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Kinship/Friendship/Romance Mod


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Hullo. Been looking around for some intimacy mods that don't involve sex, whores or prostitution and haven't quite found what I've been imagining. Haven't had time to train myself fully in the ways of scripting just yet, so I'm putting this here! I remember seeing a hug/carry animation/interaction mod in Oblivion, and this may be similar.


Mod Concept: To interact more closely with NPCs of the world depending on their relation to the player. Possibilities include options based on race (example: playing an Argonian allows you to salute or hug friendly Argonians by selecting a custom dialogue option), as well as disposition to the player character (being 'friends' with an NPC by having a high disposition allows you to salute or hug that NPC).


Just a generally more in-depth way of interacting with NPCs in the world really. To throw an even greater concept out there, what about having NPCs interact with you in a special and unique manner--for example, the player's Spouse sees the player when they enter their home, and they approach and begin an interaction by hugging or kissing the player. Something that adds a bit more life to them--most mods I see require the player to initiate the action, but is it possible to make the NPCs take the initiative themselves?


Anyway, that's that. Cheers for taking a look!



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http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/10431/? I think this lets you hug people. I am not too sure about kissing and stuff though.

Hey, cheers for sharing that; actually been looking for that kind of mod as well, heh!


With my mod request though, I'm looking for a more "in-character" solution. I can already hug with my followers mod, I just have to go through four menus to get to it. There's also a hotkey animation mod I can use to 'hug on command' as it were.


But I'd like to not even have to do that--a mod where my spouse greets me and hugs me of their own accord would make it feel a lot less like I'm playing a puppet master, and add a touch more depth to the game...as well as another indicator that someone is actually my spouse. Kind of hard to tell right now when they only have a few different dialologue choices after marriage.

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I like kiss em all but i think its a little unpolished its a good start but the transition off the kiss is terrible. I would like to see someone do better and do a gentle hand pull away and maybe a kiss of the hand. definitely would be nicer and smoother looking as well.

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