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  1. Is the update breaking the game for a lot of people? Doesn't seem there are lots of people posting about it on the web. A few posts here and there and on reddit.
  2. Funny lol. I started Fallout 4 two days ago after not being on for 2ish months. I was surprised there wasn't an update. But of course, there was an update recently.. which broke my game. Game crashes within 0-3minutes after loading a save (tried multiple saves). I got the latest f4se and updated my showlooksmenu mod and other mods dependent on f4se. I didn't install any new mods after the update. Not sure how to fix this.. I am not sure if bethesda is going to release an update any time soon to fix this or i gotta wait till someone make an unofficial fix for this. Either way it kinda sucks since I am in the middle of making a video. I read that people are rolling back their game and what not, but I also read its not a good idea and might f*#@ up the game even more in the future X_X.
  3. Are you "s666" on loverslab? lol salt666 and s666.
  4. Uploading a video or image onto nexus or mod page, does it have to be set to adult if I use mosaic censor or blur on an NPC/player that is nude.
  5. Hey hey :P I wanted to ask. Nudity is not okay, but a regular bikini (panty + bra) is okay right? But what if its nude but its mosaic/blur censored? Does it still count as nudity where images and videos have to be set to adult?? Technically... the blur covers up more than the bikini a lot of times lol.
  6. I CTD usually right after I load a game or a few seconds after I load in. INterestingly enough there is this huge blob of grey/brown thing in my sanctuary. Its kinda like stretched out. Similar to how HDT objects gets bugged out and stretched. This is annoying because I am trying to release my mod review but i need to do thumbnail
  7. Awww most unfortunate lol. So I guess I have to make another account or start to delete :<
  8. Hello Hello. So I have Premium account, I got it just for the increase message inbox capacity. I am almost maxed at 498 and I deleted messages I have sent that I have not gotten a reply. Is it possible to purchase more inbox space? I am willing to pay another premium cost on top of my current premium account to get another 500 inbox space for a total of 1000. :P I like to keep all my messages as a record from all the mod authors I have talked with. This may probably be an odd request and question. Just as a mod reviewer, it is imperative that I keep track who I have talked to and which mod authors are cool.
  9. Hey hey. Vatiwah here and I wanted to ask if anyone know what could be the problem with using an ENB and a video/screen recorder. So when I have an ENB installed (even if its just the files from ENBdev), it would crash my game when I turn on my recorder for fallout 4. So I use OBS to record my mod reviews and when I activate the recording, my fallout 4 crashes to desk top. OBS seems to work for Skyrim with ENB though. ------------------------------- Dxtroy doesnt work. I used to use Dxtory a long time ago but I stopped when it crashes skyrim to desktop when skyrim had an ENB. I havn't used Dxtory for over a year. I hear it still has issues with ENB for other games. FRAPS, I cannot use because I record at 1080p at 60fps... It would literally take up 400GB of space with all the clips I record for 1 episode. Shadowplay I cannot use because it utilizes variable framerate. This means it desyncs video/audio in various parts of the video and desyncs are not consistent throughout the vid. The fix would be to put shadowplay footage through handbrake, but that just takes a load of time. ------------------------------------ So I wanted to ask if anyone is recording Fallout4 with OBS? Or am I the only one with this issue? lol. Or anyone know of fixes? Or... I might have to wait until fallout 4 ENBdev comes up with a version that doesn't crash my OBS. -sigh-, which kinda puts me in a spot. I kinda want to use ENB because for the most part I want the depth of field. Looks better when showcasing some things like armor.
  10. I strongly suspect its one of both of these as the culprit. I have been streaming it on youtube for 8 hours. I did clean install 3 times. deactivated and reactivated the mods 4 times. I was not able to pinpoint exactly which mod was causing the issue. I install 5-10 mods, then load the same save 3 times in a row to see if it crashes once out of the three. The issue is, each time it occurs, its with a different mod. I suspect its the nexus mod manager AND mods that uses a launcher menu upon installation. I think its because it is mod launcher/NMM related because it seems to occur more likely on mods that uses an installer launcher. I will most likely go and try mod organizer later on =\...
  11. Hey hey. Vatiwah here, your favorite skyrim mod reviewer. I have an issue with my skyrim stability. I would load up a save. It would load the save fine. Then I quit the game. Load the same save again, and it crashes right when its about to finish loading the save. Then I would load the same save file again and it would load fine. Then I quit the game. And I repeat the process. So it works, not work, works, not work, works, not work. Anyone have any ideas? Doesn't seem like a mod issue because if it is a mod issue, why would it work and not work. Most mod issues I had before, it usually crashes right when you start up skyrim before you even make it to the main menu. I have a 124 active plugins.
  12. Awww man T_T... that sucks lol. I am at 90% capacity. I was gonna get premium if it increased to 1000 or something haha
  13. Hey hey. I am Vatiwah and I have a supporter account and it gives the ability to hold 500 messages. How many total messages would a Premium account hold? Thanks :p.. I just like to keep a record of which mod authors I've talked to and about what. Hehe.
  14. I wanted to use Mod Organizer before, but I have this same issue a while ago.
  15. Try uninstalling climate mod and see what happens :p...
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