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  1. The vignette is absolutely terrible, really ruins the atmosphere, goes halfway up the damn screen at dusk.
  2. In response to post #71927168. #71966243 is also a reply to the same post. bruh...
  3. In response to post #71980473. i have cerebral palsy
  4. what about my meme my meeme was bruh meme i said bruh bruhh
  5. This would be a really good feature for survival. I was thinking something along the lines of the system from Dying Light. Where you get some sort of audio indication (or any sort of indication) that a supply drop is coming, and you need to go get it for some loot. But if you don't get there within a certain time frame bandits will have gotten there first. That or it can be some sort of configurable percentage chance. I'm not sure how it could be integrated in line with lore, but eh. Would it drop from a vertibird or something? But then why would they do it? You could have it like the system in Mad Max where a crate of supplies blows in from a sand/dust storm (like the ones in True Storms), but then you wouldn't have the iconic image of a crate falling gently to the ground with a parachute. But I'm rambling, you don't need a flawless plot explanation, it would just be a really cool mod
  6. One of the coolest (and highest calibre) rifles out there, with not one but two barrels. I imagine you could simply modify a double barrel shotgun in game and just give it extra powerful ammo but a true .470 would be amazing. If anyone does ever decide to try and develop one, it would be preferable you don't worry about 'balance' :) Cheers
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