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  1. ^ that's always good advice. Does it also happen if you just stand there, doing nothing? You could also try going to the testinghall, waiting 3 days (or whatever your respawn time is) and then returning. This will not fix whatever was the cause, but if a certain spawn caused this, it might fix it for now and help you clear the mine, if you're lucky.
  2. I'm using RemoveMeIR to move a bunch of items from the player inventory into a container, for example all ingredients. This works well but I noticed one strange thing and I couldn't find anything about it online. Let's say I have 14 potatoes. I run my loop, all 14 potatoes get moved into the container. I open the inventory, I see no potatoes. I open the container, 14 potatoes are in there. BUT if I use player.GetItemCount Potato it returns 1. If I use another RemoveMeIR loop on ingredients, none matching will be found, even while GetItemCount is 1. If I use player.RemoveItem Potato 1, afterwards GetItemCount returns 0. If I pick up a potato, I have one potato in inventory and GetItemCount returns 1. If I manually drop that potato again, GetItemCount returns 0. It seems that RemoveMeIR leaves a ghostly item in inventory after removing the last object of a stack, that will only get refreshed the next time one of that item gets added/removed. Can anyone confirm? For now I stuff all base objects of items I remove in an array, then next frame run through the array and remove one item if there is one left.
  3. You can use fQuestDelayTime per quest. Declare it as a float in the quest script, then set it to whatever value you want. scn scriptname float fQuestDelayTime Begin GameMode if fQuestDelayTime != 0.1 set fQuestDelayTime to 0.1 endIf End
  4. It's textures\architecture\imperialcity\icinterior\ICHCeiling01.dds Assuming you followed all of Bevilex' guide, that file should have been included in Imperial City Retextured and is not vanilla.
  5. Well that's your problem. While I dislike that RL doesn't have a catch to prevent the rollover of super high values, in the vanilla game you can earn rougly 200 fame if you do every single quest and close every single Oblivion gate(!). So whatever gave you that much fame broke RL. If you set the value to something like 0.05 instead of 0.2 that should be fixed for a while.
  6. Probably. But before that, could you check your fame and infamy (and level, I suppose)? Is any of those values really high, like several hundred high? Problem with attributes is, they are capped at 255, so the moment they reach 256, they roll over back to 0. I would guess that is what happened.
  7. Realistic Leveling does increase luck (like all other stats) based on Fame, Infamy & Level I believe. Can you post the relevant sections from your Realistic Leveling.ini? Called aaRealisticLeveling.luckMult.
  8. I don't use a controller, but you could check out this mod. There is also a version that does not reskin the menus, just adds controller support.
  9. This might be what you are looking for. I have no personal experience with that mod.
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