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You know, people fixed Hole In The Wall when became clear Bathysphere was actively rigging the quest to make it impossible to avoid molerat disease.

People have traditionally fixed Bathyspherical quest triggers so blatant you could directly turn down a quest and get the stupid thing anyway.

There is one forced trigger that needs fixing, however, and it should be fairly simple TO fix. It's way. way early in the game, too.


You ever want to get the Concord survivors settled before/without getting The First Step? Look, even on Depravity runs, I like The First Step (although I do wish I'd get sent to Tenpines a bit less often), but you should be able to just go into Sanctuary Hills and get the request for help from Sturges. Unless you talk to Preston first, however, Sturges will tell you he's busy.







So I am posting this in Fallout 4 Discussion and Mod Requests. The former because of the recounting above and the latter in hopes it gets added to Unofficial Patch or an ESLified standalone mod.

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