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  1. Yep, I've heard lots of bad things about autosave already. Next time I install the game I'll be leaving autosave firmly switched off.
  2. Strange, I don't recall fights in the commons before, though I admit I don't actually visit the place that often, especially at high levels.
  3. Which version of notepad++ are you using? I couldn't get Cipscis' highlighter to work initially because it won't work on the installer version of the program. You need to grab the standalone version. Whether that has anything to do with it not working on Win7 though... no idea I'm afraid.
  4. I have to my own support to this question actually, if you're showing something off it should be in the best conditions possible ;p
  5. That's pretty nifty :) *starts thinking of ways to use the script...*
  6. Uninstall the game, this will leave all your custom settings intact (including your saves) as well as any mods you've installed. Now just cut the entire fallout 3 folder and paste it to the root of the drive (C:\Fallout 3 is a good bet), then just install the game again, but choose the custom option and select C:\Fallout 3 as the install directory; the game will install into that directory and leave all your custom mod content intact, and your saves will all still be there too (as the game doesn't delete your saves unless you tell it to, and they're stored in My Games in the My Documents folder, not the main game folder).
  7. Here you go: http://www.finhosting.fi/~fallout/cgi-bin/...B.pl?board=ar13 Tutorials are stickied at the top. As for your inventory thing, yeah it's possible, not too difficult either. Basically you'd just use YournpcREF.enqip/remove/add/equip to remove and add the different items and have them equipped. Best thing I can suggest is you go and download the Jessi companion from the Nexus downloads section, she does what you're after via menus where you can decide what to have her wear, just open up the .esps and have a look through her dialogue options for ideas how to do it. Automatically switching clothes at set points like entering water shouldn't be too difficult either, but if you get stuck just post here (Cipscis' thread would be a good place for quick scripting questions) and someone will probably be able to give you some pointers.
  8. On your second point, see my sig ;) Baelkin - uh, yes it does have auto-save.
  9. Another mod. More than likely Greener World.
  10. This sounds pretty awesome. Only thing I don't much like is the lighting in the arena itself though, it looks bland and flat. I guess that's so you can see properly but I'd take a little bit of ambience and a slightly harder time seeing my enemy than a washed out overbright scheme like this. Otherwise though, looking great, can't wait to try it out :D
  11. Ah, ok then, guess I'll go grab it from the nexus then :)
  12. Can you send the fix to me as well please? Been kinda busy last few days (job interviews and such) so haven't had a chance to play. Got some time this next week though so I'm going to get a bit of time in on the game after I'm done rebuilding my pc (cleaning, soundproofing, fun heh) and reinstalling windows. Cheers :)
  13. Sure, send it on over :) I haven't been playing much recently, this'll be a good excuse to open the game again.
  14. Yep, both also good ideas. I really need to get round to fixing those broken levels myself sometime actually.
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