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  1. And by the way, You people seems to me as a bunch of spoiled child: "wheeee wheeeee we don't have a decent modkit :( whueeeeee." Where is write the law that said that a game must have a modkit? :D Speak loud and clear, TW3 would not even need a help for a very simple reason, is a complete game, not an half abortion like skyrim AND F4, a game unforgivably lazy for lazy players, a shamefull and total lack of immagination, creativity and innovation, they have created a good mod kit only to give all the work needed for a good game at the community. Without mods Skyrim is unplayable, is booooring, childish, lame character and story, awfull design and concept, ridiculus gameplay and full of tons of bug. Fallout 4 is even worst. That's is why they spend so much for a modkit.
  2. http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/slow_clap_citizen_kane.gif
  3. When i flip normal the texture not change :look: If i change the BSligthing appears the texture of the other models. Mah...
  4. Don't works but i found something more strange. With "Face Normal" nothing change, so i try "flip normal" but the weird things is that in game absolutely nothing change. So i try a random, i change the texture of the uncover body but in game nothing appens. In the render windows of niscope and even in creation kit the texture appears differents, but in game they appears ever the same (like in the screenshot) O_o What means?
  5. Hello i have a strange issue with another new armor model. When i dress this new model with the inventory the model appears totaly black, no depth only totaly black. When i dress it with favorite menu appears normal O: Anybody know what issue is this?
  6. Hi, i been create a new armor but i have some issue with the illumination of the body under the armor itself (it's right: armor itself?) Simply the illumination and the shadow appears weird Screen http://i1351.photobucket.com/albums/p800/lucalanceri/WeirdIlluminationShadow_zps6c3458a0.jpgn Note the difference between the head and the body under the armor. I check every setting on exporting by 3d Studio Max and niftools but i not found some solutions. Anybody can help me? Very thank you for the attention. P.S. The armor is cover darkness 'cause i should see it only without problem :look:
  7. Hi, as title i have a strange problem with an armor that i have create. When i dress the armor all texture disappears and i see her ("her" is right? :look:) all black, but if i save and restart i see the armor well. Same thing when i dress the armor with favourite menĂ¹ ("Q" key). When i dress in this way i don't have any problem. But if i undress/dress with invetor menĂ¹ texture disappears again. O_o Some one can help me? O: (Sorry for my broken english)
  8. Very Very Thank you ^^' sorry for the delay, but I did not realize you had replied: look: Anyway i found a different fix: in "NiTriShapeData" i set in "BS Num UV Set" the "4097" value. And the armor look fine. Thank you again by the way ^^'
  9. Issue solved, i forgot to set the pivot of bracers on 0,0,0
  10. Ok, I realized a custom bracers. Check number of bone for vertex, check bslighting shader check everyting i know (not much anyway) I have ever the same problem, strange shadows that tend to infinity :blink: Someone can help me?
  11. Try to upload screen whit imageshack. Whitout image i can't understand the issue
  12. For create a totaly new armor is bettere use a Normal Map or a Model Space Normal Map? And why choose one of that? (sorry for my broken english)
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