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  1. That’s all well and good but you ignored my question, how do you know people are gonna understand this is what the X is now for? Who was tested for this because nobody I know would think the way you want them to without being told that’s actually what the X does especially as another has now shown it and the search bar is on 2 ends of the site so any other standardized way of it’s meaning isn’t even there
  2. how do you guarantee the person that doesn't know its being filtered knows what the X is for? I didn't until I read here what your intention even was
  3. Personally I don't like the X button mainly because as a user of the previous navigation site where the favorited would have an X that makes me believe it'll unfavorite if I click it and seeing as how the X is still there on the favorites list it just makes me afraid of that button even though I already know what it does On another note I am not a fan mainly for phone, before I could click the drop down and have the games right there for quick navigation now its 2 button step and rather clunky, not a problem on pc but really frustrating for phone because I gotta click the navigation burger icon then games THEN I see my favorites.. its just no longer smooth experience there, pc its generally the same just different look but phone it changed everything
  4. With the new page the profile picture spot seems to be 180x180 but the picture you upload is still 100x100 so it ends up looking super blurry like this so would be great if that could be increased to match I also know this is kinda known but in my mods section these games show up but I don't mod for any of them I mod for skyrim SE, Mass effect legendary and baldur's gate so if I select any of them they of course show no mods found in that filter
  5. http://i.imgur.com/vPpmmiQ.jpg I got no mods that should cause this issue but something is, I can change her back to female easily with console but her face is still utterly destroyed and its quite distracting. I'm gonna post a list of my mods below but the only mods that don't show up there is UNP and pride of valhalla and some khajiit body and texture mods. *ApachiiHairFemales.esm *ApachiiHair.esm *Falskaar.esm *campfire.esm *unofficial skyrim special edition patch.esp *violens se.esp *relationship dialogue overhaul.esp *coveredcarriages.esp *karthwasten.esp *soljund's sinkhole.esp *shor's stone.esp *whistling mine.esp *lamposts of skyrim.esp *rich merchants of skyrim.esp *ivarstead.esp *buildingmaterialsgodchest.esp *betterquestobjectives-dbforevertomisc.esp *kynesgrove.esp *shadowmarks.esp *storefront.esp *practice dummies.esp *point the way.esp *the paarthurnax dilemma.esp *gildergreen regrown.esp *dragon claw stands.esp *castle volkihar rebuilt.esp *ars metallica.esp *open cities skyrim.esp *manor roads.esp *beltfastenedquivers.esp *dawnguard map markers.esp *bee hives.esp elemental destruction.esp black mage armor se.esp *alternate start - live another life.esp *No Essential Npcs.esp *SummonVampireCattle.esp Brows.esp *Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp *FasterSkillLeveling2017.esp *apocalypse - magic of skyrim.esp *InfiniteShouts.esp *relentlessforce.esp *Realistic Nighteye.esp *DarkerNights.esp *potion of ultimate leveling.esp *Eli_Dark Triss Armour.esp *Better Vampires.esp *SneakToolsSE.esp ShowRaceMenuAlternative.esp *Whistle.esp *FasterHorses.esp faster horses.esp *expandedcarriageservice.esp *inigoperkpointgiver.esp NormalVampireFaces.esp *Map Markers Complete OC.esp *dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp *Runandwalkpaces.esp *aelafacelift.esp *bring out your dead.esp *cutting room floor.esp *betterquestobjectives.esp *betterquestobjectives-crfpatch.esp *betterquestobjectives-paardilemmapatch.esp *dovahkiinrelax.esp *LFox No Racial Power Cooldown.esp *LFox Improved Shouts Master.esp *simple aua.esp *ApachiiHelmetWigs.esp *scrollcrafting.esp *prometheus_no_snow_under_the_roof.esp *BetterArchmagesRobes.esp *BetterStaffofMagnus.esp vampirelordperksexpandedbvcomp.esp *static mesh improvement mod se.esp *MLU.esp *ys spell tweaks.esp *Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets SSE.esp *The Joy of Perspective.esp *Lydia Face Preset.esp I hope some of you may know what is the cause and if one of my mods is doing it, which one.
  6. amazing, thanks I had no idea that mod was a thing
  7. do you know one for Vampire armor and the royal armor?
  8. Such a pack doesn't exit and probably never will. You have to make your own collection. And btw. every mod that doesn't come with .dds format wouldn't probably work! Good point, but still Amidianborn is the only one I've been able to find.
  9. I've been searching left and right, usually I use the amidianborn book of silence packs, but I noticed how much is actually missing, and while I love the textures I really need it for my vampire as well, I can't seem to find any retexture mods for the vampire (royal) armor, boots and gauntlets. Anybody know a complete pack with retextures for all armor and weapons? Preferably .dds format.
  10. would you mind to provide me with this savegame for this character http://static1.nexusmods.com/110/mods/110/images/2812-2-1323228236.jpg ?
  11. Well you should be turned into one after Serena turns you into one unless you choose to just soul trap yourself.. but if you use custom race i dont think it works.
  12. i got the same issue and i have even (spoiler dont scroll down if you havent finished the vampire story) been turned into a vampire by serena when entering the soul cairn
  13. as the title says i think the blood potion dont work i added 500 to my inventory and when i use one nothing happends i have to go to the castle all the time i really hope you guys can help me.. i use quite a lot of mods but non should interfere with this potion.. i use lunari so i cant feed without being in vampire lord form.. i also use xp42 animation pack.. and if needed i can upload a screenshot of my mod list if that can help
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