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  1. I like it that... Some things are still the same. Some things have changed. For good, or ill, this place is still a bit like life. There remain names here which put a squeeze on my heart, still... for all the right and wrong reasons. The fact that they still do means Im not dead yet... and this is a very mixed blessing. Continuity cuts, and heals, all at the same time. I might come back six months from now, and say all of this all over again.
  2. Hey hun, long time since I've heard from ya'
  3. you are well I hope!
  5. I'll huff and puff and blow your house in
  6. the door blows open, propelled by the winter wind. ...then shuts, slowly, all by itself.
  7. Um... Putin?!
  8. Happy New Year, ginger! Fell hound says ' woof'. :)
  9. Happy New Year to you and the Fell Hound.
  10. Celibacy ( Hey Sarya! You still in that bad mood? Take a bear, 3 times a day. *snorts* )
  11. ( just had a Lord of the Rings moment with that one: trains for Ents. ) Augury.
  12. I like it that Christmas is over for another year! *grumbles* Every fekkin year! The same bloody thing! Millions of family that one wouldnt cross the road to spit on, and having to spend time in close proximity with them. Roll on New Years Eve! I like it that human... got hitched without a hitch. But surely...that would mean ... that all he and his new mrs got was 'ed'. Hmmm...now ...what word could go in front of 'ed' to make any sense of that situation? I like word games. I like it that at sometime during my birthday in January I will turn 100! ...or does it only feel that way? Anyway...Happy Economic Crisis to one and all! I like looking on the bright side. If the '30s were dirty, then ...what are the '09s ?
  13. Wishing you Holiday Cheer, hun. XOX
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