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  1. Recently I decided to go back to my perk overhaul mod I been putting off for a long time and after I start CK and load up my perk overhaul I click Character > Actor Values to open a perk tree. But once I open a perk tree I cannot do anything with them, i can't Right Click at all on perk or on empty space like I used to be able to do on regular basis. I start moving perks around the trees but they do not save the position I saved them in they reset back to old position. Any help with this is hugely appreciated! I'm using the 32bit CK and Skyrim game, no mods installed or any DLL files complete vanilla not even SKSE. E D I T: Seems like reinstalling Skyrim in a new install path fixed it! No idea what caused the issue to begin with but it's fixed now by installing Skyrim in different folder.
  2. For a while now I been trying to find a mod that makes third person camera make your character turn where you look with your weapons sheathed. Sadly to say such mod does not exist OR I was simply unable to find one PLEASE DO feel free to point the way if such mod exists! I think such mod would be really good for third person players like myself and others. Just a small request! Cheers and happy modding!
  3. Yes I have that fix now thanks :). But they don't respawn for me at all I have done all the possible suggestions (such as go to test room and wait for 30 days) they never came back to the roosts. =/. I have beaten all the DLCs too they still aren't coming back.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section I'm new to these forums. :) So I have this "small" problem I made myself while playing Skyrim. As I was roaming around dragon roosts in Skyrim and after killing few dragons... and every time i left a cave or town or house their corpse just fell top of me >_> really annoying thing let me tell you that. So I guess i was stupid enough to use the "Disable" command on their corpses just so i can get rid of them, but I failed to realize that it deleted them forever from the game and they aren't respawning anymore on those roosts i disabled them from. So I ask for your help on this if there is any chance on fixing this to make them respawn again... Skyrim is so lonely without them.
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