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  1. ElevenLabs generated dialogue preview.. dagDark03FIN_dagDarkRank1_00070E88_1.mp3 dagDark03FIN_dagDark03FINContract_0004528D_1.mp3 dagDark05FIN_dagDark05FINDecline_00047302_2.mp3 dagMQ16_dagMQ16Mynisera_00026902_1.mp3 dagMQ11_dagMQ11Visions_000159D5_1.mp3 dagMQ05_DagMQ05Continue_000143C1_3.mp3 dagMQ04_dagMQ04Offer_000143BA_3.mp3
  2. In some other 'Any News' the City of Daggerfall received a nice little upgrade... New Rooftop texture Fixed Rooftop UV Maps 1 piece Tower Interiors City Street texture
  3. The MQ will almost be 1:1 identical; all dialogue is copied from the Unofficial Wiki and much of the information is sourced there. It really comes down to how good I can script
  4. Announcement The Main Quest and Dark Brotherhood are now fully voiced with ElevenLabs, The MQ portion had much of the dialogue regenerated ‘ElevenLabs has improved significantly since the last release of Daggerblivion’ for a total of 348 voice files or 3x the amount over the last release.
  5. First post updated with a new Description, got rid of outdated images and added some fun little icons, I'll add updated screenshots soon. By the way.... The Dark Brotherhood is finished except for the final quest and Any News dialogue.
  6. Daggerblivion ingredients have been changed to Misc Items: Amber Brass Copper Iron Platinum Lead Malachite Lodestone Tin Wereboar Tusk Mummy Wrappings Nymph Hair Ivory Items now categorized under POTION: Pure Water (White Potion Bottle) Rain Water (White Potion Bottle) Trolls Blood (Red Potion Bottle) Giants Blood (Red Potion Bottle) Snake Venom (Green Poison Bottle) Elixir (Default Potion) Spider Venom (Green Poison Bottle) Werewolf Blood (Red Potion Bottle) Newly added items: Big Tooth Small Tooth Gorgon Snake Jade Palm Pine Branch Red, Black, Gold, and White Poppy Twigs Orc's Blood Holy Relic (????) Already existent in Oblivion w/Shivering Isles: Daedra Heart Diamond Ectoplasm Emeralds Gold Pearl Unicorn Horn Silver Sapphire Amber Pearl Ginkgo Leaves Nectar Aloe Not included: Green Leaves Red Flowers Yellow Flowers
  7. Can I? :happy: This is my alchemy mod. The largest ingredient effect balance mod for Oblivion AFAIK. Yes you can! :laugh: I'll have to check around here a little more often :ermm: I have a "berry texture fix" so don't worry on those models :sleep:
  8. I need to recruit some ingredient experts, I have all possibly most ingredients in the files and ready to be added with proper effects... :happy:
  9. "Wake up, we're here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up." -Jiub
  10. You have reached Daggers.....
  11. I mean literally posted onto Nexus! :laugh: :geek:
  12. As the title says! Who has the most Oblivion mods on nexus? or anything else!
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