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Love the choice of integrated mods, and what not to integrate. Great overhaul, clearly made by some smart cookies not afraid to say 'NO' to cheatmods. I'm loving it!

I would encourage the future inclusion of mods like better hit information, number's detailed, and settlement situation tooltips even if only as start options.

I'm still new and learning the game but I hate spoiling myself by reading wikis or datasheets yet a bit more hard information about in-game modifiers would be very welcome as the vanilla is lacking with vague descriptors like " a lot" or "prices are somewhat lower".


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