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i was just wondering how do i change ammo type? :wallbash:




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the sub record for ammo type is "NAM0". by now you should have your esp open and if you dont, open it and the fallout esm. navigate to the AMMO group in the fallout esm and find the type of ammo you are trying to make the gun use. copy its formID and paste it in your WEAP's NAM0 sub record. save




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Hey Vash

Thanks for the tut. There's one small drama though - I'm trying to change ammo type of teh uploaded Smith and Wesson model 29 to 32mm.

I have Fallout3.esm open in FOMM as well as the .esp file for the Smith and Wesson. The problem is that when I copy the Form ID for 32 mm ammo and try to paste into the Smith and Wesson, I get the following error message :

"Record to add was not of the correct type.
Records can only hold Subrecords."

I reckon that's because the weapon info is a subgroup of GRUP(WEAP) and in the .esm file, it's not a subdirectory.

Is there a way around this?

I'd love to have two heavy pistols of differing calibre - your Desert Eagle which I love, and the S&W.
Also, I'd prefer to drop the damage of the S&W to be a little less than the Desert Eagle which, after all, fires a 50 cal round in the real world.

Thanks, mate.




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It sounds like you tried to paste the whole record instead of just the form id of it.

Double click the ammo record, select its ID number, CTRL-INS, go to your gun, double-click the NAM0, select all in that input field, SHIFT-INS. Or you could copy from the NAM0 record of a gun which already uses that ammo.

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