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  1. I would love this feature. We had it in Morrowind and then in Oblivion... but they did not include it in Skyrim. Yet they let you name your enchanted weapons/armors! I assume carrying the feature of naming objects over from the enchanting system shouldn't be too hard, since the potion crafting menu is almost identical to the item enchanting menu. Maybe there's even a hidden option somewhere to enable naming potions. I don't know the logistics, but I miss this feature so much. I loved becoming a good alchemist, writing down awesome ingredient combinations to make my special poisons, and naming them as such. Please someone, endeavor to do this! <3s forever. -Narmix
  2. Thanks, Mr. Dave. You continue being a help :) Well, guys, I understand the feelings everyone has. To be short, I will re-release them tomorrow in the exact same form they were in before I took them down (purely because I haven't had a chance to remake them from scratch). Regarding tomorrow's re-release: They'll be the same. I will be making new ones that I had intended to get out before Christmas. Regarding the donations I made (and gave back): It wasn't more than $100. Let alone in the thousands. Regardless, it was all given back because I was uneasy I made *any* money at all in textures that were only ~90% mine. The other 10% involved stock photographs I modified to include in my textures. I put the donations link up in desperation for the loans I had looming overhead and thought it could help out. The more I thought about it, the more I hated receiving money for anything that was only 90% my own. Regarding pulling them down: I removed them because I panicked. I agree with everyone's feelings; it was selfish. I received a bunch of small donations, really quickly, and it wasn't until I got them that I realized I couldn't accept them if the work wasn't 100% my own (90% doesn't count, for me and my conscience). I also did pull them down because I thought I wouldn't be able to support them; I recently had a lot going on due to being jobless, having recently graduated from college and especially having to find a way to make these school loan payments. Life's rough right now. I selfishly brought them down for both reasons listed: I needed an "out" button. I didn't like the fact that every single piece wasn't entirely my own, but thought I didn't have the time to rework them currently. So I wanted to hit the emergency stop button and find time later to rework and repost them. Regarding "getting in trouble": I didn't. In fact, if I would have said nothing, no one would ever have done anything. It was entirely myself. 100% entirely me and how I felt. There were no copyright issues (there couldn't be; any "stock" I use in anything is free license -- I make sure of that ahead of time). There was absolutely no copyright issues. I would prefer not to borrow anything in the future though, because I want to take 100% of the credit for things I release. I understand many modders borrow stock images (that's why stock images are made -- to save creators time) but it doesn't sit well with me. It was fine at first, because I didn't think more than 10 people would download it and I was only making them as practice since texturing is new to me. I had absolutely no idea their popularity would balloon and I would get so much praise. It started to make me feel sick (In college research, the idea of plagiarism and it's consequences can make one feel sick). While I realize that borrowing stock to use in some of my textures, completely legally, isn't plagiarism, it still personally feels gross. No matter if I credit what little I borrow, it doesn't feel right (as most people don't even bother reading the credits and direct all of the praise to me). If I'm going to receive all the praise, everything better be completely my own. So, again, I'll release the same mods tomorrow (I'm away for the holidays, but I'll make the small trip to repost them). People are sharing them anyway, and there's no reason not to just repost them and get over my uneasiness about borrowing stock photos long enough to remake them. I'm sorry for leaving a bad taste in anyone's mouth by removing them so abruptly. I really had *no* idea something as small as potion textures would be such a hit and be so missed. I realize I made these mistakes and I understand if anyone thinks badly of me now. I hope my future mods will rectify my misgivings and I want to start over. I'm going to start by remaking the textures from scratch (however, this means some textures like "Ornate" will be practically impossible to recreate due to it being a photograph of some strange glass I personally don't have on hand and I'm unsure how such a texture can be remade in photoshop). The wine mod IS my own, minus the wicker I borrowed from Mr. Dave above. I made those textures from scratch. Those will remain unchanged. I'm really happy with mine and Mr. Dave's relationship, and am comfortable using resources made by him. Maybe I'll just have to compromise with myself and my stupidly high level of conscientiousness. Maybe I'll just recreate what I can myself (which includes ceramic), and leave, as is, what I can't while just crediting the other textures to those who provided the stock I used in their creation. Regardless, starting tomorrow, everyone will have the potion and poison textures and wine textures made available to them again, and I'll try my hardest to recreate what I can myself. From there, I plan to continue what I have currently been working on: modeling. I didn't plan on disappearing forever. I planned to come back with a vengeance as a modeler for the community since the community has far less modelers but plenty of texturers. I like modeling more, anyway. I'm far better at that than texturing, I think, and I can't be tempted to borrow anything for models since resources for models don't really exist; everything made is completely my own. I can't stress enough that I brought them down because of a weird and extreme sense of conscience I have. Most (normal) people wouldn't have thought twice about using resources in their mods. That's what resources are for. For some weird reason, I just don't like getting any praise (especially the amount I got) if what I made wasn't completely made by me. Best, Narmix
  3. You sir are too humble. Although I myself am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to modeling, your meshes aren't too bad for someone who is 'not a great modeler'. In fact with about a month of practice I bet you would be better than me and my meshes and I don't sculpt - I grow the model with extrude and bend the polygons using Maya 2010. You have a talent for sculpting and I tip my hat to you for it. Aw, thanks :) Your axe has a pretty cool silhouette. With a bit more sharpening of the edges, I think that'll look really cool.
  4. Both are good ideas :) I'm not a great modeler; everything I make is just practice but it's nice to get something usable here and there.
  5. Thanks for the comment. Regarding the onimusha weapons, like I said, I was looking for suggestions for things that would belong in Skyrim (like if there was a style of weapon missing from a category, such as "oh Bethesda didn't make an Elven staff" or something like that). The falmer, though, have very organic looking weapons, so it may not be far off to make some new falmer weapons. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I'm also taking requests for weapons and such; Only things that belong in Skyrim, though. Just got a new staff mostly in order: http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/4290/snakestaff2.th.png Updated original post with this as well.
  7. Thanks :) It has a lot of work to be done, but I want to make at least a weapon a day. Or some bottles, etc. I want to build a decent pack fairly quickly. I'm looking forward to a day a big project starts in which we can import 100+ weapons (not all made by me) into the game's lootlists. ::edit:: http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/3573/outofcontrol.png http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7338/sweetaxe.png (Lower poly used on axe; Went crazy with sculptris on the left) This. Program. Is. Out. Of. Control. This is the most fun modeling I've ever had. It's like ceramics class all over again.
  8. Absolutely no problem. I can understand why things might have been a bit muddled. Don't worry about it. Just started playing with Sculptris; Don't think I'm ever going to leave the house. http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/9189/lolhwo.png Whatever this goblin head thing is, it literally took me 30 seconds to make it. I love this program. You should have seen my face the first time I just grabbed those ears and dragged them out to make them what they are... I was like a little kid on christmas. I think I made some weird sounds too. This thing looks like Dobby from Harry Potter, haha. Don't take the picture seriously, I just opened Sculptris for the first time lol. I'm purely trying to demonstrate how much faster it is to make organic things in this than in, say, Blender.
  9. Unfortunately I don't have access to Zbrush (because I can't afford to pay for anything) but I had no idea a free Zbrush called Sculptris even existed. You just made my day.
  10. If my models aren't deemed terrible, I'm considering making a model resource for the Nexus. It seems the modding community needs modelers far more than texturers right now. Anyone who knows me knows I prefer inanimate objects over living things... so I can't really help with races or animals, but mugs, plates, tables, weapons, etc. are fair game. When criticizing, be brutal. Telling me something is great when it's not doesn't do anyone any good :P Revenge of Frank the Goat ( )http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/3784/axe2.th.png If such an axe were in the game, would anyone use it (textured and normalmapped of course)? Generic Snake Staff (intended to be entirely wood with the exception of the gem in snake's mouth) Staff is carved from a branch with large knothole in it. http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/4290/snakestaff2.th.png
  11. AHHH! That might be the magnetismmultiplier part of the settings. I imagine, there's a percentage an arrow will be biased toward hitting a target based on your skill, and the higher you raise the multiplier in the ini, the more of an effect your skill will have in biasing the arrows to hit. I'm talking about arrows aiming themselves right at the target (not the getting "sucked in" thing). Hmmm... In that case it would seem that your skill is hardcoded to make arrows biased to hit targets and a couple of the lines in the ini are only there to increase how much it does. But even set to zero, your skills still apparently have a base amount that it increases the bias by. As for the arrows being sucked in when they're close, that seems to be completely eliminated by the ini tweak in the first few lines. Note if you google "skyrim magnetism" you get a lot of results (mostly gaming news sites talking about pre-release information) -- apparently the magnetism isn't just something we think we're seeing; it's real. It's supposed to be a feature. I think we're on the right track. The feature is supposed to increase your chance to hit an enemy and decrease your chance to hit an ally. It would also seem to be a multiplier for how much your skill effects the auto aim. For instance, if your bow skill is 40 and increases the bias of arrows by, guessing, 40%, then this multiplier might multiply that (if set). Like 40% *magnetismmult=.4 = 40% of 40 = 16%. Or you could cheat and increase it to like 3.0. 3 x 30% = 120% bias. Just guessing. I want to play with the settings more. I'm going to make the multiplier 10x and see if that drastically increases the magnetivity/bias of the arrows. ::edit:: Bah. Tried it with just the magnetism set to 10; nothing. Tried it then with everything set to high values, no different. Maybe it's all in my head and these really don't do anything. OR maybe they shouldn't be under actor. I don't know but this is frustrating.
  12. New promising results. Ok, so after the changes I made to the ini, arrows that would have been sucked in to their arms now brush past their arms safely. Same with legs and head. The reason I cast doubts on my results is because of moogie's conflicting results, but I figured it out. Aiming to the left or right of their head causes the arrow to get sucked in because they have hitboxes there in case they're wearing armor with pauldrons. In otherwords, the hitboxes for their shoulders are quite large. Take a look at this image: http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/8281/newbitmapimageqlx.jpg Before the changes I made, arrows falling within the orange outline were definitely getting sucked in to the target. Now, after the changes, they seem to only collide with the proper hitboxes (green). There seems to be very large shoulder hitboxes, presumably as a catch all in case the target wears heavy plate armor with pauldrons. However, shooting anywhere that is not green causes the arrow to wizz safely past. The shoulder hitbox thing would explain why when I shot in the angles I did above (sides and over head) the arrows went by fine, but when Moogie tried it (shooting to the left and right of the head) the arrows got "sucked in". This seems pretty consistent. Taking this into consideration, the values set to zero DO seem to help. Absolutely no idea about that.
  13. Alright. Like I mentioned before, auto aim definitely seems to be amplified by aggro status. Arrows tend to wizz by much more easily when the target is not aggressive. When aggressive, they seem to home in much more.
  14. I'm not sure. Let me test it again under some different conditions. ::edit:: Damn it. It seems really picky. When I aim at some areas, the arrow wizzes by, but aiming in other areas (like you did -- to the right of someone's head) the arrow definitely homes right it. What can we do?? At least we've brought this auto-aim to people's attention. I'm going to get some sleep. I hope we can figure this out.
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