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  1. does anybody want the next fallout game to be made by obsidian? i do
  2. a mobo with a FCLGA1151 is what you need, for GPU i heard the 1060 is pretty good as for PSU i personally use a Levicom, some german brand, but coolermaster is a good choice too 8 GB of DDR4 RAM Western Digital HDD (1-4 TB) take everything with a mountain of salt since i'm pulling many of these things out of my ass
  3. i'm getting a new graphics card this june let's hope this one doesn't fry itself like the previous one
  4. TL:DR there's alot of mods some might not cause slowdowns at first but later on they do
  5. London shiv Divine blade of Kebab Removal and (not so original) the Pelmininator
  6. it's a bloody tornado over in northern serbia here i still go to school and stuff, just with a lot of dust in my face
  7. sup' just downloading and endorsing mods helps modders alot
  8. can't really recall anything that i played that came out before 2000 and i'm not reliable when it comes to game opinion since i actually enjoyed playing duke nukem forever
  9. that was way more interesting to read than i thought it would and does he seriously drink filtered sewage water or is that some bs?
  10. I'd recommend not telling us to search things up on facebook, facebook search is a mess and that's coming from someone who has furry porn as their profile picture
  11. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Going to call a friend over to play the 2 player mode with him soon
  12. http://orig02.deviantart.net/7975/f/2011/028/3/8/gopnik_by_spycrap-d388ybi.jpg
  13. From the depths build ship, put ship to fight other ship and oh s#*!, that's a submarine and you didn't prep the ship to fight submarines so you die
  14. fallout 3 runs like s#*! on any OS except vista in my experience, and it deleted itself multiple times on vista as well too bad because when it worked it was a very enjoyable game
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