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  1. I think I am, therefore, I am. I think.
  2. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59612/? Here's a mod that gives caravans pack mules. It also gives the player the option to purchase one for their own use. Personally, I'm going to remove that part since I'm just looking for a bit more realism with the khajiit caravans.
  3. In response to post #41271475. #41271555, #41271810, #41272480, #41275420, #41276945 are all replies on the same post. I think that would be the best idea right now, making the user click on the mod and go to the mods landing page before downloading. Simple fix, nothing changes from how it is now. Currently that's what we're doing and at least now the full description is on that landing page. I'm sure there could be better designs, but this new design seems a step backwards. Having a quick button for favoriting, sure I think that's very nice, but a quick button for downloads...especially how some mods even have optional patch files that, without them would otherwise break the game to a user who has other mods or DLCs, just invites false bug reports, negative comments, and wasted time on both ends.
  4. Looking really good. I'm a bit hesitant about the download link right in the mod browsing section only because that could lead to more angry/confused/silly comments directed at the mod authors because the downloader didn't read the description to fully understand what he/she/they were downloading.
  5. Go to your SkyrimEditor.ini file and add/edit this: [Audio] bEnableAudio=0 That may help.
  6. I am having the exact same problem. Still in the process of googling for an answer. Has anyone found anything that helps? I'm no coder or debugger so I can't get much farther then this, but it seems like this may be a fixable issue..... Finally...finally found a fix: https://youtu.be/NLoqI9SV4dA Open SkyrimEditor.ini and add bEnableAudio=0 to the [Audio] section (if it has bEnableAudio=1 already, set it to 0). I hope this works for anyone else having this problem stumbling around google to find a fix for it.
  7. Status on this? is ZuSkunks even still active? I checked the files and it hasn't had an updated version since 2012 so the on KHSadowrunner made isn't even available.
  8. Just so you're aware, I had to rearrange the HDD on my computer, NMM won't open if it's stuff is moved, not the program folder itself but where it stores downloaded mods and install info. It should open so then I can change the directory paths to the correct ones.
  9. Yea I don't mind at all, I'm already working with another person on a Russian version, so if anyone wants to translate the dialogue and sound files that's great.
  10. Yea, I was pretty pumped that this thread got noticed as much as it did. I hope there's an update soon.
  11. I'll post here since this seems relevant to the thread. I've been looking for a non mod fix for the super shiny wood and other materials skyrim gets in light. I can't really explain it well so here's a picture of what I'm dealing with: https://ui4rqw.dm2301.livefilestore.com/y2pWFastX2SfMIKefXlQ5CN1ZTpz_5eFu5aj7tVeTwXmhytlRPAJ4nWYq_LS5Gm1rkv_SOpX25sBrWkXoG18VhC-DvA3mKZwt1Y9vwPSkl5UKo/CONTRASTSKYRIM.jpg I've tried lighting overhauls, but they don't really get rid of the sun-like strength of the brightness that objects have. (Some tint it another color, but never get rid of it) The only mod that came close was Imaginator but I had to turn contrast down to about -50 but then the sun was too dark! (Not to mention the nights were too bright) It would seem I have a contrast issue, it's too acute where many objects become too intensely bright. I eventually tried out enbs...really lightweight ones. Finding that they solved this problem I was overjoyed! But they cut my framerate, even after turning off all the extras. Moreover, I had to manually tweak each ENB to force the nights to be darker. For some reason even though the ENBs were SUPPOSED to make nights darker, on my skyrim, they were quite bright. vAfter manually tweaking the darkness I found the added darkness to the ENB night isn't "real" I may be blind at night but the NPC's arn't. Making sneaking an akward expirenece. I am begining to think, maybe there's something off about my particular skyrim. I use a Dell ultrasharp monitor btw- (mid-level fancy-pants color acurate monitor for my art) soooo it's not my monitor. I've googled this problem countless times, and this is the closes I've gotten to someone having this issue. So really what it comes down to, is it normal to have objects glow with an intensity that rivals the sun? And if so, how can I fix it as simply as possible because it really hurts my eyes.
  12. Well that seems rather strange, but kind of gives me hope seeing as he may have not been banned. But the whole thing just seems so odd. He was really enthusiastic about his project and then bam he goes MIA without one word why. Though, that does happen I guess. I still hope he re-emerges one day with Dynamic Naming- that mod was....just amazing. I still have the beta version of the mod sitting in my wishlist folder on my NMM.
  13. Im not sure if it's just me but....after this update when I use NMM for skyrim, the plugins tab checkboxes seem to disappear whenever I activate or deactivate a mod, forcing me to close and open the program to see the checkboxes again. EDIT: also all the mod version links are broken, they don't lead to the mod's page anymore.
  14. Hey I'd be happy if they'd just travel by horses that way it sort of makes more plausible sense and I know making them ride horses is an achievable mod, since the caravan thing is a much more elaborate setup.
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