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  1. I'm not letting it off the hook, and it absolutely is bait if they're doing it specifically to rile up the community whether or not they actually believe what they're saying. The best way to deal with it is to quietly report and not raise a huge public stink because, again, that's what they want. They're getting more eyes on them from it. The second best way is to make something positive in retaliation, e.g. the "only gay marriage" mods popping up and such. Long paragraphs about your anger and disappointment are just going to make these assholes laugh. They're trying to piss people off, and it's clearly working.
  2. They're pretty obvious bait and the authors are probably laughing at the reactions they're getting.
  3. While not opposed to the idea of a site redesign, this one is jumbled and confusing. I think you need to go back to the drawing board.
  4. I tried renaming both the locomotion folder, and the _male folder. While the animations were effected, it didn't fix the bug. Strangely, it only seems to apply to the player character. The NPCs seem fine. I didn't see anything in the mods which effected the animation folders. I also tried deactivating every .esp besides the main game and the DLCs, then started a new game. No change. EDIT: GOOD NEWS. It was the changes to fallout.ini/falloutprefs.ini XRE made that seems to have caused the issue. I forgot the mod forces changes to the .ini files when you install it. Herpaderp. I deleted those two files, let the fallout launcher recompile them and now my animation is fine. I'll try putting the .XRE changes in manually and see if it works out better. If not then... well, I'm going to have to live without it. :p
  5. I used NMM, but clearly something doofed up. Can you tell which animation in particular needs to be put back in?
  6. Okay so, I've been having this weird bug since earlier today that I can't for the life of me figure out. It's happened since I installed the XRE Vertibird and Vertibird Interior mods, but uninstalling them didn't fix the issue. It seems that when I move from one room to another, whatever animation was playing on my PC gets bugged out, and all of the following animations, turning, walking, etc, start with my character trying to pull off the glitched animation for a single frame before snapping to the proper one. I made a short video of it, after having exited the Nash residence while running to the side. Did an animation file get corrupted while I was installing the Vertibird mod or something? I thought maybe something in the save got janked, but it does the same in other saves too. ...Ignore the truck. >_>
  7. Make sure you don't have any "third-party" mods running that are dependent on PNV.
  8. Well, I don't imagine it would use any animations that are already outside of the game. The ones I was talking about were the vanilla "mounted on horse" combat animations. It would look rough, yeah, (and the animation itself wouldn't be hitting the dragon,) but it wouldn't be as buggy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEyDz38yGYI My understanding is that in the game, the same "mounted" animation is used for dragons. The melee moves are just locked from player use. For my idea: when you'd swing your sword/mace/whatever, you'd take off a bit of the draggy's health until it dies or is forced to drop to the ground. And if you get thrown off, you guy just sort of drops off of the dragon. When you kill the dragon, it either lands and then dies, or does that death-slide you occasionally see if you do enough damage with enough speed.
  9. So I was thinking about a mechanic that maaaaybe could be worked in to Skyrim using Dragonborn's dragon mount animations. A more "dynamic" battle mechanic with dragons. The ability to jump on them when they're stunned or staggering, and hang on to them when they take off in to the air. Something like Shadow of the Colossus, where you have to balance hanging on for dear life with stabbing them (or I guess slicing at them, since the character's mount animations don't include "stab what I'm riding") until they be dead. Do you guys think something like that would be possible?
  10. Yes, but mods like Falskaar and such use .bik cutscenes.
  11. Hey there. I'm having a problem that doesn't come up much, but is rather frustrating when it does. Whenever skyrim plays a .bik video, the window locks up as "not responding" until the video is over. The audio continues to play as this goes on, and as soon as the video would have finished, the window starts responding again.
  12. Welp, you know how it is with Bethesda games. We just had to see what was under the Knights of Order's crystal armor in Shivering Isles. What was behind Ulysses' weird gas mask thing in New Vegas. Now thanks to a little console code magic, I present to you, the face of the great and mighty first Dragonborn: Miraak.
  13. The graphics issue is fixed now. I downloaded a copy of the shaders from here: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/20348 and tested the game. Works fine now, at least from what I can see.
  14. That was it. I downloaded the official oblivion shaders from the nexus and installed them, and it's working. Thanks for your help, without that post I wouldn't have stumbled upon the problem. I know exactly when this happened too. I had installed some shaders that borked up the game (rendered fine but crashed when using spells) so I deleted the shaders folder, thinking that like with everything else the shaders are in a BSA. God, it's going to be nice to play this game again. ... Crap, I need to reinstall all of my mods now. ^^;
  15. It's set to 0. I'm going to see if anything at all changes when I set it to 1. EDIT: Nope, nothing. EDITED EDIT: Wait. My shaders folder is missing. Could that be the cause?
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