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  1. Hello I have gone through the DLC to the very end, by end I mean I choose to kill the white legs, and am to the point where you meet Joshua and kill Salt in Wounds. My issue is that when I enter the area where Joshua has a gun on the 2 white legs and Salt in Wounds, and you are supposed to kill them. Well Joshua just stands there and I cant do anything. After doing some research on wiki sites, I found out that when he leaves you to find a way around the rock fall, he gives you all his ammo, causing this problem. What I need is the Quest Stage for after you kill Salt in Wounds (I think this is the very end on the DLC
  2. I am sure there are a few Professional Data Base people that visit Nexus quite often, They might not know there is a problem with the Data Base though. I know a couple (one is my Brother) I will see if they can offer any help for free :biggrin:
  3. ♫ 。*H*A*P*P*Y* 。 *N*E*W* 。 *Y*E*A*R* 。♫
  4. @nakakita thank you sooooo much
  5. It looks like the Boss mod is locked by request :ohmy: , does anyone know what happened? BOSS Mod oops sorry forgot to say the comments page and no downloads, also if you click on their link on the description page it is locked as well
  6. lol my first view of it was impressive, the second I started paying attn to the landscape, and it looks like Morrowind, and Skyrim combined. The giant mushrooms from Morrowind and the huts from placed like Ald Ruhn(? did I get the name right?) Didn't see anything that reminded me of Solstheim
  7. nope, didn't hurt my feelings, in anyway, I just didn't get the feeling that you knew anything about the amount of work that was put into the mod.
  8. You more than likely have never played Vilja for Oblivion either. Vilja for Oblivion has more lines of Voice than all of Oblivion put together does. Vilja in Skyrim has over 4000 lines of voice, over 6 months in the making, and totally interactive companion, not just a companion who will walk/run behind you, getting you a bounty and stealing your kills. Vilja has her own voiced quest for you to do, has dialog with the companion guild people and other vanilla companions, will say things while you are traveling that will make you laugh, give her a drink in an inn and have some clean fun. Vilja's voice is all Emma, Emma spent all the hours, days, months reading every line of voice and this is all for a comnpanion mod, not some large quest mod. I do not have a problem pandering votes for FOTM for a mod that truely deserves it, I would love to see Vilja have the most votes for FOTM of any mod in history
  9. yes I have been playing the game with Vilja, going through Vilja's quest and the main quest with her at the same time
  10. Vilja in Oblivion was the best companion hands down for Oblivion Now Emma and the Vilja Team have done it in Skyrim. Vilja in Skyrim is by far the best companion mod ever made, I feel better than Oblivion. They have outdone themselves. Now everybody vote for Vilja for FOTM Vilja in Skyrim As we don't allow solicitation for votes, endorsements or donations for mods on this site, this thread is locked, and you are receiving a strike. -DrGrimm
  11. Confirmed twice, just went offline and it works fine
  12. But that's exploiting a glitch. :armscrossed: I mean sure, if you wanna cheat yourself, but I'd feel kinda slimy doing it. (DreamKingMods already said what I would have said, so I'm just replying to this bit.) Is it exploiting a glitch? when it first started happening, I hit him once and nothing happened, so i waited. After about 10 minutes I talked to him and he said go ahead and hit me, so I hit him again, then waited. this went on for the next 30 minutes with me waiting, click on Vilkas and he says "go ahead take a swing". Eventually he says "not bad" but untill that he will always say "take a swing". the next character I took I just started swinging full power hits over and over, 3 minutes later he said, "not bad". it seems to be tied to how many times you hit him, so do i really have a choice? Also when you have hit him enough the game forces you out of combat, so I say hit him untill you are forced out of combat. Just so you know it didn't happen after I downloaded a mod, actually i haden't downloaded any mods in a couple of months and it started, and it happens on every character, but doesn't break anything, so to me it is not a big deal
  13. I have the same issue. I suggest you take advantage of it, keep hitting him untill he says "not bad", on one character I have raised my weapon skill 5 points "training" with Vilkas. The other companions will continue to say "That was a good one" etc. Vilkas will continue to have his massive auto heal, you will get no bounty. it is a win win situation. Besides, Vilkas is taking you outside for training, correct? so why not train :teehee:
  14. Funny I actually was not a big fan of Shivering Isles the Tin Foil guys The Ghosts that you couldn't hit (untill you finally figured it out :wallbash: ) the sword that kept changing at the wrong time :tongue:
  15. ok putting math aside and spamming aside Here are some cold hard facts in Morrowind you had Major amd Minor skills Both could be increased, but the major increased faster all skills were seperate so you could raise each one individually by use or training so every weapon or magic school you used increased as you used it in Skyrim you have weapons grouped if you use a sword and max it out, all the perks and 100 skill (or if you have a capper, then higher), now switch to a mace and no matter how much you use your mace, your skill will not improve so you can put perks into it. You can use a magic school, raise it and put those perks into your mace, but not from using the Mace. The same goes for 2 handed, switch from 2H sword to 2H axe So in Skyrim you loose in the amount of weapons you can increase by using them.
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