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  1. Using steam deck on the go. using jvc headphones. Best sound i heard in awhile when it comes to a portable device like the steam deck woo.
  2. Steam Deck runs faster on windows then Steam OS for some reason.
  3. Well steam deck is getting a windows upgrade from the limited Steam OS. Its really easy to do and has Windows 11 support to.
  4. On my steam deck yay, winning on the go..
  5. Gran Turismo is taking up 70% of my winning life.
  6. Hey Witcher 3 looks absolutely stunning on the ps5, 60fps and then some with ray tracing off. Next gen upgrade.
  7. Just chilling, listening to spotify on my ps5 while typing this down. Well i also went wireless but no lagg or hiccups at all. 60mps down. 60mps up. I was surprised though, seems like driving a sports care with wireless lol.
  8. psn is acting up today, makes me wonder whats going on. https://downdetector.ca/status/playstation-network/
  9. Victory is mine, downloading mods to yay. Unlimited gigabytes baby.
  10. Hmm i love where we live, lol YES unlimited all the way. Every Canadian isp does it. even some cellular stores do it to.
  11. I'm playing fallout 4 after the big update broke many mods, but hey things will update for the update soon. Just like Skyrim always waiting.
  12. Welcome to the ancient overhauled Nexus, while so they say started with mages of the nexus. It all make sense now.
  13. I;m back online with fibre, not updated to 1.50ghz yet but 64mb's is good enough for now, Just imagine 60mb's upload though
  14. Try using cat6 Ethernet cable, I used to be in the same state as you. In a suburb location with crap internet speed. Heck 50mb's is good for now. Back then i only had 700mhz speeds, just below a 1mb's speed. Or this, heck switching might be a good idea. some day. https://www.virginplus.ca/en/internet/index.html?province=ON&geoResult=failed Bell sort of failed me.
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