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  1. The servomotors are meant to move the armor with ease, they don't support the weight of the suit. When they're stripped out it means that when the wearer moves around in the suit they're using their strength to move the legs and arms, but not supporting the whole weight of the entire suit.
  2. I love the Caesar's New Regime mod but being a pro-NCR player I see NCR troopers constantly getting slaughtered by Caesars Legion due to their lack of firepower. Could someone change the equipment that NCR soldiers use please so they stand a better chance, I've looked in the Nexus but I can't find I had planned on doing it myself but I don't have enough experience with the GECK and I just don't have enough time to do it myself. I did create a list of all of the weapons I would like them to have. NCR troopers Primary Weapons: Service Rifle and Grenade Rifle, Marksmen Carbine, Assault Carbine, LMG. Secondary Weapons: 9mm pistol Melee Weapons: Combat Knife Explosives: Frag Grenade 1st Recon Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Marksmen Rifle (Cpl. Sterling can keep La Longue Carabine) Secondary Weapons: 9mm Pistol Melee Weapons: Combat Knife Explosives: Frag Grenade and Frag Mine Misc: Binoculars Heavy Troopers Primary Weapons: Minigun, LMG, Auto Rifle, Grenade Machinegun Secondary Weapons: 10mm Pistol Melee Weapons: Bowie Knife, Super sledge Explosives: Frag Grenade Civilian Rangers Primary Weapons: Brush Gun, Cowboy Repeater, Trail Carbine, Hunting Shotguns, Lever Action Shotguns, Hunting Rifles, Battle Rifle Secondary Weapons: .44 revolver, .357 revolver, 9mm, 10mm Melee Weapons: Kitchen knives, switch blades, cleavers, machete, combat knives Explosives: Dynamite, Frag Grenade Misc: Binoculars Civilian Ranger outfits Patrol Rangers Primary Weapons: Marksmen Carbine, Sniper Rifles, Assault Carbines Secondary Weapons: Ranger Sequoias Melee Weapons: Bowie knives, Combat knives Explosives: Frag Grenade and Frag Mine Misc: Binoculars (Only for the ones with Marksmen Carbines and Sniper Rifles) Riot Armour (Replaces the Patrol outfit) Combat Rangers Primary Weapons: Marksmen Carbine, Sniper Rifles, Assault Carbine, LMG, Anti-Material Rifles Secondary Weapons: Ranger Sequoias Melee Weapons: Combat Knives, Bowie Knives Explosives: Frag grenade Misc: Binoculars (Only for the ones with Marksmen Carbines, Sniper Rifles, and Anti-Material Rifles) Elite Riot Armour (Replace Ranger Combat Armor)
  3. Just got it working thanks. They look nice, I agree that the 81mm does look a little large but that's fine.
  4. So I reinstalled the file and the only model I can see in GECK is zzMortar. There is no other object available.
  5. What name did you give the newest mortar in the GECK? I'm having a difficult time locating it.
  6. I just looked at the pics, looks good. I don't have enough time atm to check it out in the GECK but I will be sure to check it out when I do. Thank you :)
  7. Not necessarily, those are pretty valid reasons given how left hand shooters are common and reloading is very important. There's a misconception that because bullpups aren't american the US military doesn't use them. I think that may also play a factor in Fallouts case seeing how McCarthyistic the US is in that timeline.
  8. A lot of modern military's use a bullpup design. The main reason the US military doesn't use them though is left handed shooters usually forced to shoot right handed, the reloads are generally slower and you have to come off target when reloading. It may be the same reason why the US military in the Fallout universe didn't have bullpup rifles as well.
  9. That makes sense, in the case you can just leave it the way it is.
  10. Could you have it so the plate is more flat? I could see it's current angle being an issue. But all in all it looks really good thank you very much :D
  11. I have small request to add to the first. Could you also make a 81mm mortar? You can use the same plate shape but all you would have to do is extend the length of the barrel and increase it's diameter a bit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M252_mortar
  12. I just planned on using something similar to the boomers artillery barrage, just with smaller explosions.
  13. just static. I can use the Boomers artillery effect to show them firing.
  14. Could someone make a mesh and texture of an M2 mortar system? It seems fairly easy but I can't figure out how to use Nifscope or Blender. Doesn't have to be perfect, colour doesn't matter but I would prefer a desert tan. It has always bugs me that the NCR mass produces guns and ammo but but doesn't make any mortar systems. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M2_mortar
  15. I'm aware of that, but the issue is that not all of them are showing up in the folder. What I'm trying too do is switch Cass' shotgun to a hunting shotgun, but when I go into the GECK and create a new weapon, the hunting shotgun isn't an option. The only weapons that show up are the anti-material rifle, hunting rifle, sniper rifle, riot shotgun, This Machine, and varmint rifle. There some weapon mods as well, like the trail carbine scope but no trail carbine.
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