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  1. In response to post #29769295. #29773995, #29780210, #29806600, #29807195, #30162565, #30291560 are all replies on the same post. Fallout 4 has only been out for 6 days and there is already more mods for it than their is for The Witcher 3! Ha Ha, big FAIL for CD Prodjunkt RED...
  2. In response to post #29769295. #29773995, #29780210, #29806600 are all replies on the same post. nkZz...not only do you not have any credibility (0 mods created - so you do not understand how horrible the mod kit is), but you're logic is non-existent. Stating that Bethesda released an editor because the software was not finished is very ignorant. I bought Skyrim a week after it came out. Unlike The Witcher 3, I was able to complete every quest that I came upon. There are still many many bugs that the developers refuse to fix in the Witcher 3. The reason Bethesda releases such good modding kits is because it cares about its customers. And the customers have responded! There is 61 times more mods for Skyrim than the Witcher 3. Yes, Skyrim has been out longer, but.... Witcher 3 - 7 months ~700 mods = 100 mpm (mods per month) Skyrim - 48 months - ~44,000 mods = 917 mpm! Witcher 3 - 7 months - 3 million downloads = ~ 428,571 dlpm (Downloads per month) Skyrim - 48 months ~783 million downloads = ~16.3 million dlpm. The Skyrim users have almost remade the game! Better graphics, New quests, monsters, buildings, UI's, What does the Witcher 3 mods have to offer...ohh, eyecolor change! ohh, Trissemir and Yennemir... And if we are comparing Oblivion to The Witcher 3, it is only fair to compare the original Witcher with Skyrim... Have you tried it??? It is so horrible that you will want to uninstall it after 5 minutes of play... The combat was so horrible... I cant wait for Fallout 4 to come out. This would be a more fair comparison to make. Not only will it make everyone forget about the Witcher 3, unlike CDPR, Bethsoft will release a killer Mod kit.
  3. If you don't want to change directories you might try: call wcc_lite uncook -outdir=C:\Uncooked -skiperror -imgfmt=png -indir="C:\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content Notice the one quotation. This is a trick I accidentally learned trying to uncook directories with spaces in them. Only one quote is allowed per command, so do not use spaces anywhere else.
  4. Try the latest version I just uploaded, I think I have resolved the issue.
  5. Oh rats, I should have mentioned that. If you are doing textures: 1. Have all your textured for a specific model in the same folder. 2. Import each of them separately. 3. They should all be in a folder such as, Uncooked\characters\models\main_npc\ciri\model\ 4. Now do the cook/build cache/pack/build metadata step. it will do these steps on all textures in that folder together.
  6. Part the last! Importing! If you are here and ready to import congradulations! CD Prodjekt Red did not give us much information to work with and it has not been an easy road. Thankfully, as a result of many users we are learning the tricks. http://i.imgur.com/4OF2MJB.jpg 1. Select the Asset we wish to import. This is the file you just exported and then edited. If you saved it as a different name or folder, make sure that the origional xml file that was created at export is presant and has the same name of the model you with to import. for example, if I save my Ciri model from before as ciriEdited.fbx. Find the h_01_wa__ciri.xml file and rename it to ciriEdited.xml and place it in the same folder if neccessary. 2. In order for the Witcher 3 game to quickly access any mods we created, we need to use the same directory struckture as was given. I figured that the easiest way to do this is just have the user remind the program where he initially exported from. So for me I select: "C:\Uncooked\characters\models\main_npc\ciri\h_01_wa__ciri\h_01_wa__ciri.w2mesh." 3. Pushing 'Import Asset' and waiting patiently should process Ciri back to a w2mesh format. 4. There are four more steps the tools must make before we are done. Either do them all at once or one at a time. If you are doing textures: 1. Have all your textured for a specific model in the same folder. 2. Import each of them separately. 3. They should all be in a folder such as, Uncooked\characters\models\main_npc\ciri\model\ 4. Now do the cook/build cache/pack/build metadata step. it will do these steps on all textures in that folder together. 5. We are done! Press the corresponding (5) button and it will open a directory with another directory in it. It should say "modCiri". Copy this folder and place it in your mods directory within the Witcher 3 file system. (for me it was: "C:\Witcher 3\Mods\ This should be all you need to get started. You may have noticed all of those spots were commands were listed. These are just the commands that were fed to the mod tools to perform the work we just did. I added them for more experienced users who like that kind of stuff. If you have any questions please ask!
  7. OK, I'm back. Lets do exporting. http://i.imgur.com/lFKgGmI.jpg The first thing we want to do is browse for the asset we want. There are two file formats that we can export: .xbm and .w2mesh. .xbm files store images. if you uncooked already these should already be available to you. All model files are currently in a format called .w2mesh. By exporting these files, we can convert them into .fbx files, which are mostly readable by all modeling software. 1. Pushing the 'browse for Asset' button should give you something like this. http://i.imgur.com/PMfxPxw.jpg This is the structure that the Witcher 3 game stores its contents. At the moment there are many items we do not have access to, we are mostly interested in the following folders: characters, items, environment. You will have to play around to find what you want. To find Ciri, for instance, you need to navigate: characters\models\main_npc\ciri. Furthermore, each character has several models! The best way to find what you want is to browse the folders outside of the program and look at the images that you already unpacked. If you see Ciri's head in image "h_01_wa__ciri_d01.png" the .w2mesh with the same name is the one you want. 2. Now that we have selected the mesh we want to export we need to give the program a little name in 2. If we were to extract 100 meshes it would be really hard to tell where the model we just unpacked was. So since we are unpacking Ciri, just type "Ciri" in box 2. This is telling the program to save the exported fbx at: <Drive Letter>:\<Mods Directory>\Ciri\h_01_wa__ciri.fbx. For me it was C:\Uncooked\Ciri\h_01_wa__ciri.fbx. 3. .fbx is the only format we can choose for exporting models so ignore this. 4. Pressing the 'export asset' will start the mod tool and should export the model. 5. Since we exported the model, the 'open created asset's folder' is activated and will open a folder at that directory. Whew almost done. Next is importing!
  8. OK, thank you for asking! First post, Uncooking. http://i.imgur.com/Yu5dgTr.jpg The Witcher 3 game models and images are packed away in the game directory in the contents folder. CD Projekt Red gave us tools to unpack them, but they are clunky. Hence the Mod Kit GUI. First install the Official Mod Kit found here: http://bit.ly/1Mo2noQ Then run the Mod Kit GUI. 1. This will open a folder dialog, select the folder where you installed the Official Mod Kit tools. 2. Select the location of the Witcher 3 game. Its somewhere in your program files like C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG\Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\ (you may or may not have the GOG depending how you purchased the game. It might be in a steam folder.) 3. Select a directory you want to uncook the game files to. Create a folder somthing like C:\uncooked\ 4. This is the working folder. Later when you export models to work on you will want a separate place to modify the models or images. 5. When uncooking, all of the texture files will be unpacked and ready to use. Select your favorite format. I would suggest enabling the advanced options and checking skip errors. There is a problem with the Official mod kit tools and this will ensure you get as much unpacked as possible. 6. Finally select this button to get started uncooking. Warning...It is like 35GB and will take a while...go get some coffee or something. Next is exporting...coming soon!
  9. My guess is that you did fine. The less vibrant eye is probably the result of a witcher 3 shader. I would try to make it super vibrant, and that will probably work.
  10. Progress on skeletons...Or at least joints. http://i.imgur.com/LO0fVvp.png Just gotta figure out how to re-import so the Witcher 3 game understands it.
  11. I found some joints...progress has been made...but it is slow. http://i.imgur.com/HdFa7gE.png
  12. I am sorry, what? Did you mean export Ciri's Dlc Appearance?
  13. Progress...I finally got the model to Import, cook, and pack! http://i61.tinypic.com/2gt850p.jpg All Maya users save fbx as 2014/2015 not 2016!!! Unfortunetly, I broke the animation and no textures yet...
  14. These tools are Broken! We want working Mod Kit Tools!
  15. Oooog... O.o I have no idea where his patch is...I have 35GB of files unpacked and the naming schemes are really bad....Its not in C:\b\characters\models\secondary_npc\udalryk I have no idea where to find it.
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