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  1. Wondering if we can get CBBE for Starfield
  2. In response to post #48072705. #48103025 is also a reply to the same post. NO I NEED MY MAAAAADS http://i.imgur.com/U31kZ3T.png
  3. Well I'm working on a total conversion mod for fo3 with some others. We don't have anything at the moment that needs voice acting, but we might in the future
  4. AHHHHH MY EYES!!!!!
  5. I'm guessing it's the ALPHA layer, which dictates what is transparent. Try using Intel Texture Works, or edit dds files in PNG or another image format then save-as DDS
  6. yeah printerkop was fed up of people being seriously hurtful to him, since he's been very ill for a long time, but people were going "oh your lying, your just a lazy f*#@". he said I could pick it back up, I probably should but I just have been doing other things.
  7. update your drivers and delete your inis, that should fix it, otherwise reinstall the game
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