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  1. While it's possible that you may find someone to make this mod for you, I do hope you realize how difficult your request is. Not so much difficult in terms of creating a character that looks like Cass in F4, but you are asking for her to be voiced. The original Cass was voiced by Rachel Roswell, a professionally paid voice actor. If you really want that, I do hope you have a lot of money to pay Rachel, if you can even get her to agree to record lines for your mod.
  2. Another wonderful interview with a fantastic mod author! Fading has added so many amazing mods and while I am really looking forward to trying his latest explosives mod, True Storms will always hold a special place in my heart and my load order. I live in a place with a lot of rain storms almost year round, and the vanilla rain in Skyrim and Fallout 4 were never as realistic as what True Storms achieves. I do have to wonder if any of the storm sounds were recorded live as opposed to being artificially created, since there are a few times when a really deep boom of thunder sounded and it actually made my cats react. Normally, even with loud in-game weather, they just ignore it completely.
  3. Another wonderful interview and with such a great mod author. Inigo is my favorite Skyrim companion (although I admit I haven't used Vilja yet, so she may be a close second). I love the layered story and the progression of getting to know Inigo in such an organic way. I am truly looking forward to v3 once it's ready.
  4. In the next week, I'll be adding the second part of my CatDeco mod series which focuses on adding many color options of pre-war furniture and decor items. The first version will include diner booths and tables, plus an assortment of retextured kitchen/dining accessories such as plates, bowls, pots and pans, etc. After that, it's back to my first CatDeco mod to see if I can finally get the first round of wallpapers added.
  5. @Vasabi90 - please read Dark0ne's comments on the thread that SMB92 linked. His statements agree with mine regarding mod copyrights, but I believe he makes it much clearer.
  6. @Vasabi90 - Please keep in mind that Greekrage's request for compensation is a totally separate matter from copyright laws and it should not be used to justify copyright infringement. Trying to get him to revoke his statement about blocking use of his mods to 'fix' what you may perceive as bad behavior on his part is also not appropriate. It is his choice, as the owner of the copyright to decide who can and cannot reproduce or host his work.
  7. Indicating the identity of the legal owner/creator of a mod does not negate the legal requirement to have their permission PRIOR to hosting that mod. I will be more specific here. Another site does have the legal right to list a mod and the author, provided that they do not actually host the file for download or link directly to the files where they are hosted here on the Nexus. Hosting the file on their own site without the mod author's specific permission is against the law.
  8. Please see the below, as we are talking about copyright, as long as the mod is made for one of the Bethesda/Zenimax games: Below is the specific section from the Zenimax Terms of Service regarding the copyright they extend to mod authors. The color added is my own, but the text is copied directly from the Terms of Service Agreement, which can be viewed in its entirety here: http://https://www.z.../legal_terms_us Zenimax's Terms of Service Agreement Section 2 - Content D. Game Mods Content also includes Game Mods. The term “Game Mod” means downloadable, user-generated Content developed or created by You or a third party using an Editor Tool (as defined below). In certain cases, as determined by ZeniMax, Game Mods may be made available to other users of a Service or a Game and in such cases, such other users may download the Game Mods from ZeniMax or third parties and use such Game Mods in connection with playing a Game or receiving a Service from ZeniMax. If You desire to develop or create one or more Game Mods, then You will be required to download from a ZeniMax website or otherwise gain access to via a ZeniMax website one or more software tools through which You may create or develop Game Mods (each such tool is an “Editor Tool”). To obtain a copy of or get access to any such Editor Tool, You will be required to agree to the terms of a separate EULA (the “Editor EULA”). If there is a conflict between the terms and conditions in any such Editor EULA and the terms and conditions in these Terms of Service, the terms in the Editor EULA will control over the conflicting terms in these Terms of Service but solely for purpose of the specific Editor Tool and not for any other purpose. Please review the terms in the Editor EULA carefully. With respect to Game Mods made available for download from a ZeniMax website or made available from a ZeniMax server, ZeniMax may, at any time and in its sole discretion, elect to remove such Game Mods from the ZeniMax website(s) or server(s) without notice to You. Each Game Mod is owned by the developer of the Game Mod, subject to the licenses granted by the developer to ZeniMax as set forth in the Editor EULA. ZeniMax may, but is not required under this Agreement to, validate, test, evaluate or pre-screen Game Mods. ZeniMax does not endorse, sponsor, guaranty or approve any Game Mods, including without limitation Game Mods available for download from a ZeniMax website. Your experience with any particular Game Mod may vary from other users’ experiences. IF YOU ELECT TO INSTALL, DOWNLOAD OR USE ANY GAME MODS, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. EXCEPT AS PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW AND SUBJECT TO THE STATUTORY OBLIGATIONS (AS DEFINED IN SECTION 1), ZeniMax reserves the right (but has no obligation except as required by law) to OFFER, make available, REVIEW, remove, block, edit, move or disable GAME MODs for any reason, with or without notice, and HAS no liability of any kind WITH RESPECT TO GAME MODs, including WITHOUT LIMITATION when ZeniMax determines that a GAME MOD violates THESE TERMS OF SERVICE, the EDITOR EULA. The decision to remove a GAME MOD at any time is in ZeniMax's sole and final discretion. To the maximum extent permitted by law, ZeniMax does not assume any responsibility or liability for GAME MODs or for the removal of any GAME MODs FOR any failure to or delay in removing, any GAME MOD. Section 17 - Intellectual Property Infringement ZeniMax respects the intellectual property rights of others, and requires that those who use its Services do the same. ZeniMax will terminate the Account of any user who is responsible for any or repeated acts of intellectual property infringement. You may not, and by using the Services You agree not to, use the Services to transmit material: (i) that is copyrighted, unless You are the copyright owner or have obtained the permission of the copyright owner to transmit it; (ii) that reveals trade secrets, unless You own them or have the permission of the owner to so transmit them; or (iii) that infringes on any Intellectual Property Rights, as defined below, of others or violates the privacy or rights of publicity of others. For purposes of these Terms of Service, the term "Intellectual Property Rights" means, collectively, rights under patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret laws, and any other intellectual property or proprietary rights recognized in any country or jurisdiction worldwide, including, without limitation, moral rights and similar rights. (Below that Zenimax provides the address and documentation requirements to submit a DMCA notice).
  9. Если речь пошла об уважении, то я могу Вам сказать, что очень многие авторы пишут в своих работах:"Пожалуйста отнеситесь с уважением к моему труду и спросите у меня разрешения на изменение и использование контента". То есть речь идёт не об авторском праве, а об отношениях между пользователями. Если я совершила ошибку и сделала что-то не так, то я, как нормальный человек извинюсь и постараюсь исправить эту ошибку. Но в ответ я ожидаю встречной нормальной реакции, а не требования некой суммы! Вот это и называется "уважение"!!! Translation: If we are talking about respect, I can tell you that very many authors write in their papers: "Please treat with respect to my work and ask me for permission to change the use and content." That is, we are not talking about copyright, and about the relationship between users. If I made a mistake and do something wrong, then I, as a normal human being apologize and try to correct this error. But in response I would expect a normal reaction of the counter, rather than the requirements of a certain amount! This is called "respect" !!! I apologize if you took my responses as disrespectful or personally directed at you, it was not intended that way. My intention was to be clear about the legal side of this discussion, which has come up several times in the past. The more people are told the wrong information regarding mod copyrights for Bethesda games, the more issues it will cause in the future.
  10. All true, but You deftly silent about the fact that their copyright is still necessary to join, by submitting a request. The fact that someone put his name under a certain title does not mean that he became full owner of valuable rights to it. And Your comparison with shop in this case is not correct - the store is initially created for the SALE of goods here, all content is free and the "resolution" didn't just appear. If the author does not consider it necessary either to specify to him, that he was not against the distribution and use of your content! In any case we are arguing now is not about that! The problem is that the author tried to extort money from the administration of the site, and when this had not happened just inflated hype because of his laziness, greed and incompetence, trying to present himself as the victim! Everything is quite simple!!! First, copyright is inherent. The owner of that copyright is not required to ever post any notice stating that they ban others from using their copyrighted material, because the right to allow or disallow others from using their work is always their choice, as is the right to change their mind at a later date and revoke any permission previously given. If someone else wants to use copyrighted material, they MUST have permission from the copyright owner. Either in the form of a blanket statement that 'anyone' can use the material as they see fit, or by contacting the owner and getting explicit permission. Please review copyright laws before making false statements such as you have been making here. Second, this forum thread is about the theft of mods, i.e. mods being posted on another site that is making money via advertising off that stolen material without the permission (or likely the knowledge) of the original mod authors/copyright owners. If you believe that Greekrage's actions were a violation of the Nexus Terms of Service, then please discuss that with a moderator. Trying to justify theft with the excuse that the person who was stolen from is a "bad person" is not acceptable. Ever.
  11. Wrong again. The law does not allow others to take what does not belong to them just because the owner didn't state that such theft could not be done. That would be like stating that someone can walk into a store and take whatever they want just because there is no sign at the front stating that you can't take things from the store without paying. The law states that you are not allowed to use copyrighted material without the express permission of the copyright owner. LACK OF PERMISSION IS NOT PERMISSION.
  12. Wrong. Copyright is inherent to the copyright owner at the moment of creation. Lack of a statement granting permission is NOT the same as granting permission.
  13. Please note that Bethesda gives Mod Authors full copyright on their mod, with Bethesda getting a limited license for use if they chose to exercise it. If a mod author states in their permissions section or in the description tab that anyone is free to reupload their mod to another site, then it would not be stealing. However, as Greekrage pointed out, if the mod author does not state either way that others can use their work, then anyone wanting to do so must get their clear permission. Otherwise, per international copyright laws, use of another's copyrighted material without permission is stealing.
  14. In response to post #47160845. #47161255, #47166660, #47168055, #47171165 are all replies on the same post. @Blindjudge - Another great collection of useful mods, some of which I had not seen before. Thanks to the staff for sharing. @Greekrage - I didn't submit your mod, but I was very happy to see it included here. All of your rebuilt settlement mods are outstanding. Kudos!
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