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  1. Hi I've been playing a lot lately with mods and currently have well over 100 installed (yes I know its a lot but my computer can more than handle it). I use BOSS to get optimal load order for the mods as well. I have come across a few mods that will not allow the game to start when they are installed and I can pretty easily troubleshoot which one it is by disabling the .esp(s) through NMM. None of this bothers me and I realize I could probably get some of the ones that have been pills working if I put some effort into it but none have really deserved the effort until now. My current problem is I cannot use Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 or Fantasy Soundtrack Project. No other audio mod has given me problems except when I played with Classic Zelda Music for Skyrim mod. It occurred when I disabled this mod and tried to do the main story line quest in Winterhold. When it was disabled the quest was broken but when I re-enabled it the game was fixed (weird). Anyways here are the current audio mods I have installed other than the ones mentioned: Better Animal Footsteps Guard Dialogue Overhaul Immersive Skyrim Thunder Improved Combat Sounds Smooth blades draw and sheath Ultra Realistic Bow Sounds Additionally I can provide a full list of all mods installed but I'd just post a screenshot...
  2. So I'm sure most of you have played Dota or LoL (I've only played LoL) and you have heard the announcer voices that say things like "double kill, killing spree, godlike...etc. Now I know there was an addon like this for WoW that had the announcer voice from Dota, now I want that for Skyrim but have no idea how to go about making mods, I'm sure one of you smart people out there would be able to do this (maybe give the user a choice between the two voices)
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