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  1. Hi and thank you for your reply. I'll definely be keeping track of this mod. By the way, i liked that you kept Ribsmasher in the mod. It was fun defeating Zehir with that guy. I wonder if Zehir is a cannon God or if he was made up for the game.
  2. Just wanna add an information you get regarding Koroboros(unless i'm mixing things up with another outsider from the lower planes). The 2 devils in the Thay academy, tells that Koroboros was reduced to a larvae(or something like that) due to his latest failures(probably his defeat by the hands of Ammon Jerro). Since the Kara-Tur foregneir from BG1 was tied into this campaign, i was wondering if is there a plan to add more content from Baldurs Gate. Like could perhaps the player seek out the help of a new Deity to help his problems? If you assume the ending where Gorion's Ward assumes divinity, whether as new Lord of Murder or as a New Good Deity; Gorion's Ward could make an appearance in the game. I think he would be eager to show his worthness, and amass followers, since Ao's decree forces him to acquire and grow his follower's base. But there is a problem in this assumption: I saw somewhere that new deitys must work as "secretary" for a Greater Deity, for 200 years, before being accepted into the big boys club. I think before that happens you are just a Demigod, or something like that. The guys at Candlekeep forum will definitely have more information about it. Anyway i just thought this would be a nice way to bring Gorion's ward into this history.
  3. By the way, will this project have slimes and jellys? I looked around and there doesn't seem to be any around in the mod community. Perhaps the ones from nwn1 could be transported into nwn2, by using one of the 3D tools out there, and also giving it a better look to fit nwn2 graphics.
  4. Not sure if you guys still taking suggestions... but 'Nightsinger's Bane' looks good. If Shar had absorbed Sharess, i think Whipsinger's Bane, would have been better. :devil: Lol sorry for that lame joke.
  5. Indeed it does get a bit hazy - largely because the player can impact so many possible outcomes with their decisions. We have taken apart the Jerro conversation to see every possible response, combined the information gleaned there with what we know from SoZ and then cross referenced that with information on the Forgotten Realms Wiki and the NWN2 Wiki, pluse a couple of play-throughs of the OC, with special emphasis placed on plot and elements. - If Neeshka liked the Knight captain enough to resist Garious, she survives in every permutation of the plot. - Ammon Jerro always pursues the gargoyles and gets beaten by the red wizards. - Bishop always dies and ends up send to the wall of the faithless. - Khelgar always lives, gets duped by the gargoyles and ends up as substitute Knight captain. - Sand turns into an iron golem and lives if he had better faction with the KC than Quorra. - No matter what Quorra gets her head smashed by two-tons of granite. - Grobnar dies no matter what. If you had high faction, he dies trying to shield the construct with his body. - Elanee pushes the KC out of the way of a rock wall and dies in his place. - Casavir has his back snapped holding open a portal, but SoZ reveals he survived and was captured by Luskan. - Zaheave vanished in the chaos, but given her innate ability to plane-shift at will - notice how she has no CK hangout? - her death is unlikely in the extreme. - The construct is presumably smashed - by the party of Bishop took it over, or by falling debris if Grobnar is allowed to give it free will. However, if Sand could survive the rocks by turning into an iron golem, then it's reasonable to assume the Construct "survived" as well - perhaps damaged, but salvageable if one were perhaps a skilled enough Red Wizard Transmuter... The Knight Captain is continually being drawn into plots and intrigues by outside forces. The Cursed Domino Mask from Mysteries of Westgate was "seeking" someone to right a great wrong. His running across it was almost preordained. "It was in the depths of some unnamed dungeon that you found the mask... Something abut it demanded your attention. Only after you attempted to rid yourself of it did you discover the mask refused to be discarded...." It was a loooong way home from Thay. Given the way adventure and tumult are attracted to him/her, it is quite believable to see the Knight Captain embroiled in plots the entire way back. The mask would have been drawn to him/her like a magnet, and the region was on his direct path home. Perhaps, on his voyage across the Sea of Fallen Stars, the Knight Captain's ship put ashore one of the many islands to resupply, and they discovered the mask there. Finding him/herself under a progressively worsening curse, the KC sought out sages and powerful magic users, to little avail. He has no choice but to follow the Mask's compulsion, and end it's curse in Westgate... hastily the Knight Captain gathers what allies he can... even if that means recruiting a former Night Mask Assassin, a drunk Fallen Paladin and an obnoxiously belligerent Cleric of Tyr,,,, :laugh: Thank you for all the info. Sorry for the long delay. I would like to say that this project looks really promising. I wish I knew how to use those 3D tools, that way i could help a bit by adding unique faces for all those 40+ new characters, hehe. But the reason for it isn't completely selfless act, see, i'm currently playing Baldurs Gate Reloaded(still in the beggining part of chapter 3), and i had the displeasure of encountering at least 2 npcs with the same face as mine. :sad:
  6. By the way, i found this mod in nwnvault which has some cool armors that would fit with the the dark elves from bg 2, i think.
  7. They could but I believe they have an Irenicus head already. Also the creators of that mod would need to release their assets. It seems they abandoned the project.
  8. Hi, i took a look on all the pics in this thread and made me really excited for the this mod. I wish i could help with something, but i don't know coding or 3D artistry. My knowledge resumes into adding my own custom made weapons and armors into the game(usually overpowered godlike items :D ). I'm currently playing BGR, and the amount of bugs made me wish i knew coding, so i could fix them myself and help that mod get to the level of a finished expansion. I'll probably compile a list of bugs i see, that way it will be easier to keep track of them. By the way any chance you guys could use this Irenicus model into your mod: https://youtu.be/DhL8iKN3rVA?t=68
  9. By the way, did you add MoW into your module? Seem a bit of a stretching i think, how after what happened in MotB you would stop to make a little dungeon pillage before going back to Crossroad Keep. But the idea of losing exp and therefore levels for restoring Akachi is gold. Which makes even more sense when considering what Kelemvor said.
  10. There is a bit of confusion concerning the party members fate. The original campaign says they all died or most of them. But when you talk with Ammon Jerro in MotB, he tells a different story, i think. Neeshka lives, if she resists black garius. At least that is what i remember from Ammon Jerro's conversation. She had quick reflexes and escaped the falling rocks easily, or something like that.
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