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Weapons. Armor. And Collectibles.

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Weapons, Armor, and Collectibles

Notes: Since the guns and the armor are normal vanilla models, I specified so in the descriptions. Some are retextured though to be more unique. Only the Select Machine Gun is entirely brand new in model, texture, and animation.

Legendary Notes: The Select Machine Gun and Reilly's Rangers armor are added to the random Legendary roll.


All Craftable items are available at the Chemistry Bench under XANDER'S AID and marked as such below.

Select Machine Gun: Craftable. Complete the quest Key to Cube.
CP-37 Plasma Rifle (vanilla model, retextured): Craftable ammo. Inside Guns Guns Guns in Father's City.
Tachyon Boosted Hunting Rifle (vanilla model): Complete the quest Worth the Trouble.
Firelance (vanilla model, retextured): Craftable ammo. Complete the quest Three For All.
Damaged Alien Blaster (vanilla model): On various aliens during Three for All.
Primordial NG-2 Minigun (vanilla model, retextured): Craftable ammo. Inside the Military Bunker at the North. A Mr Gusty is guarding a manhole by the shacks.
Double-Ammo-Barrel Shotgun (vanilla model): On the Eastern bridge, in the Raider camp. In between the starter bunker and Hasselaar Ruins.
Nuka-Constant Grenade (vanilla model, retextured): Craftable. Complete the quest The Synthetic Section.


Reilly's Rangers armor parts. These are retextured Combat Armor pieces.

Youtube walkthrough, timestamps in description
Helmet: In a basement at a ruined house across the northern bridge near the starter bunker.
Left Arm: Upstairs in one of the south west houses in Residential Housing.
Right Arm: On a shelf, right in front of the Three For All cave, directly north of the starter bunker.
Chest Piece: On a shelf inside Corkey's Tree Interior, the south island mass.
Left Leg: On a cabinet at a warehouse at the north east corner of the map.
Right Leg: Inside the OWR radio station, on a shelf in front of a tack board.
Vault 141 vault suit: Throughout Vault 141.


Youtube walkthrough, timestamps in description
Strength: In one of the wrecked houses, see video. Hard to explain.
Perception: In the office at Military Base Tango above Residential Housing.
Endurance: In the shack at Goodland Island.
Charisma: Inside the locked room at WAFC-357 Power Station.
Intelligence: Inside the Vault Storage room, upper floor.
Agility: At Liberty Pass on the central mountain, hanging out at the edge of some pieces of wood.
Luck: On a shelf inside Corkey's Tree Interior, the south island mass.


Youtube walkthrough, timestamps in description
Holotape 1: Inside the garage area of the very first bunker interior at the start of the mod.
Holotape 2: On top of the first terminal in Vault 141 entrance.
Holotape 3: On the Overseer's Desk in Vault 141.
Holotape 4: In the bunker right as you enter the Biocube for the first time, on the desk by the front door.
Holotape 5: Directly north of the last one, inside a capsule at the raider camp.
Holotape 6: Directly north of the last one, on a table at the cave entrance.
Holotape 7: In the shack at Goodland Island, on the kitchen table.
Holotape 8: In the most south west house in Father's City.
Holotape 9: Inside the Bio Stabilizer at the top of the Central Mountain, sitting next to a standing terminal.
Holotape 10: In one of the houses to the west of the School.

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