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  1. In response to post #66953656. #66956311 is also a reply to the same post. exactly!
  2. In response to post #64863726. I agree, love his mods but I think some of them crash my game. Hope he cleans them all up soon.
  3. In response to post #64866036. #64868771 is also a reply to the same post. I really hope this is true!
  4. Good read I hope to see more from Enai in the future!
  5. I'm pretty impressed hope to see good modders use this more and more especially for the new Battlefront and Dragon Age coming out.
  6. In response to post #47379835. #47381420, #47412165 are all replies on the same post. Dammit Nexus keeps hanging up on my comments causing double post, i only click once.
  7. In response to post #47379835. #47381420 is also a reply to the same post. Thanks for the suggestion Opus I'll look into it, Love your mods btw! :)
  8. In response to post #47378955. #47379635, #47380245 are all replies on the same post. NMO sounds like MMO when spoken, just saying..
  9. Name it simply The Nexus or Nexus Think about Curse and their client/brand. Short Simple and Clean.
  10. Very nice! So basically most of the hard work is done and you guys need someone to make it look pretty. I hope you guys can get a UI designer soon, I have been absolutly fiending for this mod manager to release. I was an avid mod organizer user but decided for SSE I would just wait for the new fully supported mod manager. Seems Like its still a couple of months off but its good to know progress has been great! Thank You!
  11. This is a side note question. Does 64 bit allow for expanded borders proper for a bigger skyrim land mass? With no errors or glitches?
  12. Just like the title says, whenever I download a mod I wait until the timer expires and try to come back and endorse but it says you cannot endorse a file that you didnt download. Also I tried to go to my download history and nothing shows even though it says 35 pages... Please help
  13. Lets just face it, Power Armor is a huge step up in Fallout 4 than any previous iteration. So much so that it rightfully feels like a vehicle that you get into like a tank to cause devastation. But I feel that its design in theory is dated. I have come to the realization that the power armor has huge amounts of potential. Im a big fan of weapon systems on vehicles like the rocket pods on a Apache gunship, or in tanks, or even our beloved predator. Point is, I imagine that power armor can have its own computer and weapons systems for auto targeting or at the bare minimum have dumb fire rocket pods mounted on its shoulder. The list can go on and on but I think the idea of having the power armor itself as a weapon is a facinating thing. Just like a real aircraft like an apache has a limited amount of ammo and has to fly back to base and rearm, we could bring our power armor back to base and rearm it as well because in the field we will only have a limited amount of ammo for our devastating weapons. The weapons systems can be automatic like shown in this video of mass effects destroyer class or they can be controlled by the player but I think have both options would be essential, especially if you are controlling your weapon in your hands. Bottom Line: I would love to see this added in the DLC and I think there might still be time for something like this to be included. If Bethesda puts the mechanic in, Im sure modders can take it and expand upon it.
  14. What do you mean "predator armor" variant? You mean the predator from the movies?
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