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  1. It actually works fine for me and I never had a crash. Instructions from my GUIDE: 62. Ultimate HD Fire Effects [OLDRIM!] (choose Medium or Ultra resolution according to your GPU VRAM size) 63. Embers HD [OLDRIM!] Install the following files: - Embers HD 2048 - Forges Addon 1.123 - Ultimate Fire Effects HD Compatibility Patch
  2. Hey BountyBam!, thanks for the post. I found it out too. Now I am in search for a solution where Steam would know that I am running SSE, to see the community hub ingame. Did you come across a solution for this? Just found a solution for MO2: Instead of running Skyrim Special Edition from the MO2 exes menu, I ran "Skyrim Special Edition - Launcher" - and the Steam Overlay works!
  3. Hey BountyBam!, thanks for the post. I found it out too. Now I am in search for a solution where Steam would know that I am running SSE, to see the community hub ingame. Did you come across a solution for this?
  4. I found a "funny" workaround for the problem. When I am recording the gameplay with OBS Stufio, the card keeps 2000+ MHz and does not dip to 712 MHz...
  5. That's not a trustworthy thing to be doing. These are not issues in the save game. They're issues caused by dirty mods. Save cleaning in SSE is currently a no-go and I'd not touch any tool claiming otherwise. Poimt taken Arthmoor, thanks for the info. I cleaned my save file maybe 50-100 times with me current SSE playthrough. I will check a bit older saves, maybe this problem was a one-time issue... I will report back. But I truly had the impression save cleaning removed the flying crap. Because it wasn't there after doing the save clean.
  6. Hello everyone, I jsut installed the new shiny Aorus 1080 Ti card and all games are flying at 2.5K and 4K resolutions. Morrowind with MGE XE though is taking a huge hit every 10-30 seconds the card downclocks itself to 712MHz (in other games it runs 1986 MHz and slightly lower if the situation allows). When it does dip to 712 MHz, my FPS go down to 27-30. I know the current 1000-line Pascal NVIDIA cards use GPU Boost 3.0 that regulates the core clock, but with Morrowind/ MGE XE it does not seem to work right. I know there's gonna be more people playing one of the best games in history on new high-end Pascals. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. BTW I use MGE XE version 0.9 that came with MGSO. I will check also with the latest MGE XE.
  7. LOL - mods garbage pile in the middle of the map. As said, ReSaver cleaning options 1,2 and 5 brought the litter out of the game world. Hopefully not to Sovngarde.
  8. Got rid of it. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5031/? Use ReSaver from the package above. Configure and use FROM Mod Organizer 2 if using MO2. I started ReSaver from MO2 and used cleaning options 1,2 and 5. The floating crap is gone.
  9. I have this flying crap too :/. Interested in a solution. Will track them IDs down.
  10. To everyone. There are THREE .ini files where you will have to replace the [fontS] header section. The first one is Fallout_default.ini located in your Fallout New Vegas folder with your .exe. The other two are in your user sub-folder \Users\User Name\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV do the same thing you did with before to FALLOUT.INI and FalloutPrefs.ini Golden. Applying Kudo. Thanks a ton. After 6 years :D.
  11. Same problem here. Farengar is in his underpants. http://i.imgur.com/zanvtAL.png Any ideas?
  12. Just went into this problem after overclocking R9 390. Got the clocks back to default and problem gone. Could load save. After moving my head around blinking lights and crash.
  13. Hi, R9 390 radeon here, but on old Xeon E5450 @3.35 GHz, 8Gb DDR3 RAM. Approx 5 second freezes started after applying high settings of Tetrachromatic ENB. I have them in the grassfields around Whiterun when I wander around far. Will toggle tb in console today to make sure it happens on cell borders as I strongly suppose. All in all, my issue is similar to yours perhaps. Did you already find the culprit? I will report back once I find anything. Cheers.
  14. I have Xeon e5450 running at 3,350 GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, R9 390 with 8 GB VRAM. Still with mods (110mods) and Realvision ENB and SFO and Verdant I get 27-28 FPS sometimes. The engine cannot utilize the VRAM and I think my quad core Xeon is bottlenecking this old engine. Planning to upgrade to i5 4690k soon, will report back.
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