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  1. Thank you MrMason!! Seems like the downloads are normal again... :laugh:
  2. Well... Gladly (or not) it isnt just me. My luck is that the big textures mods from ME i can download with torrent. Some downloads made to 100KB/s but very few, some stayed in 24KB/s and some in 0B/s. Let's hope the devs fix this soon... :ermm:
  3. Well... Maybe is a server issue then... I'm trying to make my Mass Effect look shiny with the new textures... Guess i'll just have to wait.. :confused: The download test file is happily at + 1000KB/s
  4. I've noticed suddenly my downloads from CDN are ridicously slow, ranging from 0B/s to 24KB/s.Looking on the forum i've noticed many users are complaining about this issue too... I am aware about the restriction for non premium users but 24KB/s is way below that restriction. Any admin have a workaround for this or know how to solve this issue?? Locale Details # My location: Brazil # My ISP: COPEL TELECOM # Result of ' ping filedelivery.nexusmods.com ' : See BELOW # My connection speed / type: Optical fiber 75 Mb/s # Anything special about my connection ( e.g. load balanced or university connection ): No # My Environment: Windows 10 # What Antivirus / malware used: Avast File Details (This is one of the files, but it have many others) # Mod Page: https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/mods/134?tab=description # File Name: HR Armor Sets Pack for ME3 # File URL for download: https://www.nexusmods.com/Core/Libs/Common/Widgets/DownloadPopUp?id=684&game_id=208&source=FileExpander # Download method: CDN # Downloading Via: Website --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C:\Users\Matheus>ping filedelivery.nexusmods.com Disparando cds.n2x4r7s4.hwcdn.net [] com 32 bytes de dados:Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=116ms TTL=55Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=115ms TTL=55Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=115ms TTL=55Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=117ms TTL=55 Estatísticas do Ping para Pacotes: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% lost),Aproximar um número redondo de vezes em milissegundos: Mínimo = 115ms, Máximo = 117ms, Média = 115ms
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