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  1. Hey there I'm soldierofwar, I have noticed that in vanilla large buildings seem to load their high detail model from further away than the standard 5 cell grid. Is there a way to enable this for newly added structures? I'm working on a city mod and this would be an amazing option to have. To clarify, I'm not talking about generating lod or enabling isFullLod here. I want the high detail model to load at least a cell earlier for the new structures I have added with my mod. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you so much! So disabling 'build atlas' would remove all issues with only including the btt files for the edited cells? I also asume I won't have to include the texture files then? Edit: I'm sorry I ment the bto files.
  3. Hey there, I am the mod author of a few city mods (the great city of x series). I'd like to generate and include object lod for my mods. Now I've been playing around with SSELodGen. I've tried removing all the btt files except for the cells I edited. It seemed to be working, but I eventually found graphical glitches along the north coast of Skyrim. Is there a way to include the lod of only certain cells or do I have to include all the btt(and the texture) files to make a working lod? Am I maybe missing some files? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. So I have a few mods out now and I'd like to make some compatibility patches, but also a merged version of my main mods. What do I need to do to make those compatibility patches work for the merged mod? Would I only have to change the name of the files they're referencing to the name of the new merged mod? Where would I do this? Is there also something I need to know about these patches for making them work with SE and LE? Thanks
  5. Navmesh had always been bugged. You should do it manually.
  6. Hi guys, So I have been doing some terraforming next to the college of Winterhold for my mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62289/?. Now this has obviously caused some trouble with the world LOD. I don't have any experiences with LOD and the landscape tool at all so I tried to look up some guides. Now the problem is that all these guides are for new world spaces while I edited an already exsisting world space. Can anyone please help me? -Jordy
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