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  1. Sheesh, been ages, logged in to DL some mods. Friends that wanna add me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/KnitWit86
    1. Deleted54170User


      Saw you peeked in! Nice to know you're up for the thrill of mods and gaming. Enjoyed seeing your Avatar.
    2. Deleted54170User


      I'm getting in another round of peeking. DUCK! Not like before when I first started leaving each of the friends a pie in the face. Splat! Tool late! Runs away!
  2. Not on here much anymore, e-mail me or add on Steam if you would like to chat :)
    1. Deleted54170User


      Do you have a different STEAM name? I entered Illiad86 and it told me that it doesn't exist.
  3. Meh... When I saw that this morning, was really hoping for a new series or an ending to Stargate Universe or Stargate Atlantis...not a damn re-hash, reboot, whatever the hell you want to call it to an already good movie. I can imagine it...some "uber hunk" playing O'Neill, some "good looking dorky guy" to play Dr. Jackson, running around shooting crap while complaining that they didn't check their Facebook or something lol :P Still beyond me why Hollywood can't think of anything original at all nowadays...
  4. Just looked at the inside of your PC there, it uses a low profile PSU. That one you are considering will not fit in it. Amazon has some for it: http://www.amazon.com/SX2370-US10P-SX2370-UR30p-SX2370-UB30p-SX2370-UR10P-EL1360G-UW12P/dp/tech-data/B00HO2G0VK Don't see how the PSU can't handle the graphics card (no outside power connection needed), unless they put the bare bare minimum inside your case (which most pre-builts do). That link is just the same PSU that's probably inside the case already. You'll be lucky to find an actual name-brand PSU that will fit in there. Mounting outside the case just feels like a big no-no to me. There's a lot of power going through those things. Plus you'd have a bunch of ugly wires sticking outside of your nice little compy there :tongue: What exactly is the problem? Are you getting random shutdowns since you put the graphics card in? Is it BSODing? What do you exactly mean by that? The graphics card has an OC program? OCing something like that is kind of pointless. That card is bare minimum for playing HD video properly. Seems odd they would include an OC program for an unpowered card as well.
  5. Never thought Skyrim could be more awesome. 5870 epicness!!
    1. Deleted54170User


      Hey! I got that last gog in place. I started thinking I needed a fortress. So I'm planning a fortress around the yard I'm in charge of. I went to the forum and clicked on recent discussions. Skyrim WINS! I fell back on the fact I discovered Daisies are a good insect attraction. I wanted some dragons to attend the walls of my planned fortress. I found a plant which is called a Snapdragon. I hope they attract good insects that eat bugs I don't like, like the Daisies do.
    2. Deleted54170User


      Hello?! You know what I would like right now? I would like a little Xmas in August. Even a cool rain would help bring the temperature down a little.

      Pray for Rain, Plz Illiad86. Pretty Plz, With sugar on top!

    3. Deleted54170User


      Peeking! wOOt :- ) There's no peeking in chi nah, peeking is ok here.
  6. Probably be a bit expensive to re-do all that work on the engine if it's been sitting for that long. You would probably have to either rebuild the engine or get another engine. The tubing in there looks really good for sitting for that long at least. Re-wiring it will be kind of expensive, but not nearly as expensive if you wanted to get today's cars done. Parts would be easy to find at a local scrapyard. Possibly could even find good body panels there too. Pretty sure most auto part shops still carry alot of parts for it...but I haven't been to an Auto Zone since we had to buy a clutch for our 1990 Festiva..and that was a million years ago now it seems :P Pretty sure though, I see a lot of early to mid 80s trucks still chugging along around here.
  7. It's fake...they pretty much used the same special effects that they used in the movies. PR stunt...prolly for one of the celebs. Maybe they making a new Back to the Future movie... that's all Hollywood can come up with these days anyways...prequels, sequels, and reboots. Who knows, it's probably another one of those stupid stunts that Jimmy Kimmel has been doing lately. Wasting money is what these jerks do :tongue: Get it viral, laugh in everyone's faces because it's fake, and profit. Also says to download their app...I wonder what it does. Prolly shows you a "troll face" when you open it :tongue:. If they were real, they would probably be about 4 times bigger than that. The personal jetpacks they've been creating are huge and barely lift a person up. Also, if this was real, this "engineer" wouldn't have started by making a toy IMO. This would be a good application towards factory work. Wouldn't it be nice to have little "hover platforms" to move boxes, parts, etc around? Also, these hoverboards would be loud as all heck..unless this "engineer" found some way to use superconductors with ambient temperatures. Too many holes for it to be real.
  8. No, I don't like the game because it's not Skyrim, I pretty much don't like the game because it's a MMO. All this blah blah "it's going to be different from other MMOs"...it's not. Zenimax, Bethesda, whatever you want to call them (The BSG logo is on the game client screen btw) are milking the cow and we all know what that does in the end to a series. I just hope they do a good job on Fallout 4 and TESVI...
  9. You've gotta admit that the quests in ESO are infinitely more engaging than that of Skyrim. In Skyrim, I barely gave a single s*** about any of the NPCs' problems, but in ESO there is a lot of variety and (strangely) more effect on the world because of the quest completion than a Skyrim counterpart. Not to me lol. I've played my share of MMOs and they bore the living crap out of me in about a month. Exception was Anarchy Online, I played that for a good year..but it was $5/month. They had an option just to pay monthly for one of the expansion pack areas, pay the full 14.99 for the full game, or even play for free. When you did play for free, nothing was restricted except for the expansion areas. It worked and apparently still does, it's one of the longest running MMOs. I doubt ESO will go this route until they are horribly desperate for subs. In ESO, half the time I was grunting and sighing at the fact "oh wow, I just ran for 45 minutes to go get something. Now I have to run back another 45 minutes to give it back to the quest giver because it costs all my gold to teleport there. Not to worry, the quest giver will give me 100 gold and armour I won't even use that's worth nothing. Hurrah!" Skyrim (modded), yeah you still had to run back for some crap items, but it felt like an adventure, especially when there's a huge snowstorm (god I love Frostfall) and the risk of dying from being in said snowstorm. Same crap, different execution :tongue: Run here, run back, get gold. Right click, 1, 2, right click. Rinse, wash, and repeat. At least when I get bored with combat in other ES games, I can mod it and have a whole new experience (new one I have for Skyrim is awesome). Or if I get bored in general, I can take a break and not feel like I wasted $15 because I didn't play it for a week. Ah, didn't know they entirely voice acted other MMOs. Still think that would get annoying after awhile, especially with merchants. After about the 3rd robo-voice (I know those are placeholders) of "I may not have the best wares, blah blah blah" I wanted to put my fist through my screen :tongue: It's already bad enough in Skyrim..but at least you can mod out annoying crap like that. Dunno, MMOs are just not really for people that are introverts like myself. Sure, you can run around and do all the stuff by yourself, but it defeats the purpose when you can just go back and play Skyrim, Morrowind, or Oblivion and do the same thing and not pay monthly. I'm all for that haha. Call me cheap, but $15 sometimes can mean gas or groceries for the week. Oh one more thing haha..they can't even code and fix their single player games right, expect this to be any better, especially without modder invervention? Hoo boy...I know MMOs will always have glitches, exploits, bugs, etc...but this is the company that can't even fix something as simple as NPCs running into walls... No way it's going to be ready on 4/14/14. But since it's such a "cool date", they'll release it regardless.
  10. Totally agree with you. I got one invite, and 2 others so far. I haven't played since my first invite. Got to level 12 or so and uninstalled it. It was 65GB unpacked the first invite, Divines know how much it is now. Not everyone has a TB HDD, much alone a TB SSD. I'm not eating up nearly all my SSD (have a 240GB) for one game that's meidocre at best. How in the heck are they going to do that on the consoles? I don't think console players are going to dedicate half their HDD (or more) for one game. Also, console players essentially pay twice for their internet (Xbox live/PSN subs)...so those poor souls have to pay for their internet, their subscription, and $14.99/month for this game? Don't think that's gonna fly too well :ermm: I see it as all of those stupid "radiant AI quests" jammed into a huge game that is $60 and 14.99/month after that. Also just ruins the whole "you are the hero of the world" feeling. Feels like your same old substandard cookie cutter MMO with a ES skin on it. Crap combat (first person combat is a joke), no mods...the list goes on. The music is excellent though, I'll give it that :tongue: I see it going F2P quickly. They've already over hyped it, over marketed it, and payed god knows how much to all those voice actors (who voice acts an entire MMO, seriously?)....how much money you think they have left to maintain the servers? :tongue:
  11. If you listen to the video, it sounds exactly like the female Dovahkiin shout voice. But, I suppose if he's not releasing this mod, it's ok?
  12. Interesting haha. And uhh, you are not supposed to remove files from one game and put them in another....that is a bannable offense on here.
  13. Are you talking in real life or in the game? Hypothermia doesn't take very long to set in. Right now, where I live, it's -41 F (think that's about the same in C) and frostbite can occur in as little as 5 minutes in this type of weather. Hypothermia would probably occur after 20 or 30 minutes. The more exposed skin, the quicker it would set in, I think. In the game, I never got myself to the point of freezing to death. But when it's snowy and windy, it only takes a couple in game minutes to start getting very cold. Wearing a travel cloak helps with the exposure from rain/snow. Not being wet also helps.
  14. http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-1653141/fix-system-thread-exception-handled-error-windows.html Take a look at this. Apparently it's a common error in Windows 8. Honestly, you should of just got Windows 7. 8 it still pretty unstable and just plain crappy :tongue:
  15. Ah classic haha. We did Festivus once back in high school..good times :P Airing of Grievences...ahh that was awesome.
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