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  1. You need the sensors and the tape, which can be found on the upper floor at the museum of freedom in Concord. Once you run the tape, it comes up with a set options to choose from. Only then the mod is activated. Otherwise it lies dormant. Do I also need it for supply lines?
  2. I'm a BIG fan of the Automaton DLC, and building robots is 90% of the fun I have with the game these days. Unfortunately, I've already packed Sanctuary full of them, so now I need to start building more bots elsewhere. That means I need supply lines if I want to access all my parts in other settlements. Don't have the Charisma for Local Leader, so I added both ranks via Console Command. Still can't get the option to appear when I highlight bots, so I tried recently tried downloading "Mastermind - Automatron Provisioners using Robotics Expert - Not Local Leader"...still no luck. I select bots or characters in the workshop menu, but the option never appears. This is REALLY bugging me, as it's keeping me from making any bots elsewhere. On a POSSIBLY related note, I can't seem to assign a bot I sent to Abernathy to help with the farming to...well...FARM anything. I assign him, I get the "this object has been assigned" confirmation, he starts to walk towards the plants, then turns around and walks away, still unassigned. On another possibly related not, I tried downloading Sim Settlements, but can't seem to activate it. It's in the MCM, so I know it's downloaded, but there are no objects for me to create from it. Tried removing the mod...yeah, my game crashed, so I had to reinstall it even though I can't use the thing. That might be part of the issue, not sure. So yeah, I have Sim Settlements installed (not that it's working), but that's really the only settlement mod I have.
  3. Not that I really MIND not having to hear her complain, but I do tend to use her to test outfits on, so when she didn't come when I rang the summon bell in the Sanctuary, it was kinda an inconvenience. I tried using console commands to go to her location, and suddenly ended up being shot at by raiders in the Museum of Freedom (seriously, do they just respawn, because I killed these guys off DAYS AGO!). So I tried heading back to Sanctuary and summoning her to me...which WORKED, but then I watched as she turned around and started walking back to the Museum! Any clue what's up?
  4. Not sure how others feel about this, but I both LOVE and HATE fast travel. I'm far too lazy to spend 30 minutes walking halfway across the map to get back to that one terminal I couldn't hack or lock I couldn't pick before because I was under-leveled...on the other hand, it's FAR too easy to grow dependent on fast-travel, which not only kills immersion, but means you'll be skipping past prime opportunities for exploration and looting! A happy middle-ground is nice, even if all you're doing is making yourself feel slightly more justified in instantly zipping around the wasteland! Back in my last play-through, I used the mod Immersive Fast Travel to build teleporters at my settlements. I still had to do a bit of jogging to get here and there, but it was slightly more limited and I felt a bit more immersed. This time, I'm considering the mod APC Home on the Move, which could be a fun alternative. I'm curious what other folks think about Fast Travel, whether they find it impacts their immersion/enjoyment, and what methods they've found that improve the experience for them. Do you use mods to help, and if so which ones? Have you figured out a good system for using Vertibirds for traveling to your destinations? Do you maybe impose certain rules on yourself to limit your use of the feature? Heck, maybe you just skip it entirely and hike everywhere on foot! Share your thoughts, and let's get a discussion going!
  5. Okay, so I'm finally ready to try playing Fallout again after more than a year away, I've reinstalled my game...and now it seems my Nexus Mod Manager is refusing to update! What the heck happened while I was away!? I read something about the NMM no longer being supported? Looks like there's something called a "Vortex" now....do I need to start using that? What does it have over NMM? Does it work with Bodyslide and such? Gopher taught me how to use NMM, and that took forever, but I can start over if need be. Could use a little advice on where to start!
  6. Aaaaand purchased! Thanks for the help! <3
  7. Sorry, technically unsavy guy here, so for clarification: are you saying that, for instance, watching a 1080p video on a 4K monitor would downscale it so badly that it looks even worse than it would on a less powerful monitor? Videos are usually OK, that said going fullscreen on a 480p or 720p YouTube video on a 4K display is horrific. Gaming at 4K on a smaller screen also gives a massive performance hit for little gain, you'd struggle to tell the difference between 2K and 4K on a smaller screen, Linus Tech Tips did a very good video on it. https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-ZOWIE-inch-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B01H5KKQUQ/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=1440P+144hz+monitor&qid=1561321930&s=gateway&sr=8-6 Okay. How's this one look then?
  8. Sorry, technically unsavy guy here, so for clarification: are you saying that, for instance, watching a 1080p video on a 4K monitor would downscale it so badly that it looks even worse than it would on a less powerful monitor?
  9. Hey there folks! So, my current monitor has been bugging me for a few years, as it has trouble differentiating between shades of black (ie, caves in games look like featureless black voids, and 80% of the screen doesn't even show when watching darker shows like Daredevil on Netflix). I've saved up what I think is enough money for a new one, but I'm having a bit of trouble picking one out. Maybe you folks could help? I have an Amazon Prime account, so I'd probably have the best luck ordering through there, but I'm open to other suggestions as well. Basically, any monitor I'd pick would need Four things: 1. Be around $300. That's how much I've saved up, though I do have some room for flexibility. 2. Be 4K...I'd like it to last me the next several years, and while I'm no expert, I've been told 4K is around where we're expected to be these days (though please correct me on this if I'm wrong!). 3. Be at LEAST 21.5 inches. That's where I'm at now, and I'd feel weird getting something even smaller. 4. Have an easy to access easy-reading function...or whatever that setting is called where the screen dims and warms so you don't strain your eyes reading white-pages in the dark. I could really use some help on this! Hopefully you folks can offer some insight? Even if you don't have a specific monitor to suggest, I'm open to other bits of advice, such as brands to avoid or features to look for! Thanks all!
  10. GOPHER! Thank you, that was the Youtube channel I was looking for! XD Are all the videos still 100% accurate? I know mods and the game itself have updated multiple times since then, and I'm sorta worried that stuff like his Bodyslide tutorial may no longer apply with the current builds!
  11. I stopped playing Fallout 4 over a year ago, and even though my game was HEAVILY modded...I remember next to nothing about how I got it that way in the first place. I'd like to start playing Fallout 4 again, and add some mods to make it playable to the extent I was used to, but I'm honestly a bit baffled on how to start. I know there were steps I needed to take to prep my game to be modded, but don't remember what they were. I remember that there were certain mods that were considered MUST HAVES, but don't remember which ones. I'd like to improve the interface, improve the looks of my character and NPCs with body-mods, improve the general graphics and textures (without going overboard and killing my frame-rate), and maybe add some locations, weapons, and outfits. Basic modding stuff, but a lot to tackle when restarting from scratch. Basically, I've out of practice and could use a refresher on installing mods and which mods to install. I know there was a Youtube series that walked you through the basics, but don't recall where to find it or know if it even applies to the current state of modding. Attempts to look up modding guides bring up guides on how to MAKE mods, not how to install them or which ones are worth installing. Looking up Youtube channels talking about cool mods to install mostly reveals stuff from two or three years back which has likely been overshadowed by newer or improved mods. Frankly, I really just need someone to help point me in the right direction at this point. Hope you can help! Thanks. <3
  12. So I've always had a bit of trouble seeing in games when going into caves and such, but I used to think it was just because the screen was supposed to be dark. Now, I'm starting to think it's actually an issue with my monitor. It started off when I decided to watch Netflix's "Daredevil" on my PC, and realized that in any sort of dark scene, most of my screen was black. I figure that there should have been SHADES of black, rather than just one all-consuming shade blocking out most of the action. Basically, things are too dark, changing the contrast or brightness just makes everything a lighter but still near solid shade of black, and it is SERIOUSLY impacting both gaming and other media. Am I overthinking it and stuff is actually meant to hide in a darkness that drowns out most of the details? If not, then what's going on? Is this an issue with older screens? Mine is around the 10-year mark at this point, so I wouldn't be surprised. Assuming this is just an issue of an old screen that can't keep up with modern graphics, what should I be looking for if I purchase a new monitor to make sure it's not an issue next time? I'm pretty much illiterate when it comes to tech terms, so I'm not entirely sure what sort of things I should search for in a good monitor. I'm planning a trip to Best Buy to ask similar questions there, but don't want to get roped into buying anything without a little foreknowledge. Hoping you folks here may have some insight! Thanks!
  13. The fun answer would be ”Disneyland!!!”. Truth is my Mother is aging fast, I am very much NOT equipped to be her sole caretaker, and every family member or family friend we have who can help is located twenty minutes from each other down there. Also, this place is boring as hell, has no active geek community, and I’ve yet to make one friend here in over five years. : ( Down there I already know people, and there are a ton of events, meet-ups, and locations to meet potential friends of like interests. But yeah, the cost thing DOES suck. ><
  14. Great to know! No colleges like that in the area, but I'll likely be moving to Southern California. I'll be sure to check all the universities and colleges down there! Wow. That is going above and beyond help! O_O Really appreciate the lesson. ( : I'll probably even print this out so I can take a closer look at it! Thank you for your amazingly thoughtful response!
  15. A decade after dropping out, I've finally built up the courage to go back to school! What I want MORE THAN ANYTHING is to learn more about the Hardware side of electronics, especially computers. This has proved pretty freaking difficult, as even though I live in an area full of big universities and community colleges, I've yet to find any courses that give the hardware side of things more than a passing mention! Oh, you'll find a dozen courses on how to use Microsoft Excell or Word, but if you want a course that teaches you what a freaking MOTHERBOARD IS (seriously, I have no idea)....yeah, they don't exist as far as I can tell. Heck, even the basic background software, the stuff you need to know in if you don't want to mess up your modded game through improper "load orders" (don't understand that either)...yeah, nothing on that stuff. If I want to learn how to create and upkeep a massive company database, then THAT they'll teach. If I want to build a working computer and make sure all the background software is working right (you know, the stuff you should know BEFORE doing all the crazy complex stuff), you are s*** out of luck. Does anyone here have any suggestions on this one? I know the answer is usually "ask a friend who knows about computers" but I don't HAVE any of those. Has anyone seen online courses (preferably cheap or free, as Financial Aid likely won't help me there), or know what these types of courses are called and how to easily locate schools that offer them? Seriously, I really want to know more about the hardware side of things! Not only so that I can make an even more awesome rig (WITHOUT having to just order parts from a list a website suggested and then dropping them all off at the local computer repair store and saying "here, YOU build the thing!") but because it honestly sounds like something I'd enjoy both in my personal life or a proper career. Any help you folks can offer would be MOST appreciated!
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