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  1. In response to post #64078956. #64079846, #64086906, #64087306, #64091751 are all replies on the same post. I didn't mean for anything to come across as toxic, and I apologize if other users are giving you that treatment. However, when you say something that comes across as charged like implying that the service is "spitting in the face of users", it's expected to hear opinions in response of some charged nature as well from the people who admire the staff of this community dearly. The administration might not respond out of courteous professionalism, but other users do not have that same restriction and will stand up for them.
  2. In response to post #64087931. It does say "starting this week" in the first paragraph of the article, so it may not be implemented for a couple days. Patience.
  3. In response to post #64087966. I would second this, especially for those of us who want to support the site beyond our lifetime subs. At the moment, the only way to do so (as far as I know) is in the long run by voluntarily paying monthly until we have passed the lifetime listed price lol
  4. In response to post #64086551. #64086861, #64087401 are all replies on the same post. I know what it is referring to haha, I was just saying I don't know where that usage is warranted in this topic. I am more conservative leaning and support hosting the site as they do currently without a paywall, so to brush everyone who thinks the same as being 'lib' would be inaccurate. I simply don't understand the reasoning for mentioning politics here is all. The discussion of different financial methods is not inherently political, nor do I consider it a thought of it being free to be the most important thing (I'm a paying premium user), I think what's important is the balance of revenue and user experience/satisfaction. EA makes incredible amounts of money, but suffers one of the most vivid backlash communities because of their chosen methods. Same with many films that come out nowadays. Star Wars films make large sums of money, but suffer from heavy critique on account of their considerable amount of disrespect to their source material. I think Nexus has made great decisions that balance the amount of funding they receive in addition to maintaining a satisfactory service for all of their users, not just the paying ones.
  5. In response to post #64086971. If your adblock is disabled for Nexus, you should be fine. I am sure it is based on whether or not the advertisements are registering properly, and not based on if it detects an extension present within your browser period.
  6. In response to post #64086551. I don't think that would be financially sound, as a majority of their funding is from ad revenue of their free user's traffic, nor would it be particularly healthy for the modding community since Nexus is the main hub that attracts more modders and users alike because of its platform freedom. Creating a paywall for it would not do much to get them more long term funding, and would instead more likely press audiences to lead off to other paid services as their main mod provider instead (such as Creation Club) since they would no longer have a free option to default to. Furthermore, not everyone's usage of the Nexus is to the same expanse as yours. Some simply come here for the bug fixes or a couple of simple customization options, rather than spending hours constructing giant mod rigs, and their experience should be considered as well. Making them pay the same amount as a heavy user wouldn't be very encouraging to those users. Ad revenue is the best way for the site to maximize profit proportionally to how much their users are using the website. Also not sure where the lib analogy would be coming in on this.
  7. In response to post #64085421. #64085616, #64085781 are all replies on the same post. They want to make money from traffic on the website that they have to pay money to host and service their users. They aren't asking for money out of your pocket or enticing paid mods. They are not making money off of the mods, they are making money off of us accepting to have a couple advertisements on our screen while browsing such a great platform and community database, without asking you for anything. Imagine the internet as your cable service, and the Nexus is your channel of choice, with each mod being a different show. The channel doesn't make the shows, it just hosts them and runs commercial breaks to make ad revenue based on how many customers are tuned in watching that ad. The advertisements on Nexus are simply their form of commercials that the channel needs to remain funded.
  8. In response to post #64083096. There's also no Nexus without funds. I don't think a minimum one-time payment of $4 for supporter status is unreasonable, even for modders.
  9. In response to post #64079816. #64079916, #64080396 are all replies on the same post. That's a really good way to express it, and one I wholly agree with. I'll have to remember that ^^
  10. In response to post #64079816. Very well said GP. I've known a few content creators on YT who encountered the same issue. As said in this announcement, the reasons people have for using adblockers are valid, and it's not a shunning of them doing so in any way, but it's really nice to have something out there for the people who are giving a little bit back.
  11. In response to post #64078956. I don't think it's illogical or spitting in the face of users at all. They still receive the same service they have had for this long without complaint, they are only giving something back for people who are freely contributing financially to the site (conciously or unconsciously as the site puts it).
  12. In response to post #64078896. #64079056 is also a reply to the same post. I wouldn't say it's impossible to get viruses from this site, otherwise there would be no use for the "Checked for Viruses" and "Some Files Not Scanned" function tags on the mod pages. However, in my decade of using the site I've never encountered any malware or virus from any of my usage. It's likely that your antivirus is just being overprotective.
  13. In response to post #64078606. #64079091 is also a reply to the same post. I doubt that the recognition would be account bound. I think it's likely to be tied to the browser session that you are on, using the same functions that display the frowny face when it recognizes you aren't rendering ads. If you attempted to download from work you'd be capped at 1mb/s, and at home I figure you'd be capped at 2mb/s where you don't have the adblocker. If nothing else, they wouldn't permanently mark you as an adblock user after making an announcement like this where many users will likely be lifting their adblocks in the near future to get the new 2mb/s cap, so there has to be a process on a per download basis that checks for adblocker and connects you to the proper service depending on your browser's response.
  14. I think this is a perfect way to handle the situation. I'm usually among the first to jump on against things that target adblockers in a negative manner, but this does not do so, only incentivises people to support this great site, without a penny out of their pocket to do so. I use adblockers on many sites, and I have to say this is the only one I ever felt guilty about it for because of how much I use it and how good it and the staff have been to me for the last decade. I've since purchased a premium membership so it's not a guilt to bear anymore, but I think it's entirely fair and reasonable for this approach, considering the service you offer to your users. Thank you Nexus!
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