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  1. Getting things doooooone! Loving the energy at the moment :D
  2. I'm opening auditions for any female VA's out there for two separate roles: 1) A darkly seductive and villainous vampire lady. Main villain. 2) Main character's little sister. Lovely, playful, sassy and adorable. I also need a guy who can do a Dunmer voice too! Well, a Dunmer ghost anyway :tongue: Shoot me an PM and we can discuss, it's a long backstory xD EDIT: One role down, two to go!
  3. Right, verified the files again and turned off my compatibilites for the CK, SKSE, Skyrim Launcher and TESV.exe and also deleted a Custom .ini I made trying to extend the dialogue characters. Now I'm allowed to do things as normal again, how weird.
  4. I'm reviving this because I'm having the same problem, but checking the integrity of the file in Steam didn't fix it :( It reacquired one file, then I had to tweak the ini again with the Multiple Masters load and to include the DLCs, but still I'm getting the same issue. This has never happened before, I'm using SKSE now so I'm not sure if that's affecting it, also trying to run it in compatibility mode because it keeps crashing.
  5. Thanks for the link Jokerine! I always freak out because when I try to match the nif paths in shorthand, the item is white with no textures in the view window in Nifskope so I always think I'm doing it wrong! Also, I'm having a little issue with the follower's appearance himself, it sees his face texture isn't switching to the one I've set for him. Now, I've tried creating a custom race but I'm getting confused over the whole copying textures thing, as he's already been given his own textures to make him standalone. I think because he's a vampire, his textures keep getting replaced by the Dawnguard ones, is there any workaround to this? I was thinking a custom race will do it, but I'm struggling with texture paths for diffuse maps and things because there are some I'm missing from his files, not sure if I need duplicates e.g. for eyes, I only have the vampire eyes texture, do I need the other vanilla textures as copies in his folder? This is getting really technical >.> This would be so much easier if he wasn't a vampire! Bah I have a few guides I've been following, but I'm not sure if it's going right, there's a lot of trial and error! Unfortunately, this worked perfectly before and then I had a computer crash so I'm trying to rebuild the mod from what I lost last year, so yeah, not easy xD
  6. Thanks Jokerine! Incidentally, I'm using some of your mod resources for this too :D I guess I did a bad thing then, I guess I'm going to spend some time going back into each mesh and set it back, because all of the ones I used have the E: drive listed, oops!
  7. Just a question to see if i'm doing custom resources correctly: In Nifskope, I point the textures to the Skyrim directory, that's fine. But all my games are stores on an E: drive. If I point the textures to those files on my system, isn't that going to mess it up for other people when they come to install the mod themselves if they have their Skyrim game installed somewhere else? I have all the custom content in the following file path: Skyrim/Data/Meshes/DR/DRHouse/ and Skyrim/Data/Textures/DR/DRHouse/ I'm getting paranoid that things are going to break, anyone want to allay my fears?
  8. Amazing! Thank you! Everything is going right for me today, unusually xD
  9. Dude, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much! Things like that go above my knowledge for Nifskope, I only know basic texture replacement. If you had any knowledge in Blender, I'd ask you to look at Tamira/Stroti's Outdoor Toilet resource, I wanted to cut the inside seat for use as an indoor toilet instead, but the thing is combined into 2 pieces in the Nif so I can't simply delete the pieces I don't need. Either way, this is fantastic! Now I have a nice piece for the house AND I get to include a favourite dialogue discussion of mine relating to it EDIT Just checked it out and set all the textures, it works perfectly!
  10. New question! Dialogue based this time! Instead of having one single line for trading i.e. Lydia's awful "I am sworn to carry your burdens." I wanted to have Marcelon use a few randomised responses to mix things up so he's not saying the same thing. My issue so far, is that none of the other dialogues open the trading menu. One line works, the starting line (the first one I did) but the others don't, so it's like a hit-and -miss to get his inventory to open when I ask to trade with him. Am I missing something? I'm not running any other follower mods, he's on a virtual vanilla game for testing (only running Alternate Start to avoid that damn Helgen sequence). Edit: Just noticed that the script to open the inventory hasn't loaded in the CK. Weird. I tried to copy and paste the script fragment from the original line I had (akspeaker.OpenInventory()) but I get an error, it seems to compile okay but warns me about not being able to make a backup. Nevermind, just had to recompile scripts! What a weird one! Chalk that one up to experience!
  11. I'm very mad at myself for not realising that sooner... Right, so then all I'd need now is the internal doors and navmeshing.
  12. Me again! With a big one this time to anyone who wants to help: The abandoned part of the house is all decorated (as much as I care to anyway, don't want to clutter it too much), dead bodies and the like. Now, I wanted to add in my follower's companion, which is an ice wolf (this is the creature I'd need the new textures for, by the way) and I made a copy of an ice wolf to test it out. I created a new form under the same naming conventions "DR___" and put him in one of the upstairs rooms so he can give the player a bit of a scare. This has backfired on me slightly, as he simply stands there and doesn't attack me. I envisioned him running through the doorway to get at the intruder, which would be spooky seeing as the rest of the house is quiet and it's a sudden burst of action, but...he just stands there doing nothing but growling. I set his AI to "Frenzied" but still he doesn't move. I copied a WEIceWolf model, so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it? I deleted my copy for now since I think it might have been the wrong animal actor to copy from. Any ideas? Also, I can't help but feel like I'd need to make 2 versions of this wolf for my intended purpose. One for the initial encounter with the player, where they kill him. Then when they encounter my follower, they see the same wolf but this time as a friendly NPC (this is explained in later dialogue). Though for this to work, I imagine I'd have to make 2 versions, disable the aggressive one and then enable the passive one afterwards. EDIT I had a brainwave last night, I don't think the house is navmeshed! That might explain it...I'm stupid
  13. Are the eyes broken for the cave and frost trolls as well? I just get black voids, unless that was what he was going for. Ah well, looks like I'll have to find something else then, or learn to make my own XD
  14. Sod's law applies to many things in my life, alas...Yeah, I had my heart set on the werewolf one, aaaaand it's one of the two which are broken. Out of curiosity, which is the other broken one?
  15. When I tried to load up the Werewolf, my CK crashed as well, I just thought I was messing up somewhere. I had a feeling that might have been the case....dammit! He did include the wooden base as well, so I was going to see if I could make my own, but it sounds like maybe the entire set is corrupted. Which is weird, since on his mod page, he states he got it working in the CK...Truly a mystery
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