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  1. I just noticed that you ended up getting rid of the cringey romance with Felina from the alpha build (or did you?...). Ever going to consider reinstating it, especially since you have the ranch house in already?
  2. He has no obligation to us to finish or release NVB3. He never had an obligation to release NVB2, or NVB. Like every modder says, this is free s#*!. And it's free s#*! for your consumption from the author's gene-f*#@ing-rosity and hard work. He has an actual profession and somehow finds time to do this. Regardless of whether he releases NVB3 or not, it's still a feat to how remarkably talented he is to have made all of this existing FREE content for us. This goes to all modders, actually. They provide a myriad of free s#*! for our enjoyment. These individuals have no obligation to fulfill to any of us.
  3. This! That's especially true considering Hateful Eight has an environment very similar to NVB3's big inspiration, The Great Silence.
  4. I remember when dragbody posted an image with the finished winter outfits for NVB3. This was a few months ago
  5. Hahaha, maybe it's already been released for the past 2 months on VGUN disguised as a skimpy armor mod for Elder Scrolls Online....
  6. I think I still have the most recent alpha before voice acting and LOD saved on my computer, but I would not dare give my copy of it without someguy's permission.
  7. If someguy2000 is gonna mod Fallout 4, I certainly would like to see some Marshall Cooper. Killing raiders with a f*#@ing fork.
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