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  1. Yeah, 4 times for me today, anybody (staff) know why this is?
  2. I agree with the First person crowd, I find having that dude in front of me... he just gets in the way, so if there's no First person I don't use it, I know I'm missing out on all the special animations of the lil' fella doing his stuff, like rolling and whatever, but I won't get restless nights because of it.
  3. I see, thanks, I'll leave it for a bit then.
  4. Saggaris


    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me why I need to sign-in when I want to browse collections (Yeah, I'm getting lazy) when I'm already signed in to Nexus mods and the Forums? is it an off site account?
  5. Saggaris

    why ?

    Ya mean he's doing a Justin Hammer stage entrance? Mind you, every time I watch a Bethesda release vid and see Todd Howard's stage entrance, I expect him to do the same, he just loves being up there! As for Trump, He has money, power, and access to information that isn't available to me and you
  6. George Lucas wrote and directed a far better film than Star Wars... American Graffiti, that had some brilliant writing, (ok the bit where Big JM made claims about the strip could've been better) but Ron Howard, Candy Clark, Mackenzie Phillips, Cindy Williams and Charles Martin Smith were absolutely excellent, and the lines were written and delivered with absolute believability (maybe I have tinted specs) I have found though that many American films/series depend upon non communication to drive the story deeper.... where a simple answer would clear up the problem and it could all end right there.
  7. In response to post #91947883. #91948568, #91948623, #91948758, #91949048, #91949223, #91949548, #91949748, #91950453, #91959448, #91963258, #91966083, #91966758, #91967388, #91967558, #92067498, #92237383, #92242808 are all replies on the same post. I didn't indicate that I figured it would be left as is... after all, the Microsoft arrangement with Bethesda will probably exclude Sony in the future and a trimmed down Nexus would see all mods here tightly controlled. Control is everything in the market.
  8. In response to post #91947883. #91948568, #91948623, #91948758, #91949048, #91949223, #91949548, #91949748, #91950453, #91959448, #91963258, #91966083, #91966758, #91967388, #91967558, #92067498 are all replies on the same post. "Then Microsoft will make a lot of money because most people just want extra content for their game, not "mods" per se. Mods are a primitive form of DLC that is much harder to use but saves the price of a coffee (you get what you pay for). Niche <<< majority." A further what if... What if Microsoft fire a truck load of Gold at a certain (Dark0ne) for control of a site that has (to date) 25 million users that have 4 billion Bethesda game mod downloads? Lock Stock and Barrel. Yeah, I guess that's a bit tongue in cheek, but stranger things have happened, and Microsoft has made some pretty unpredictable buyouts in the past. The future of gaming is not at all how we'd like it... unless you're not a gamer.
  9. In response to post #91967003. #91979463, #91980208, #92042283, #92067333 are all replies on the same post. You seem to be a bit mixed up there, have you noticed that here on Nexus there have been over four and a half billion mod downloads... so where are you getting the idea that most people don't care about moddability? I personally feel that you are of the camp that doesn't care and are trying to convert the mod anointed. I understand that priorities change as you age, but don't think for one moment it's about growing up, it's not, it's about choice and what you do with that choice, if you give that up willingly then you will never get it back as long as there is a buck to be made and a head to be patted... "Yes, clever boy, you've helped to make me a greater percentage on my investment, and it only costs the user... have a pat on the head"
  10. In response to post #91953468. #91955698, #91957093, #91957748, #91962688, #91963348, #91963533, #91965618, #91967383, #91970368, #91971768, #91972538, #91972728, #91974393, #91980443 are all replies on the same post. Let's get this straight... "there's a good chance" is just another wish... it's not fact. Many people see patterns and extrapolate an end point scenario... and to be honest, the line we see may go in either direction dependent on our viewpoint.
  11. In response to post #91967003. Have a Kudos for your 'rant' TX I and a good few 'older' others feel the similar about being corporately stuffed.
  12. In response to post #91947883. #91948568, #91948623, #91948758, #91949048 are all replies on the same post. Well StopGap, I felt a bit like a doom monger myself when I jumped miles ahead with some 'what Ifffff's' What if Microsoft only allow the future of Bethesda games on Game Pass? Then.. What if Microsoft close the holes and disallow modding/manipulation of their content? Then... What if Microsoft then provide a range of customisable features... for a price? Oh hell, I'm glad I'm old and senile so's not to have to suffer 'naked' games for too long.
  13. There is no nice thing about joining the stormcloaks, the reasonable thing to do is to control the renagade and bring his strength to a united Empire, once you are strong enough go take it to the yellowbacks and wipe them from the sufface, then you can reinstate Talos among the gods and all would be well, after all it's pointless punching yourself in the face when you're still lying on the floor.
  14. This is one of my biggest worries, that large community projects and even smaller mods might be lost or restricted because of corporate policy, I guess/hope that another publisher will see the turf and allow us to play in their field, there's a thing about a good deed.. it brings return business and generates loyalty. And What the hell are Sony gonna do now?
  15. Snake oil perhaps, but as long as the mods a player wants aren't updated then they would be playing a game that just ain't in the right corner, I know, believe me, I have played SSE and reverted to LE and the home (the land created with the mods I prefer) I was happy with. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti SSE, and I truely hope that more 'old' mods get updated (strange thing I found was trying to get used to a similar mod to one not available... it just wasn't right) My experience of SSE was that I didn't want to play as often... but with LE I have a drive to play again, the games we play are for the things we enjoy, that is all I have!
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