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  1. How much time have you spent on the new design? I've gotten used to it rather quickly. And it's not like it's the final version, they aren't finished yet. I gave the new design a reasonable shot. Several days. The enlarged graphics just take up space. Perhaps I'm in a minority of users, but I come here solely to find and install mods for games I play. I want to get in, find what I want, and get out. The new design uses a lot more screen real estate to display the same old information. I have to scroll in areas where I did not have to scroll before. This is not a social site for me, and I am uninterested in news about any games I don't play. The old format allowed me to easily ignore what didn't interest me. I'm a lifetime premium member, and I'm not threatening to leave, or whatever. I just really dislike the new design. Once the old design is unavailable, I'll use the new design because I have no choice. But I won't like it and I won't linger.
  2. I prefer the old design. Not just because I'm used to it, but because it was much more compact and efficient. Please give us the option to choose.
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